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The Pursuit Of Jackson

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FhxhoSt's Hsadqfaktkbí, ) N .Alt ÖTUASUIHICI, JuilO 1. ) Gen. Fremont, uiih a ëtroag column, lult Franklin last Salmday and hna crcssed the Shênandoah Mountain?; marebod oenrly b hundred milèa with little means of trannportatiöri and no supplies in the óoontry. Tfiïé morfling, livo miles fi-oiri Strasbtirg, he overtook Jackson in full retreat, with bia whole forco on the rond trom Winchester to Stra&burg. Gul. Closeret, commanding tho advance brigade, crime upon iho oiK-iiiy stron'y posted with artillory, which opened as Boon as thu head of hia column nppeared. Gun. Freniont brotight his mafo column rapiiily n) and forinéd o line of battle. Jackson declined to fight and, while bolding Closeret in check with a fiortiou ot bis troops, withi.lrew his muin forcje aiul oontinued nis retreht. In' the skirmish {ive rf the Eighth Virginia and two oi thu Sixtioth ühio wei-e wounded. Tho ehemy'á loas ia unknoivn. Twenty fivo pnsoners wera taken bv our cftvalry. Lient. Col. Downer, of tho Third Refpment Potomac homo brigade, in u skii misil on Thursday morning, ilrove a large party óf Ashby's cavulry tbrough VVardënvïlIe, killing two and wounding others. Freicont's Headjurtkm, ) Neau Stbasbibu, Juiil' -2. ' ) Gen. Fremont'a advance brigade, tinder Col. Closeret, óccupied Slrusburg last night without reistunce.- Jackson is rapidly retrenting byfore our force8. A mid night reconnoissanoo three miles bfeyond Strasburg carne upon a rope biirrioadeand ambush of Jauksorrg resr-guard. Our trdopa relired wiih only th reo wounded. Col. Figgelrnenzi, of Frernoat'd stuff", with only fifteen meo cbargud and put to flight a body of cavulry coramaodèd by Ashby in person. Woodstock, Va , Juno 2. Tho enemy were driven out of Strasburg last evooing by Öen Fremool's advance guard, añd havo been cliely pursued to-day by hi torcos and Gun. Buyaru's oavajry brigade. They hUvu seveial times iuade stands, and skirinishiug has been cobstaotly going on. but with trifiing loss on botti sides üna of Gon. Buyard's commaod was killed, and Col, Pilson, Chiet of Artillcrv, and ont oí Gun. FremoDt's Alúa, was vvoUnded. The unemy are now erjoai.ijud about threo miles beyond W'oudtttock. V'o aro holding tha village. We have taken about 300 prUooera', snd moro are böiog brought in constan tiy, KitEjioxr's Hkadquakieks, ) Woodstock, Vu, June á. J Gen. Fretijotit, alter oucupying Strasburg last night, was obliged by tho darkneds and tremendoua Btorm, and the fatigue of his men, to dciay his advance till morning. At G o'c'ock tho pursuit èf the retreatiog enemy was resumod, and vigorously conti uucd during the day. Gen. MoDowoll'a ad vanee, being part of a brigade under General Bayard, reached Stnaïburg ths morning, and was ordored forward 6y Gen. Freinoni to join in the purtiuit with tho cavalry and artillen", - The enemy, to rutare! the purmiit," endeavoerd to raako a stand in three strong positions wilh artillery, but wero driven rapidly aud with iuss from each. Jackson's rear guard passed through Woodstock this afternoon, the hoad of his column having reached it at suih'im'. Colonel Pilson, Cbief of' artillery on General FremÓDfs statT, who selectedj with graat tskill, the successive positiona for tho batteries, ic wounded by tho fall of his horse, whioh was sliot under him whilê roootiooiteririg with in ihirty yards of the enemy. The batteries en gaged wero Sohiormor's and Buell's, of Guiitral St;dji's brigade. Xhe First New Jersey, and Fir.-t Ponnsylvania Cavalry under General Bayard, and the Sixth Ohio and Btewart'e Indiana Cavalry, under (Jolunel Lagorev, were ín advance, driving tho enemy before them and in support oí the batteries-. - The road and woods wero strewn with arraf, stores and clothing. A large number of prisoners have been taken. Our loss is ono killed and several wounded. General Fremont's rapid maroh combinod with General McDowell's niovouients, has wholly reljeved the Shenandoah Valley aod Jiortherri Virginia. Jackson vvill bo overtaken and foroed to fight or must abandon his ground entirely.


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