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The War In Mexico

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San Francisco, May 20. The Orizuba biiiigs new.ts froin tlio City ot JÜesfcu vi'a Chipuicu to tho öihir.M. On ihat day tho Fieiich íinny cuiiiinentiud loútiatiug iVom before Puebla towards Áinesa-, It nppears títere báü previously buen fight itig. Thü foRijuing is the díspatch ;innouncing thu newe lo Pr'esideut Juárez : PuKBtA, May 8. - Word is r&jeived ;it Muxico tlus iifternoon thut we have tiiuuipliei!, and the FföDcb havo cornniönced retieatiog tincu wu oflFered butilu tltis morniíjg by fonal og our troops ti froot of L.her ua;np. They Foíused to acuupt uur chullcnge, and tjavo turned back to their foü!i-h ttardilicod and unpardonable creduüty. - Ploase reeeivo craplrunt8 in tliu uarne of Genend Sara Gaza und ruino. Youi'8 íorevvr, (Signcd) YGNACHOMIJIA. General Dievejo A) vez, vvho has command of tho State of (Jueno, suocessor to oíd Juan Alvez, issued, in oaofle quenco of the above news, a dooree that threatoned tho penalty oí death to all uho shall give any iniormation or assiatanoe ia any way to the Fronoh : also advising the residents ot Acapulco to retire ten leagues into tho interior, thus abandoning that post to firat French ivar vessel that may come in. The Jiritish squadron, consiting of' four men-of war, was at Acapuloo on thu lüth. fLT If a youi'g meehanie, or farmer, or clork marrics a poor girl who has not been taught tho rudiinents of cooking, wasLing, roning, monding clothos, or daruing stoekings, but who is an expert at playiDg the piano, working on oauvass, ototchet work, or spinning strect yarn, you uiay bo almost certain that that young couple will not be apt to make their fortunes; bufc ton to onc ■yill live and dio in poverty,


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