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Mr, and Mrs. E. R. Richards gratefully acknowledge the kindaess of tbeir Dixboro friends, joined by somo frora Aun Albor and Ypsilanti, in a delightful surprise and generous donation on the 28th uit. lyi'he dwelling of Mrs. Sloat, vidow of the late J. It. Sloat, of Sharon, was dustroyed by fire on Tuesday night of last week. No men were in the house, and only a portion at the lurniture was eaved. Insured in the Washtenaw Mutucl for $1,200 ; loss estimated at $1,000. Bg9_ C. 13. Forter, Dtntigt, of this city, has exlnfaited to us " Letters Patent," reeeived by liim for an iraprovement in apperatus for inhaling chloroform, and also the apparatus. The inetrumeut has been thoroughly tried by competent medical men, and is highly commended. We hope the Doctor niay jnakesomething out of it, ii m in ' jL3T" We have on hand a fine assortment of Printers' Blanks, Enameled, Bristol Board, ar.d colorüd Carda, and are ready to priDt at short notice, and in the voy best slie, Business, Ball, Visiting, At Home, or W'oddiug Cards, and at prices ehuaper than ever before offered in this City. Give us your orders. Í3?" Rice, tho popular humorist and Nupoluon of Showinen, who justly claims to manage the best conducted ('sho.v" in the universo, has declared his intentions of ''opening his dooi'd" to the peoplu of Arm Arbor, on Friday( the 13lh Tho show has noue of the objeotional features of tho Circus ín i;s composition, upon tho contrary 'tis refiQed, morul and entertaming. - - Mr. R. is chas te and guardod in what he says or permita to bu said, and the entertainrnents, whilst they amuse, inBtruct. The bliud horse will ba exhibited by Dant, as will also the cornio mules, who are greut cornediana in the asseniue school. fyZr" By the volmitary rccornmoL'datiou of sonie of our friends - in fact without their saying as inuc!i as "' if it please you " - we have b:en appoiuted agaat for the Merchants' Iusurance Company of Hartford, Conu,, and haviug concluded to act as üuoh ageut, give place to the following card from the sufl'erers in the recent great fire at Troy, N. Y., in order that our fellow oitizous may kuow that tho Morcbants' promptbj adjusts and pays it Irsscs ; To Mksrs. 1'ïck ife IIillman, Agents of the MiTcliants' lasurauce OoTQpaiiy, oL Haitfurd: - Gïxtleiikx : - Tlio unjerigiiüd, suiFürers by the :ito tire ia this city, Lcudrr to you, jind thruugh you to the Merabunta1 Iüaumnce Co., of Hurtford, tlicir sincere tliupka lor thu fuir udjuatiiient aud irou)pt payitenL of our rcpecliv; chiims aguint aaid Uompany, tlius pedily u'.lcviiiting our ttvire calamity - And wc would also uxpress our gratitude fur the courti-6y und consideración manifested towardti us iu the adjustment of our loases by the President, lurk Howard, Ksq., and their General Agent, James üoodman, Kbq. Those pf us who have not acoepted pre payment would express our liiniiks lo the üumpuuy for tin offer of pre-paytnent tendered to us. FLOOD&DUNHAU, ' a H. 8WEETLAND, ARMSTRONG & íIBLEV, f. It. lliütólují. HHMiYJON'twS.Jr., OM Qll SALISUÜRY C.C. WlIJ.ill.V, ' Á. W. Wuüill J.T.ClIKI-HK, KLTÜ BKAOTT, I,. M. VV1I.NKK, Ü. M. HOl'KIN.S JONATHAN SKAMAV , Tius. 6tli ut. Préa. Cimrch Tioy, May 15, 16GÜ. Mark Howard, the President of the Merchants', was formorly a resíduut of this city, whieh is an additioual guarantee that the Company will deal honorably and liberully with all of our citizens who holding its policies shall suffer losses by fire. ■ - We solicit for tho Merohants' a liberal share of patronage.


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