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The Chemistry Of Medicine

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- Among the special delights which, have so riebly ropaid our visit to JfewEngland was the inapection, it w'as our privilege to rrmke of Dr. J. 0Ayek fe Co's Labor.itorj-, at Lowell. Altlio' we knew bv hear-say, Uiat ii was large, yet we were surprised when we carae into view of iis real magnitude, and still more by the eitent and complication of its truly imtnenie business. The whole massive strueture is in fact one vaat oheraioal laboratory, in which the processcs of tliis wondei'ful art are con- tantly going on. Medieo-chemial science has found that the curative proporties of any substance exist in some une or more of ite component parts. Thus the remedial effeets of opium are due solely tothe morphia it con tains, although thi is but one eighteenth pain of its weight; the other seventeen parta are gum, cxtiaclive and inert or offensive matter. Dr. Ayer'a system separatee tbs medical properties of each substanee employed and we are here Bhown the processee by which the viriucs of eaoh remedial agent are chased tlirough the alembics until they come out oompletely pure at last. The con eentrated, puiified medical properties, or virtuos, are finall}' combined logetherto produce the remedios which have mado themselves a reputation for unrivalled excellence, all over the world. Notonly does the Doctor iisclaim all secreay ia his art and explain every propess and ever3' particular, but be maintains that thisis tbe only process by -which the people ean be snpplied with the best possible remedies for the treatment of disease. The Formula by which his remodies ara made are publiahed in the medical jjurnals and have been presented to a large part of the medical Faeulty of the United States, and are constantly sent by mail to such physicians as


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