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SPECIAL NOTICES' í See a woman, in another column, picking Sambuci Qrnpes for Speek 's Wine. It is au admirable article, used in hospitals and b}T first-class families in Paria, London, and New York, in preference to old port wine. It is worth a trial, as it givea great satisfaction. J, Piiny, Delicate Children, wül be restored to good liealth and vigor, by the use of Hooflaxd's Gersian Bitteks. Eeadtheadvertiseinent in another column. A CARD TO THE SUFFEKiNö. The 1ÏKV. WlLUAU COSGBOVS, wbile U boring .13 a Missionai-y inJapan, waa cured of Consumptloii, whsn all other means had la'.led. Ijya recipe obtained f?om a learned physlcl&D FéfcidiDg in tbe great Cily of Jeddo. Tbifi recipe hab cured re;it nun:bi'rs itIm were suffering from Cousuiqption, Bronchitis, Sor? Tliroat, Coughs and Coldá, ainl dubilUyiind nerveus depresión c.ausec by thebe disorders, Desirous of benefitting othorp, I will send this recipo, which I have bruuglit hoiiic witti me, to tvll wLo uced it free of charge. Addross Kev.WM. COSGROVE, S2oyl J30 Fullou avantw, BrooldjB N. Y. Important to Ladies. Dr. .TQil.V HAKVKY, l,ivin; fer upwarils of twentf vears deTOtéd bis professional fehsia cxciu.sively to tLe troatmt-iitol Beillclle IDiífioultitíS, aiul having SUCCeeded in lhous;uii.s of cases in restoring the afllicted to 3ounJ bealth, liuti now eutire eoiitidence ín oll'eniig pjblicly bis "GREAT AMERICAN RBMBDY," DB. H-A-iirviErsr's CHRONO-THESMAL FE?IALE PILLS, Viiich b&ve ttuver jyt i.l;-! (iica the directioa havt been striclly foljuwed,! in removing diflic'jlLiesari.-irig Obstmction, or Stoppage of Nature, or Inrwtoriog tjie ytem ti ptrft-ct hualtb, when suf fVriu; 'nni .Spi.vai. ATOtunoN, l'RoLAi'st-H L'tebi, Tiih Wiiiitcs, ur uther wiikness t;! i. Ijo UtiíbiNK Organb, AIüO in ül ue ot Debiljty ob Nkbtouu Phostkation, IIysTlHKts, 1'Ai.i'iTA i'Iuns, 8tC,f ?-5 which are the l'orerunncrs if moru nerious dine;i.-e. v%. These Pilis are pr.rftctly harmltss on the úonslitution and may bt takeii by tl ■most dticatc ftut&U ipUhimt caasing distress; ut tbe same time th'-y act [.IKK L CiiARU y Btrengtheniag, invipi.iutlflg, ftad reitt uring the By&tera tu a licaltliy eondit'un, aud by bringiu on tbe montüly period wttb rcgularity, no míitter from whrtt eauwe theobstructions aiay aribe. lh'_v shouM, mwi'ViT, nnt bu duiing the first three or foar moattis of pregnauey, though safe atan; other time, as miscarriatie would be the result. Kacli bnx cü 11 tai na CO Pilis. Price One liullar, and wlioii ♦Jeifcd will bè'sehtby mailprepaid by anydver. ti&od Agent, ottieoéipt of the voiaey, tiold bv Dragglsts m Ann Arbor. J. BRYAN. Roche ster, X. Y., General Agent. II. & L. SIMUNEAL", Detroit, Wholesale Agent fo Mictian. Süiilf jmportanttTfemaïes" ■ THE HEALTH A.U LLFEOFWOMAÍÍ i niiallv 111 peril if slip is m:i'I rnough tn neglect Of in,iH,;i', tfaOM HttXaAl i tO which tft'Othinfc of m- are miro or lesa subjvct. J'H. ('ilKK-iKMAN'-s l'ILI.s, prepare! f mm the name fOrmuU whioh the inventor, íJíNTKT.llá L CHEE8EMN, M. D.,of New-fork, hns for twenty yoars used BMïeaiisfiii!yittanextended private poetice- iromecttately without pain, all diaturbancöii of the periódica! discharjre.whetherarifling from reUxailon or supproBtion, They net lik e a chann inreniovinfi the pains that accempany difficult or tanmoderate menstrufttwn, and are the onlysa,Leaw3 rujiable remedy för fio hes, Btek Headftcte, fedue hith Lofns, Back and Sides, Palpitatioa of tlie Heart N'etrou Tremors, Hy star os, Bpaams, Tïroken Slepaad othet anpleasant and èêngmoitt affeti 'f ;iu urmaninil endition of the s-xi;al i'unctionn ]n t CAa uf Fluor Albus ur Whitea, they eilect a s.i''cly euro. To ISTÏCS anti MATRONSDiC.CHEfiá.VlAX'3PILLSareoffardas the only safe mciin.s ot rcoew.Dginterrapted manstruation, hut. LADÏ1SS MUST BKAR IR MIXD Thrrc. is en&eondttion tjf the syslcm in which tkt PHt.s catnuiibe. taken ir'koitt product g a PECULIAR REMJLT. Thscmtditio ref errad U ia PRSQ AJVCY- the re.tütt MISCAltltUGE. Such i$ t-U trrcélsttbU j trndt'.nnj af the wtdicint loreHurs the serval futictions to a normal cOfldition, that even the reproductiva power of c.anhnt resist it. directions slatins; whnt nud irhcn they ahoitld votbe used, with each Box, - llie Price Oue Dollar mrh Box, o,bntaining 50 Pilla. A v;iWi;jJiIe I'a uphlet, ta b had frcl of tho Afronts. VUs tent bi muil promptly, by eaoloaing pnce to any t . Sold by Druggmjji iceueral v. R, B. 20 Öédtr-$t,t Nno York. For Pule by MAYXARD KTF-MIUNS Ai WJI.SON. and .u;nvii.i,k ft ! i i.i.Kit. PRIZB POETRY, Let Chieftainn boasttf ( in wnr, And Minst t1b 'une thfr nweet guftar A nóbler tlicme im kcartia ftlled In ui Hbkhick's xpatchless pi. Xheir curefl ar? fouud (o everv land - Ami'l HusciaV nowi - nnA ATÍ-íc'r mnty ; won Iróus iro'rk - i ïb papers fil!, I'roducéd bv UsUtfOK .- n.atchless l'iüs. [roet ctiscane aflftiot you? npvcr donlt ctuirtning compoaud wil] m1 cch it nut , .rid lu';tll!i &Laio ynur - ;. l;ll. ]f you lly at oncelu Hkksjck' Pill . TheyVti afe for all - both old -ind young - Tb ir prnics art' on erv t"mTf ; pillease, disarraeii - no longer Etffl, iSincj we ave bteasfd wlth IÍhriíick s PIU, Put up wit Engïüih, rtpaniab, Gwraan aui M-eneh lUrectinni. pric 26 ix r bo. Swa f Coe-ed. Bt adrertloeiwnt on third paj ?04 18621862. OF NJJVF AND SUMMERCOODS! AT C. H. MILLEN & CO'S. Wö ure now reoeivlng a eplendid stock of DEESS GOODS, SKIRTS, SHAWLS, MANTILLAS, fec. 3Loxr tlae XjiivciieiSJFine French Cassimeres, and Coatings, For the Gentlemen. CARPETS, D0ME3TI0 GuODS, FINE NEW TEAS And othsr Choice Family Grocetief, Fov ZEverybody. AT THE LOWEST CASH PRiCES. Cali and Soc. C H. MILLEN & CO. Muy, 18Ü2. 854tt " We K.VOW NOT W1IEKK BL8B 30 MUCI, AUTHENTIC INTJSLMGKNCK Oï THfl RüBELLION CAN BB OVTAINKD." '' No OTIIER W0IÍK POSSESSïS TUfl YALL'E AS A W0HIÍ OF HEFEKESOJJ, " It is Reliabtc, Complete, and Deiiralle, THE REBELUÖN RECORD Edited by FRANK MOORE, Is tLeunlv puljlicamn lyhich gives the HlSTORY 01T THEUREAT8WJGGI.E FOR F KEK Ü'JVJÜtXMENT NOW 001N0 OM. rr is Ful, Impartial and Reliable. A RECORD WHICH THKCOURTS.TIIE DEPAllTMEXÏS AMD THE PRE9Í quote :is ' THE HISTOKY OF TÜE TIMES, It appeals fo the intelligence of evtry citizen. fíj reference to it evor person su be fairly and tfuthfully {KMfed up in relution td tins IT CONTAI.NS.- I.t THE CAUSES Of THL pilF.AT STRUGGLE AND THB aaSATISicUER BEFOEEi THE COpNTKJ BY EDWAUO EVEETT. II. A Diary of Verified Events ; Coraiiicncicg witü the mntiag of the South Oiuliua C(iiieGtioii, 3ee. 17th, lHi O- givinfc, n the ferm oí a Diary, a coiid.-e, sticeinot, aaj Uuthful liistüij uf ererj event at itoccuia. III. Documenta, SpeecJies, Entended Narralivts, Sec, of au rqn OFfcrAL Reports, i.f Battles, SkirmUUe, Ac, MASSAGES AXP PhOCLAIIATIOXB of the President ot the United States, Special Ordeus, ifce., fcc. Geaphio Accounts of the movementi of troops IjiPOKTAÏT ÖPEECI(E3 AHP LETTERS tVom Leadtng Men, North and South. Picturesqe Narratives (from eyc witnesses) of tue Gkkat Battles, Secession OrdiNANCES, MeSSAGES, PkOCLAMATIONS, Í0. IV. Rumors, Incidonts, Patriotic Songs and Ballads. IlluEtrattJ with correct I'oitraits cagravcd on steil of tlie Notable Men nf the time, and with Mups and Diagra?ns of the ylans nf bat tía. TIIEREBELLÏÖNKECORP Is publinkjog in PARTS, uaeh p.-irt i'kiatratod witbltfa PI6IEPQRIRA1TS,6O ceit .eli Al.SO IX VOLUMES ' Six Parts, witli Coi'lous Indci, conifirikc a Volume. N'OW READY, YOUJIES ONE, TWO, ANO TiJRE. Bouod iü Cloth, at $.3.75eac-h; áheep, $1.110: Half oro co, or Half (Zalf Ant (jue, Sö.UQ uach. -A N"ow Editioni Pold KlClTJltB.T BY C.1HVAMEU aml AWlWr i now publiehing in Nos , ut -Jö cpnts each. Each Xo. üluKtratcd witha Portrartoo StML , AKïLts wai.icl, t(. irfeom Hocial eommin!onii will be gtvej, Copias of t)ic REREJJJOS RECORD, in Prt or o Volume, win ],! lept, tree of expepse, ou recciut of l'riro. Sent in n-gistcred Uitlt-rs, üip jiul.lisiic-r irill Le EupoosiUe tor all rcmiti.inco @, ("liba will bo Ullpliwl at U]r folloviljg rato: Co,, ..s „f („cl, ,.„{„,,„. iu w„,i-p],„,ilily No. er Mr.iiThly Jf its, to "neadcUtssursfi.ardtely, ' SJ2 It-n opj9, $22. 50 Remittances must rnuM l.c sent in rgitrtd tettért pitlrviu the 1' will uof b rtnonsüjle. and iu Gurient funds. G. P, PUTAM, Publisher. C. T. CTAN-s, ;o„r., AC,„W' ItlMtlayiUrkNOTIOE, TlIErNriEKSKNEI),vinr1T,.v.. 1,-d (lmpol, up to Jhm M, at 10 A. M r„r the rent ,r ►! ttroundt ijwriiig the conung Il.. an,j sj,ee1 fihcaring Kenflvil lr the eiection of Refreshmenl SUlla. lüS ule "I Alcnliolic Uquom will n.t be nrrmitted. H '.KI EK, (,, NEW GOODS. BACH PIERSON Hnve just oponed thcir SECOND SPRING STOCK and offer a CHOICE SELECTION Of Seasonable Goods, including all The Newest Styles of LADIESJDRESS GOUDS, Cloths, Domestics, Staples, GROCERIES, ScC-, We Bought for Cash and will sell FOR CASH OR RE AD Y PA Y, at very OALL .ATD SEE! BA.CHA P1ERSOK. Ann Arbor, May 15, 1L6S. THE REBELLION ON HIGH PRICES FOR CLOTHIXG, HAS COMMENCED AT THE OLO & RELIABLE CLOTHINC EMPOEIUM ! No. 3 PHCENIX BLOCIÍ, MAIN St. IAM now opening a large and vapied assortmentof SurmgandSummorGoods, and iu view of the rebellion on liighpritH'á t;eiHTally, will offer tbem. topifrleoda anl custuintTa at the very lowest figures for Coill. - Those Ín vast of a querior article qí CJüths, Casüiratres. or Beady-Madc Clothing, -will cal! onWM. WACNER, vrho U1 just relurned from tho East, with a largo adáortmeut uf SPRING & SU MM ER GOODS which hare been purchaaed at th late and cnnoiTpr them at a Iowlt flgure than cvtr beforc. Aniong vay Assortment nay bt; füjind BBOADCLQTgg, UASSIMERES, POESKTN8, V8STINO8 uf all tlüscpijitiona, togetlirp with % supc-plor uaortpent ut Kcudy-Made Clollltug, Plls s. wTRÜXK, CAEPEI BAGS, gJ-fJj ÜMBRELLAS, and ÊS233Genllemeii's Funiislihii; GrOODS7 with numeious othtr articlea ujually found ín simihir establiíilimeiiti. As an EMTORIUM OF FASIIION, the subscribir flaitcrsliitnself, that hiü lon experieucè and nofttl succüss, will miiibleliim to give tli ureutt-st mtiftHbctiuD tuali whu may traat liiui iaiUa vu ui S1 Maüufacturing Garments to order. WM. WAGSTER. AonArbor, AptU 9tlv 1362. Uf NEW COODS For the Spring, '1862. - 0 HACK & SCHMID Wuuld respectfuüy announco to Lhü CiLiwas uf Washtenaw and adjoining Coanties that we arü now recuivlog P'irecl from the Eastern Marfctf, Á full and ccwjilöte supplj of 3tL.jpXo and. 3?V,x$.oy DBY GOODS, Ladies' &, Chilrons' Shoes, GKOCERIES, CROCKERY, &c' Pui-fh&sed by onc of our firin for cash, and notwithsUudicg the hard times weahaii continua to Acid Weekly Additions To our stock ia o nier To Accommodate our Customrs ! witli evtírything; they may need to ask fur. And wt; will farther pledge oursclvea to soll as ch(;ap AS TIMES WILL PEKM1T and which is alays as .s Losv as tiie Io-west. At the same time wehopeour frieiids nu customcr wfirttftar In mind that tho times compel us fo sell our goods For Cash or Ready Pay. Ar. Arbor, March 28, 166}. 845tf D1SSOLÜTION. rrHE Go-paitnership licrotofore existir bctwocn the A un ersijiiH'fl uihIct tlie name and Rtyle of' i-poor k. Thnc-.pHOn vu ilis-nlved by by mutual consent on tlie I5th -;i ut Har.inst. ThebosJnen ui the lalr ftm Kit] be eti êd by John W. TlujmpHin, aadtho business coutinued by u. Spoor, CHAS. SPQOJt, JOHN W. TiluMPirON. Díí-ted, Auo Arbor. May26th, 18C2. Notiee. AJ,L persons indt'bted to the lato firn qT Spoor mi fnompaoj] 1 equettte4 lo cali at the old stand and maLe prompt htitleiufiit of the ünine. JOHN' W. THQMlON. A Card, rpHF buMnens of BsdH sm- HaraMi pink'n wil] ba 1 e&rried onst%B oM plAM oí basinns ot Spour Ai ThnmfKm by the unrU'.rsined, who solicita the conhnued pHtrooage of the old pustumera of fui flrni, awi hopea Ijv prompt attoniimi to buHinASH t gaiu ntw pa trons. A nneral assiprlin-nt of HaroeH afld tíaíl(Uer;ihv:iyson liaml. All prbonH iinlt'btL'd to nu' pither by noteor bqok atxuunt are rerjupste'l o Bettl tbo gftmo h itliout doUy. CIÍAS. ?ipOOn. Aun Arlor, Ukj 2?, loa. IS4wfl The Bugle calis ! The War has j gun ! A War oi Extermiuation against Bad Teeth, Bad Breath, Diseasefl Gums, Tuothache, Earaolie, and Neuralgia. OÜS ARTILLERY 13 DR. WM. B, HÜRD'S DENTAL TREASÜKY!; 2LË'A CÜMPLETH SET Oï UBMEVIEa FOIl PRESERVING TUE TEETH, PLRIFYÏG TUE BREATÍI &MOLTH AND Curing Tooihache & Neuralgia. coisrorEiÑr'X's : Dr. Hurd't CeUhraUd M0UT1I WASH, one irttU. Dr, Hurd's Unequaled TOOTH PO WDEIi, ore box. Dr HurdS Magie TOO THACHE DROPS, one hottle. Dr. ffurd'a UNRIVALLED NEURALGIA PLASJ'ER. Dr. Hurd's MANUAL on the llcst Means oj Preserving the Teeth, induding Dircctions for thfProper Treatment oj Children's Teeth. FLOSs SILK for cleanins between the Teeth TOOTH PICKS, etc, etc. Prepured nt Dr. Hurd's Dentul Offi33 , 77 Fourth St , Broüklyn, (E. D.) Piice One Dollar or Six for $5 O" The Dental Tieasuty ni.ikes ft papk nge eight nclies by üve, and seut Ly e;press. S3" Full direction for use is on each article. The follcnving article we can seud separtely, by tpJI, viz ; The Treatlae en Preserving Teeth sent, lost paid, on receipt of Tweltk Cents, or four stampa. The Neuralgia Piaster, for Neurnlg'a in the f:ee, Nirvoas Ikiidache, and Earaehe, sent, post piiid.oD repeipt of Eiguteen Cknts, or six stampa. Tlie Neauralgla and Rheumatic Piaster, (large sizc), for pains in the Chett, Shoulilei 8, Back, or auy part of the body, tent, posipiid on reeeipt of Thirty Skvkn Cexts. Address WM. B. HÜBD & CO., Tribune Buildings, New York. $$ Dr. Hur'Vt MOUTH VfASH, TOOni FOwnER, urj-1 TOOTHACUK DRÖPa can Dut be sent by muil, but they can probably Le obtained at your prug or Heriodi cal Storov. If tfcev caonot, ea4 foi llie PFNTAL TRLÍA3UKY, Price Osa DOLLAft, which contains jhuin. Are Dr. Ilurd's PreparatiooB Good ? Tbe bt Wdenoe that tliey aro Is, tat fheir firpi'-st and bt, patrona us tjioöi; vfk have uned htm lunge-st. 1 r. William B. IIukd 'm an cmnii'iii Ueattot of Brooklyn, Treasurcr of tlie NjBW York State Dontists' As.soci.uiun, nnl tiiose preparations have Deen uod Iq lus private practica fViryeara, a ml no leadinf cttizeri oj lírooklyn or WilliHiijsijurh uetiflna ilit-ir (■xecllein-e, while eminent Uentlsti or New Y%k recojnmená ctirra ha the best known tu tho yifuiMnij Witiiour the a.4 uf udvertibing, dê-alerrt have solj them by thegrudi. TIn Editor of the Brnnklyn l)nhj Times wiys ;- ■ We aro happy tu know ihat l'rit-ml, l'r. Hik, is suc cceUing bevopJ -ill ex pee la tuina with bü MUUTH WA.-ü KodTüOTH POWWÍR. The (tl ierot fff hu sucft'-s resta w;th lli ( fact "Ui at üh ABT1CUH akk i-i,kC13KI.Y Wil AT 1IIKV AAK It 1 l'til E-NTLU Tü HE, Ai WE ÍU3 TEÖTlFTf KROM TlIKIR.Ln.NG U-SE." Th f weil known P. V, lianmm writes : - "I found your TOÜTH POWDER o RuoU ihat viy ijimily have med it all up. WK FINb IT T1IÜ BSST 1'uWDKk Kuil TUK TliiïTlI TUAT WKKYEii ontD, I slnll feel obligad tf on will tfimè pe KOAthtr uijj!v at thi Museum at yoir OüDfuiiiuttc, wiLh i;ill." But i ost te naall tliat ■.■vuiy uno may teit the matter for hinmelf Beiyfl-r? of tjia Qtítlíiiriry Tuoth Powdcri. Dr. ïlOfiD a Tooi f Powprr contaliïB n ac '1, nor alkah, nur chariiuul. nU polishcs wi.huut woaring the aaiiiul. - Ue no ether. What will Dr. Ilurtrs Remedies Effect ? Dr. Hurd' MOÜTH WASH AND TOOTH PUWDKK WiU gim young ladea that iinost cbaiin m u-rf awcot bruutli and puarly ttefh. Tfjr iheui, ladie. Dr. Ui-r'd MOUTJi WASil AM) TOOTH I'OWEE? will clt'AtiHü the i((uutli i-oiïi all fuut exhalatiui.s, an.] if uMtíd ip the murning. will' mike the bf-eakfabt it-U s-veutcr ami the da y bejín oioee pleabanlly. liunilrwU uf lUL'.nüis oiii teatify tot. 'ia. IVy Llium, entlyiiin. Dr. Hurd's Molxh Wu M) TuuTii J'uwdeu ara th( bei preparativa in the wortd r.r curing um hsEATUanl fiiviji,; ftrmnosa and healih to il ihii. iiiindredn uf caseiuf dÏMeaed Hlkkuing (Víais, Sumí Mouth, Cjnkfíí, etc., have been cured by De Huid', astriuent wahh. Qlf. Iíl'U,'H SfOCTBJ WAM! AMD TOOTU i'uWDEn ffh I1B itdditiuDiü chai ni to courtship, nhd uak4 nunbaDdf more agreeable to their wives atfd wfra to thoir buftr biiidsi. Tiiey should u ustíd Ly vx-ry HtrBOü kaviug Artiiicil Teeth wbich %te hably t'J impar t a taint to thu njuuth. Dr. IfCBD's Toothacue drops cure Toothaclie ariaing frofii expo&ed ntrvcs, aud are tho l)et frieuds iliut parenti can have iji the house to eavfl tlieif cliildiun f i om tortor and thenslyjf fruta Wvt alcp aud yinpathetic sutlViini;. FARMKRsaad Mkchasics ! yo canfiot well alTord ti) neglect your teeth. For h tflfling sui, you eau uow gat i r-MM-v;itivtR than wliich RotlicniM ur Kstos eau gvt BulhiQf íl-m miar tUat DYÉFiJSIA ud CON SUtfPUUM OFT4tt%lHf&&4ft0 uriiuato la Nftglect of Teeth. Send for the TreatUe on Jlw&i and read Tr. ïitch'i obsorvationi r,n this Sttfaject. If toq late to arrest 'l,cay in yuur uwn ttüth, save our chiidruu' tc-L-lh. NEURALGIA PLASTEES. Dr. Hurd'8 Neuralgia Xon-Adhesive Plaètsn are tho moni, plcanaut and sueceüiiul reyedif ever prescribid this paiafül di-tese. fhe patieoÊ appliú one, sooq jeüoijed druwgy, falj a .■)!(; ,, au-j a wake s Iree 'rum pain, ..iL.-,irr or uther uhpleaunt or injurioun eounequences ensue. For Karache and Nerrous Headajche, appl; acoerdtng to itirectioiia,aad relief will 'surolv fol low. Nutbing can be obtained equal to Dr. Hurd'a Com prws for Neuralgia, Iry them. Th.-y are entïreiy a iio vel, curioiiB, and uriginul pi t-p.u ;ilini, and Wondt rfullv succ.ft.'-.sfiil. ïhey aieof two lzes, one malí, for tb face, pnce Í5 ceoti, and the othcr iarge, fur appltcaüou to the body, priee 37 cents. Will bemaiitd uit. rccli of iep nd one stqmp. What are ihc People Doing ? Thn Araorican peoplc areintelligont enongh to appreoiate preparatiorw that contributë so mnoli to the ba p pine-.H of those usingtliem, aud they want thm. EviTJ ti ;sns letten, toiae orderlrtg the Treatlse on ii't-tli, si me the aralgta PlafterR,8nd n:'i a few en. ftïosintf 37 ceutb lor the Moütb W:-h to ppnt hy m-til ; but to thtse weare conpelleff o reply that it is LBiposailile tu BfJd l"llf plat butti by niaL Tbe pepple want thesu rtnedies. VH0.WIIL SÜPrLY THE31 1 CHANCE E 011 AGENTS. Phi-ewd agen tü can mak e a small fortune iu carrying iiich'8 vround tu families. The DvJfUA Tkeasuky is thfl ueati-Mt irtifle Uuu a man or woman eau car rv ;i it 1 1 ii' 1 . Pnd lir on?, or, beller, a dozen, which we WiUsell.aa sampOe, lor 7 ' Aganf suppliod Uberally witü ('ii-culars. Jfow ia the liiíjfi t gíi into Business ! o . good, tipt make a prnfït. Wf :re ipendinf thousands for th eneQI nf ageUTs. Xew Kn?land me or wftnipn ! hero is something nicBj and a chauce to t-ake the tide at its Üood. Address Wm. B. Hurd & Co., Tribune Buildings, New York. Thnt rr-mitt.inrri may he ipurto wilh cuifi-lrnoo. IV, B. H. t Co. refer 1" tl Miiynr . f Bmckljrn : In Q. T (ÍB1FF1TH, I'reaWast Firnifis' mi Cklbtena1 Bank, BmoWlyn : tn Jot-, Cor S Co., Ne y..rk ; to I'. T. BaM'M. &Ht., New Vr.rk. etc, U. 34Hf BBMwhlMlaMRitIH)C. .1. 1'EA'E, ut BBHj i II i i .■ Il II! i: (ru ' ■-, Anu Albor Jlch. iiST uLIJ FKIENDá jgg IX THE RIGIIT PLACE. Herrick'a Sugar Coated PilisI - --- - ,1 THE BEST FAmLT Cathartíe Ín tho WUfltt, ■ ■ ,. ",_■ ï v used twt'nly y tari y oSA A I fivc niillioiis of persons 'ttjL&?r A "■'"' i i nnimally ; fiiway.s siivf latUfactíoQ , contain ing nothing tnjurious; ' i natroniied by tho prin#C, Jm ' ' ' ' ■ ' " ians p" ' ' T '&s iurgeuiiá iu the Union ; cikantly coated witli I br7""' Larga "Boxes 25 (Sfntn; ÍwSt11-.-. aí. fh-e boxea for 1 I Lr.=tfi-. ---y--fJlJ FuKdírectiOMWitbieach Florida, July 17, 186o. ƒ ToDb. IlBp.RlOK, Albany, N. Y - Wy Dcar Lforto: : - T wriie thís to iülni m you of Üie wonderful fffefti oí your 3ugr Coated Pilis on mj eider daughtvr. F i Inr f yearatih.e haa beenafliicUd with a b of the systcm. Sftdly Impftring her heaHh, which has a ully failing dnriqg tfefctperlod, When in New iforh in April tast, a fnen4 adviKed me to tesi yor pil). PavlDg thc fullott confidenc in the judgment oi rny friynd, I obtalned a BuppJvoí Mesara, Barnes A: Park, Dniggtits, Parlt Row, New xok. On returolng bonae. ■,', e j' '.■-■■ i all other treatmunt, nnfi adinini.ircrcd yon y PUS, ODfl e:ich Eight. ïlif. iinprovenicrit in lier feelingi!, ooinjplftxion, digestión, etc., gurpiósed us ají. Aiasid aaérperm rion to hmfúi h&fl be a fhe reault, We usfi lew tluut (1 rebosen, erhor sntfrttly '"11. 1 consi'liT the above a juat tribute to you as a Physici'Mi, and trust thtH Will be f he meaos of induciog many t" Pili as their family medicines. I remaia, dcarsir, with many thankA, Your OtKKLant snrvfint, S. . ■-tloanisox. Heriick's Kld Strengthening Plapters cure ín flve hoUTs, pninsí''id weaknQfl of thebreant, sida and bank,fiit'l Rbeamattc OoruitUiiiitsin an equally short period of timo. Spread on bcautiful white lamb ikin, tln;ir usa Rubjejita the wurer to no n.-.-onveniPce, BBd e;ich onfl willirear from one week to thfee months. Prtoe !8X ci.nis. Herrick'i Sugar Coated Pilla and Kid ]íl(■r;! are soid oy Utuggütñ and Merchante In all parta of the United States, Ckna4a and South America, and miy bu pbtained bvcalling forthem by oaine, ly805 DK. L. B. HEPRTCIC, b Co. Albany, X. Y. SVEEIVS SAMBUCI WINEf PITRE, AXD FOÜB YTARS Ol.D, Of Cloice Opor'p jfruit, FOR PHYSICIANí' UrE, FOR FEMARES, WEAKLY PER8ON8 & INVALIDS. Rvery l'uur '-, ;i í tbio wafton, ihould the 8AMBCCI WINT, CMebraírd in PmVji ffir its nu didn.i! and beseficial qunlities as a gent le Minuilapt, ïonic, liuit t'c ai d .iu (i (rific, highl csli t nu u by i fninpnt pl:yíiciais, ueed ;n Kuroponn artfl Anrorican lís Hals , nd by uppie of tlic liiüt faq)Uiea of Euro] e and A jn erica, AS A TOKIO, % It has no equal, cansí ng an aj pet i te and build!ftg up of the systeín being entiik-Jy u puye winy pf t modt valuabití fruit. AS A rifiil-TIC, It impart. a healthy actlnn to Hie Olniids and KWneys, and Unnry Organg, very beneficia] iii Donsyj Gout, aud Rheaqantic úíi Sl'KKR'S yvíSK íñ not a mixture or manu hetu red art i ele, bul Ís puro, frnm tbfl juice of the I'urt ugol l-';uií!hh'us, ciltivaU'd iu Nw Jtraey ,recoinmended by Cüemiats and Pbyticianfl na possesiMug inpdical i rintíi s snp'TM r .to ;mv olJr Wlne n use, and a.. exceJleiii artlcle Puf al! 9 ■■ ■ dt'íjilitated prsoii ai and iniirni, uiprorinfc ilie 4puiJtiti.-, aad beuefi ing ta íi'd an childron. A LAMES YIT, IV-CHUse i uill oot iptoxioate as other vine, os it cu ii i ai ns do mixture ofapiFÍWur liquurs, miá i admirvl foritarich, peculiar flavor. and putrítive proper líes, imp;iTUng A htahhy tnfi U I ]..■■.:_. -- r, t orgi, lj.lid H blociuing, dufi and he&ltby kiu and complwxiJ ... WE REFER TO A few well known geatlemea and pbysiciúns, who have tried tíie Wíne: - r.í-u. WmaeMSootf, l'.S. . Ir. Wil.oti, llLhst.. N. Y. Gov. Mur-an, S. Y. Stat Dr. Warú, Newark, N'. J, l)r. J. U. ('hiifMi, X. lír. Dougharty, " 'L I), i'arkrr, N Y. City. Lr. I'arish , í'hiíadvlphU Pn. lïarcy anl NicboU, Xewark, X. J And many otliera too aum rotirs to publfn. 4-Nuue genuíae unluna thc s'guaturo of ''.W.FliKt) S1LL1Ï, l';iïi.-aic,N. J.,: U O Uw CuikJ oach l,uttk. #VMAKK UNE TRIAL Ü61 Tillo WiNK. Ft;r Sale ly 31aynaid, SUbblns ti Wllson, Ana Arbur. A. SPEER, Fiopuetor. vikv;.í:d. paünaic, New Jewy, OFFICE, 03 í'.vay, X. Y. JOHN LA FOV, is, fctmO '■■■ï i'i'aii'T aud Oerniany. C?. 23 L I á3 ÍS I [iovt rocuiving a lai u and well sulectod aasortuiont of CieckSj Watches, JEYEIEY, Silver añil Pluíetl Waie, TABLE AND POCKET vczi ycj Jt7 jh:_ -bes jblc cst EAZORS axd SIIEAUS, G-Q3L.JD PENS, Musical Instruments, Strirgs Books fnr Instruments, SHEET MUSIC, CO1I1ÏS. anJ a grcat arietf ot -2-A.3STB:eB KTOTIO3STS, SsG. He would cali particular utloatiou to his large stock of SÏECTA.OIj33S, of Gold, Silver, Slcel, and Plalcd, with PERÍSCOPE GLASS, a superior article. Also ITuntiqtoa & piatt's celcbrated CA L EN DA R CL O CK f suitable for oí Rooms, Halls er Dwellings, Oombined,and reujio the winding of the timé moveí Baents onlytto Bocure all the n iuired cbangen at midi nighi, bo of the i;i"ut!i, iiirhuhii, the 2f}th of February of Load yen-, l ' ' v of recent nuxcha New ITotJe ;md the mu . and wjll fip &oJd to ■ujt the tinges. Peí oiu Uítíb,? iifljcult watches to lit itU glasses can bp accoïnodatbd, n,s qojr B(oak la iarge and eomplfrta, P. S. l'ai-'ic.ilar att..i.ii..u turbo of all l.i A'aLcli'ïs, sucli ai Making and Setting new Jewels, '■"ons, Stqjfi, and Cylhutem. Afoo CLOCKS, Sz TEAA7-ELIÍ.-V natly repftlrefl and warranted, at bis old Bt&ndttA siilc í Miiill tti'yt. C, BLISS. Ann Ubor, Nov. )5, 18M KW JVotice. WBEHEAS my wif Ptóbe A.inin thebMtof rirtln uix.nt the ooufitry nrt running me in thïW fithou) niv conlA.t or knowlcd.trt-; tUerfifore ;il ra eautioBefl aatant trbitirii bfr 011 niv kecOat,as 1 sbaB tinv n(i debtHof bcr omlr;ictii),'. SMpi HAl'.VtV AXVAUII.. ;■):;„-„. MliíSMr.í. "to"17ët. '■pur: ïïtmck iiufsi-: .lui rum aor oceupícd bj Olncy I Uawklns, Énq r, on Detroit street, Anu Arbor, pusBfiwiion given tbe i l ff April. AlaosfiVrjrAl b tui vb aad Jroouqa in lïudmz's Block to let togood Hteady tcnanta at a very low reüt,iu-. powssion givea. loquireof Aon tfarch , 1-61 8i5;1 The Late&t Speöfal Dispatch '''o the citizen3 of Ann Arbor anti Viciaity ! ! INTENSE EXCITE MUNT! Hundredê loaichinq tho irrogress of Daily Events l ! The Federal Anny again Victorions! "The Union must and shall ! be Preserved !" " There was a man in our tou-n, He was so wondrous wisa" But with all bis wisdom, ho wan not so wise as that "otlier man," who when ha wanted to buy tha Tha cieajiest and best CLOTHINC! in tJds market always jumped into G ü l TER MAN' S HEAD QÜARTEKS! Fortherohe know he nlwnys got hia money's wortb. Seeing is belicving and yju that wish to eee come in apd beüeve. TI1030 tb at can't pee can feïl, nud as we always maks our enstomors feel good over good bargains, they are eapecially mvked to our anxious sent, that they too may realizo liow "good it is for Uittil to be with us," and how rauch pleasure can be obtained in Ihe enjoymtnt of SPLENDID BARGAINS ! " me all ye tbat are wenry nnd heavy lade"" - with RorjL3 and we will do our best to n.'lijve you - gi vina; you in rclurn the Jinest kind of Good3 at the loicestjlrures. Grest tflttles nre hourly taking place n tha Clothingline - wbole regimentsof Casaimeres, v tstinus, c, are bei tig sl&HjgbtPKd by Gen, Sondheim - to fit the greut rush of rcoruits that are poui'ingin (rooi every direction, all mixious to havo tlieir namen enrolled fór a NE AT AXI) T.4STT 8ÏÏIT - )uch na eau only be ha] at the Head Quarters of G uilerman db Co. One of the firm, Mr. JÍ Guiterman, haring just returr.ed frona Europa with a larga asBortroeofc of Clotlis, Casíjiiiepes. and a pico lut of fine Vestings, Uso a few pieces of fine Beavtr for overcoats h we will mako up to oreer in the hitest atyle, we feel coniidünt that we can sutisfy nll. STTÜTIDEISTTS i We are happy to greet you aga:n in our City.after ipending your vacation with the " dear old folks" at hoine. Be nsaured we winh you 11 pleasimt term, ;ind ehull ver be Jjlad tn nie.-t you ut the Old Head-Quarters, jo. 5, JJ" Our former ciijtomera, we be] nasured, will eull on na again To ycu whü coree us trangers yc puld say a few worda, we wüIi you to eall and look at our fine Cuuts, Paotk, and Vests we sas do better by you thau ii.y otber h .use in the City, and f yca cal! anii examine our goods.and try thcir fits, you will purchuse öowhere else. DON 'T FAIL. TO OL3LiXj AT C5. JET. Q. DU. IIOOFLAND'S EALSAMIC CORDIAL, i .. iie Rpeedj curo of Couyhs, ColJs, Influenza, Croup, lïoar senas, Bronchitis, Pneumonía, Discases of the Dowels, arUiny j'rom Cold, Incipient Coa suinptton, and for the relief and if it allposxibie) cure of Patiënt in advanced stages of ths latier dinís , rplIK Balaunie Con!;jl ii mtirvlj a Vctailtí proilucJ. tiwD, cumb.tiiii ti'f; lieuling prupevtibi ui th Bal am, witU thtj LuviMi-iting quuíities uf a Cordial, proüuciuga coiubinut-oi) w) Mt-11 adapltd to the uartosM iiilt-nded, that therw but lew cano iffï rhieb urill autf at uu e:iriy ponod, succuuib to ita bealiugaud Life giving prtjrtioti. Kur ages, hu the trealment of pulmonar j dluftici occuij.fid tbo grealer portitui uf tlïe attvntioo ui the KCÏcatïfic of the medical wirldt but ojia nequirvd mure ;m.neuce in his ttpi'autnt mot thfru dlMamS, than tlw ceiubrateü PruAttias , IuuQaqü, tia orignatoi ut Lb iiüixiiiiii; Curdiai. ïiis life was dcvuteJ tu the jiroductiuii of rt in t dies that wou ld stuud uiuh ítllcír lio w M Le has uciïeedcd, thü American peopleuru able to jii.L,..-: and wo uutfiiivelj asaert, Lhut uu reparatioua tlüit hay; over been [!;ic(-'i brfora tbem, buve conleiied tbfl .saine iiuiuunt of bcuetits ÖD Buffcriug liuui.nitty , or havfj fiiicittd so iininy coinnu-udationn (rug) al! cIiumm dI nuciet v, aa theremcditjei ut' Ur. Jiuoliuud prepared by Dr. C. M.'.I.kUsoq JcCo., of i'bikddphia. 'l'ne Cordial is dedlgned for u chuut of disuades more gein.r;u and ïuoie lalul tban ajjf ether to whicLi tbe peoplfl of tlii.s emmtty ate .subject - tpiiugtBg trom a "xlight cod.'y Tbat emineut authoriiy. Dr. lïell, sajs: "J will not say that Ct'is mn to our inhab[lopta vliat tbö Plxut J Ydluut FtVtr are to those oí other countrits; but I oao avr contidently that they ushwr iu 4ieTC of gMntwr feofliplteiy xud oiortaíiLy tbap Liio.jolutter.." Entircly Yeyetahle. Ko Alcoholic l'reparatiun. DU. IIOFLANP'S (Kl.KIiüATKp QEflMAN BITTERS Preparad by DR. C. M. JACKSON : CO., Pliiladelphia, Pa. . ttuaUjcura UVEK CÜMPLAJN'f. DYüPEPSIA, JACNi)HE,Chcotiic t,r Xi vos Deb es of the Kidnty, iiu'l all dLcy.Jtá acising from a disorddred L. i ar ■■-' átoinacu. tíuch as CoiutipatlOD, Inward Tile, Fulneas pr lïloud ti) tbo Heat, Acdity of the StOVaoh, N.m-ea, Üeart hum, Disgust ior Fo#d, FulneiS or weiaht in the StomirEruütatíbní.jSinkingor Flutteriug at the Pit of the Stomacli, vimming oftheílead, Uarríed and Üifficult Brwathing Flutterlng at tho Heart, Clioking or Suffucatiog HODbatfoH wiu-n tea lyittg pftura, Iim ueaa il Vi,--iou, L)oti of webs bfyrea sigt, Ftver and l'uü J'itin in the Uoail, iMiciency of l'er-pirHtiuii, Yelof thetíkli) iiiii EyM] i'ain n the file, Back, ( ,,. it, jjiiiibs, &0, SuddoG Fiushesof Heat, Bamíaf ïq tiie Flash , Constant [fsaginmgi af tvil, and great DepreoFs of spirits, vê will yoeitivelf prevupt V1.J_,j.oV ÉKVER, 611 Mors FfcVLR,&c. Fht Propri1or In oalüag the aUentiqp of tlip public to tl: is, preporatioa, doen bo ifitii a faaUog cf th# utmost ooofldeacfi in us i"rtui au' adatvtatio to the diMasu ior which it is recocí i ItiflDonew and not ried article, but on" that has the tst of a twcivc yeaxs'trial before the á.mric;m pruple,ati(l i ta reputa tí oñ and Kale are unrivalled by ;iny eimtla preparatioma Tbe tutimon in lis tavqrgiven iy the mo-t proiuioent and well-koown Phyfetoians un( inclmduabi iu til parta of ihe country is tul perural ot the Ahnanac, publihed riiniuaüv by tixp Proprletots, a:ul to be had gratis p] ,n f tteir Kgea8, caanot tuit Kttrtafy tlu mosi ■ thaiikifi vi nedj fa rially ÚAtffir ving tlic rt-at cclebrily it has obtained Rt-nd tlie Eyliïen'a ï rom J. Nciototl Broirn IK I). , Editor of the Kncyr,o'c,da of Jl' :Ugio US Kri'Jir''. AHhouglï rfotdisposedlo far r ojï r. unnn n Patent es )p general, throuh diátiuot of their Ingrodn nts and etTt-:ts.I yet know ol on ■ on why :i H m r.i;iy not testifjf tu the benefit he be lie ves hiu-iell to have recèivea from ;my umple preparación, in tlio hope that Uq niy tliuï coütnbute to the benfit of Itiothisthd more readily in rajwrd tu í'IIoofland'a (orinan lüttcrs,'" pre pared by C n Jaoson, ol thi citv, botauw I was prajiidi#ed agaiasi theip for ya,rs uu'der tho impresswo Ui-.r, t . fly an alcnljoli ■ ■ , [ebtea to my friend Robert Sl)peiii;ik( t, I1 ■J'i .f.'v i!io ri-nKivul oí this preudice by proper irst.-.rui'l fóï enpuyKgtis(l ia try ibom", when suííer)g frf)pi ■riir..Ml dobilily, The us of e Hiiiors, at the taginniag of the lirPsoul ve;ii", was followeó i: .. i , iim! rwtOi ratiou i' ■ Knd nicntiil Iforwhlch 1 had not üfU rorsixmnnthri before, and hadolmoM denpaired nf i-ffif-iniiirT. 1 tharefora thank (.'■' and tav friend for directin-mto the use oi' th.'m. J.XKWTOX BliOWNEXpad whal the eminent 6lass Ifanufacturcr, JOHN H. WHITAI.L.a.vs of th tíALSAMK! ftORPtAL. Dr. C.M. .I.wAi-o.v- Rosneiited Friend: Having for a ; long time bèenacqiiïnted with tho vjrtuea ot' thv fia'siimto- Cordial tn Cou (s. Col ds, Inihi minuten of the j Lunjre, frc. I thus frtiilj bear teetimriny to effieacy oí' -i vi1 ]':-l J '■■'. 1 i h;i ■. tjovit Ihhmi wiÉhotlt it in in y í";in)i!y II KlsogiVM plpüfiurc ta stare that I have ■ . !i !) .Miiii'f RuecttM in itae tlñteoftat of Bowel CompluUiW, Xbj iï-K-nd trui v, .ion m. winrAf.i.. Fifth Mo. '7, lloS, RaccStreeL,above 4th, Piiilaè Thao mediclnwi are fer hale by all rcspcctable Drupyists nu i dfialerh In aierFdnea in the United States, Brit ih Proiii ei1-, and W ,-t Indien, at 76 cents per bot t Ie - il, m . ■ , niiixic, with thf!ico.irirc of C. MI j-i K on tbe RTppr nf cic;ri bottlt; all othrrs ure i Office -ui M mfac 418 Arci Ötrect . Pbnit8l] hia, H. Syl Chicago Bock Ttadc, Th a l'lace to Jiuy ScJioci Booh. WHOI,KSA[,E Book Sí Stntionrry House S. C. GRIGGS & CO. PVBLiaiI Sandors Progressive Readers, Noffly Kleci.rot.yped, wUl, nei and original illuatriitlona are the most, ueautilul u well a.i tho bt Oooks exloDi ! I. Raaten' Ipbatot Caria, e la a et $ a II. Sanders' Priman : .,!,'! Clinrt, tí un 4 ciuils 1 L, lil Sudara' Primar inning Book 73 IV Bandera' N Ppalirr and UtAnar V. Hunda. a' Analjj of Engllah Word, . 5,1 VI. Sandsr" I'i-jt ., Primar, (boand).V., í'.-y Vil Snnilcra' (irruían and Knglisli l'rmor ' S VIII. Han.Icri' Neiv !'r ,t I',oi íi-r, .„, {3 IX Sandtn Naw Stcoad Ruáw, '""' íl4 8ander'New Tuird Heodar, 411 XI. tíiníera' NewXourtb Raadr ( XII. Sanders' NTtw Hfih Kiac'ir, -r.í XIII. Ssaaars' Qlgh-Sehcol Reader , t XÏV. fianlcr'i Youns; Lü'Ues' Rcadur, 8 XV. Sali'era'Hcli.uISp.Hl.i-r.., .11'. 1 ; ,1 XVI. Ssotler' Kloeuttnaut {.ïi;Jrt, 2 {j Thp-u lOiiíVrs ara diatlnguMied fi.r t;..:r ítrlít'rptgrasirt chaman n;. practicalailapIgUunto ILc yoor-t Thev liavo trien recelved with urprecedonlcd n..r muj by no clans mure favorablv tlian by Practical Tvackci wbo nave taatad tbrir marital in the school room. Robinson'a Courss of mathematica, BY HOKATK) N. BOKXSW, LL. I). Lato rrfaor of Uatuwnatlc in tl.o U.S. Karj. I Küljinsrin'al'rusioeniMjFrimary Arithuieüo, S 1 II. Robiuson'.s Pnreaaíve liitellectual Artih. k 1U Bobinaon.'a Huütn.'nts of wnltoii ji:th." 83 IV. Robtnaou'a Frogruafre Príictjcal Aiiih. M V Robiuon'a Ky to Practical Aiitbi.iuiic M VI. Kubiu„on'i I'rgrexsivt Higher ArílLmitla, 7t Vil. KbinOD s K(j to Higher ArKbmctlc, 71 VIII. Kobin.on'a Nc-'.v Elementry Algt-bm, T4 IX. K binsoa'a Key to Kie:neut'ar Algebra, IX X. líobinsím's Uníversity Algcbfa, 1 Sfl XI. Kubiusuu'.-. Key to L'uiveraity Algebra, 1 (.0 XII Robiason'iGooinetry and irigonuatlrT. I ftü XIII Hobinxott'a ftrrTsying and Naviatibn, 1 MI XIV Rubuuon'H Auaiylical (Jecmeiij aud Coul Ion. 1 g XV BoMmoa'a nilTerential aoillntorral Calculo 1 Í9 XVI BobiasoB'i Blosoentarj Atron inv, a XVI; Kobioeon' Univerit) Aatronomr, 1 ií XVIII Robinnon'a Mthmjtca) Opirat'ioris, s xa XLS Rjb.nson's Key 'o Algebrn, Gl(.mc'.ry, Surve; iu, ate., 1 gg Pormioa IUI.L HATIIEMATICAI. COURSK, imbrac:nj irlthmetic au I Te.t B"ki In the Higliei Jítli. emalica. Fur of research, facility fud ajjtmaj 0 lliustratioa. ml practical BMfalnea, the autbor of thla senef. ís surpas.sec] by no matln n-.atical vrftar 11 thU country. This series has bMI ncoinmonded bj tko lfiathffmattolaiu lnall aactíuiuol the couLtrv. Gray's Se.rics of Botanies, six books. Hitclieock's School Anatomy and Phjtíoigy, fl. Ilitchü'oek's Geology, one book. Well's Grairimars, two books Well'i Soientifio Series, inciuding Chemistry, Pliilosopliy, etc. TLree books. Wilson's Series of Histories, five books. Fus.iuelle's Frcnch Series, eigbt books. Woodbury's Germán Series, seven books, Bryant & Straftori's Series of Uook-keeping, threo books. Spencerian System of Penriiansliip. niuj books. And Many other Valnable Beoks. Wholesalo Dealera and Eetail Pur-, cbasers Will (iel at our store over Four Thousand diHerent Irticleaoi ïtiree Huudreü Thousaiid Vulumes of booka, trom which tu make thcir líisctii, compriain an assortmei.t uot rivultd Lv (n, ptbor buui house in tile Uned Ktites. S. C. GRIGGS & CO. Are Special Agenta for Mes.srs. fíürpcr & Jiro's Publioatioai. ' D. Applfton & Co's 1 ' " Tickuor & íielfi'a ' f '■' Gould & Lincoln's 'f '' J. B. Lippinoott & Co'a " And furnish vil their Booka at Efistern prices for cah. Note Papers, Letter Papers, and Cap P. pers, Blank ]Jooks, Pass Books, And all kinds of STATIONERY, at the loweit prloM SLATKS by thf, dozen or case. S_Stranjer3anJ tinv vi.,:t:ng Chicago w.:l [l(i.1 t intarejRting to linger for an hou f amid the ñteiuiujabla pilua pf UteratUM at 39 and 41 Lake Srreot. S. C. GÜtlCrG-S & Co. Agentu "Wanted. !& For all costly :inl raluabla SubacripUon Wark( or any nublo wurk upnn Religión, I.itsratui, Soteno Ait, iddrtss S. C. Ulillil CO. PLÉASK UKMEMBER That there ia no bookatorfl in this country koeping a. hL ter or more extensivo ass.jrtnieut thAn " ulvrny louui at 81) and 41 Lafce itreet. IiIiJU;.MlÍER. Tlijit Public or Printa LiVaric? can bo auppllo4 wltU hrst class Staüdanl Works ).y 8. C.U. Í; Co. 'upou Uttnterms tban to send Kast am pay Ireight tÜ-w iry aud rrvfeasioaal roan, Teachers, Scholais in all departmeDta of of ths woild f loitcri are inviled to make c8 an 1 il Ue street thuir plat. J resort iu uiüinenlsof leiMire. S. C GRIGQS& CO., Wholesale and üetail Bvuksfllera and Mationr, SB k 41 LakeStrect, Chicago, s. c. satooa 842m3 s. L jistui. DO YOU WANT WHISKERS ! O V OU WANT A MCVSTÁCfíg I If o, parchas oue bu'.tle of E.E. ('hainpiou'i EXCELSIOR INVIG0RAT0R The irnrid renowned toilet,- the ocly articla of the kin4 evrroirere.l-.ho píoule of the United ütatea. Tie bu, article la the nnljr one used by the Kreucli : ia I.uuííou and i'ariíi ic iá in universal use. THE EXCELSIOR WUISKEIl ÍWIÜÜUATORI i Isa Deautiful, Economical, íoothing. yel Htimu'ailug Ourapouna, actiog as if by raagrlc opon 'the root, cu inga beauürul gruw th 01 Latxuriaut Beard. ir i4 to the will cure RíIdnjss, and if npj.Iïd 00. ourüinic to diioetiuiis, it will cauae to -prin up tu baM spota .; flua grow tli ui "Ki rREtji n.uu The Célebrated EXCELSIOR IFYfQOR TOR Is an indixpeustble Aiu.ic in l'ytij iirntlrman'a Toüa aud fter one mek'a oaethoT woald iiot, (orany conaid.' rmtiou, be Kithout it. The abore artille will, in fnm Four. to fcigl.t Weeka, bring out a tbíci. e; tf Wati or XOVSTACUt. Th subacribers are tho onlv Agenta fur t! abor nítido in the L';iU'd Statoí. Thcy would also aanfiuca to the pub,lte thal Ihw are ageuta for Napoleon's Hair Toilet! The ou!y Jirtit'Ie o ver i-üt-rtvl to thfiFiench jieoplc th w.uldcritL BTrUIGüXfcUlRl the nít.w [pilpt txMflg inbufactureil for the Role benefit u Lo ufa Mu MpIfpD i wij:k article is iiímv ndispei ■ . cpfjn. The subsc ribera teeling con6 lenlmt tliia Toilot raut nctTiirily tike the place Oj , -vr red t' Uk1 ' 11 til, i', tli.-v tak ;:i,.,(suru in ex ng tbrir confidence in thc article, gaiaíng it from practh tij e napoleon u air toilet W.ll Ccri. Straiojii II.ubm, Soft, Silkn,Floing Curli, ,hrt 11 remain íd sha pe for ono dav or rmn m ek ir dosired, or iuy tongo! period, if the directions aro alrictly v simple Mil eas . riltü Halr Toilet , loos rot iu any uiannerinte:fer( wltU the Natural Softnaí nf the Huir. It neither scorcho nordyesit; biitgivea 1 he hair a soft, thrifty arpearanee. It alyo prevents Ihe ';tir frcrji faljing ofl ftu4 tuming gray . THE NAPOLEON UAIJi TOILET Hh bea beíorí bhe pub{ huta glii-rt time, ami hita alreíuly been t i ., Ihouitaad pWfloniJ and Ihey testjfy thal tN Kfmletn, HnlrToüet la Hie great ost BcuutituT evtTi'.'ttfi! h thc Autrleaii peopb. To prevent tbío Toüet Irona being counterfeited or lm l uoprinolpleri prAOfM, we do not o'Ter ,t (v sata at ajjj i)ruggista tntUe Ín I Tbervfore any lÁáj ot Gentlcjnau hho Öeaïifis Boft, T,iLxuriaat Unir and Garla, so t Long, Soft IFbiikers nr !tfotitaeh, ( profift' !l.e Im :;:■ i .ít'ir r TnIt, tillicr ope,for or ñafiar enclo.scd in a lotter, witu adJnjr, A'idress, i'KXV k CO. lloi log, Collmvili, Hntford Co., Cena An-1 it '.villbc carcTullv gmt return mail. General Land AgencyJ?EIÏ3ONa wantingfaruis, or reBideDct! n orna AnnArbor.ean by callingon me ulectlroma ligt ofovor 1OO Farms Kor Saïr! Ofvarïouialzpetrom ;ï,to 1 3C'ac re nach ;(■. at goodaBanyinthiaiïonnty.) Mor et ban 5O Ou'eliiis House DthiBnity,froiïitwn liuudred to fjurthouaan t dolan o nch : ai d uver )(O RtnijDINO LOTS1 Araonpthefarms arí t he Mishcpsrarm , MCOaere the Potter f ar m, in QrsQi Oas, ftie Pjact larm , ij i 4dJ acres, th e 11 land on h 'M J.;nUs Tnrina, ín Webster; th-" Stubb, Mlcbael Claitcy, Newton fítsnn, ard Fnllaha furms, in Anr A rhor : .1 . li.inïBley'4 furni, lnllitts!ioj(Ithe Hatch ht} Hick 1'nrma In PstrickClayufarm in Krefidom; W, 9. Taviion H , O. Baker b nd Jiuck'e farms inSylvnn. Mostt thesf wnd many otbers eau bo Jividedto tuit purobheers E. MOiGAPi. ApnArboj,Jan 1 . 18M 63 TO WHOMIT MAY CONCERN. OXvIlSrXBXJS FA-ü-lIE, THK ÜNPKRStRKKP, Hotell'rnprh-tor in thfa cil.r f Ann irbet] resotfuHy nu nou nee tn ]c public, t;iat on and after tho Bral iny of JoQuary, 18 2, GENTS FAX E. ivHi bfl abarfffll i.',1 pcíi and every psob onHci fnami frnm tl-f car?, f. the respective &oteU, lv the Omnit na Lui'.1. P COOK, (Jrwik'a Hotrl. II. IMHSTOV,rnin!sli]i Houw. Ann Avbor, Tor. 24Ui, 1861. 832tf Ayer's Cathartic Pilis,


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