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phintïng ;;■ OF ALL KINDS Neatly Executed AT TUK AEGÜS OFFICE. WE ARE TREPARED TO FILL ALL ORDERS IN THE LINE OF PBINTING AT THE MOST REASONABLE RATES. We have reeently purchased a BTTGO-LES ROTARY CARD PRESS, and have added the lat'ot styles of Card Type, which enables us to print INVITATION CAEDS, AVEDDING CARDS, V1SITING CARDS, BUSINESS CARDS, &c. in the ncatest styloe, and as cheap as any oLher house in the State. We aru aleo prepared to print POSTERS, HANDBILLS, BLANKS, L1LL IIEADS; CIRCULARS, PAMPHLETS &c, BOOK BINDERY is in charge of a ÏIRST CIASS WORKMAN, LEDGERS, EECORDS, # JOURNALS, HOTEL REGISTERS, and BLANK BOOKS OF ALL KINDS, RULED TO ANY PATTERN And Manufacturcd in best bttle at New York Prices, Periodicals of all kinds BOUND IN ANY STYLE. Old Books Re-Bound. All Work 'warranted to givo entire satisfaction. E. B. POND, Prop'r. Office and Bindery, cor. Main & Hurón Sts. Conway Fire Insurance Co., Of CoDway, Mass. Capital paid up, - $150,000 00 Assets (Cash), - - 269,963 12 Liabilities. - . 16,440 03 D. C. Rogers, Jas. S Whitney, Secretary. President DIRECTORS. J S.WFIITiyil', L. 30DMAN, W. EI.I.IOTT ASAHOWI.TND.D C. McOII.VHAr.K.D. MOKGAN WAIT BKMKNT, JOSIAH Al. MS A H. BULI.KN W.H.DICK1NSON, W.T. CLAPP, D.C.ROGEU8 Aun Artor Iteferences: Dr. E. WEI.I.P, b. JAMKS. L. DOPOE ENOCHJAMES. CAPT. C.S. GOODRICH J. W. KNIGHT, Ageut. Ann Arbor.MichigAn. New Kkmudiks tor SPERMATORRflflEA HOWARI) AbSOClATIONj rilILAnHI.l'HIA. A Bt nf.mlrnt ImtUution eslablishrd by special e-n dnirmtv for the relief of the Slc.k and Dislregseed, ajjticledwill ï'irulevt nitd Chrunic Distase!, and espectaily for tu Cure of Distases of the Simal Orgñvt, HEDIOAL ADVICE given grnti, Ijy tl Acting Surgeon. VAI.UABI.E REPORTA on l=permatorrLoea,anl olliir os of tbe 8exual0rgAju,&nd o tl.i NEW REMi-i'IK entployed In tb DlipoBiary , Mnt ín 8aled letter BnTelopMf l'ree of cbarge. Two r throt statnps for nostagoacceptaJble. Addrs, Dr.J.SKILUN lincriH. Tox, Howard Assuciiiticii, Nu 2 8. -N'inth Si.. PhB delpnia ; Pa. 1 vauo AHK XOW OPENIXG, DIRECT PROM PDBU8HEBS and MüiHiri.'tiirprs; a X''w aivi Compteto ttoek of LAW & MEDICAL 1SÜOKS, School Books, Miscdlaneous Bnoks, Blank Books, dan Wnllaml Win !.■■.■ Papor, Drnwiiifí aiul Mathematica! Instruments. Music, Ubrerie, Ktivelopes, Inks and Cards. [pffírSFSRS- -■''■ -■'"-"-, 'Ci i _' QOLD And all other kinds of Pens and Pvncils ' Wl&dow Coruice, Shades anüFixUire, POCKET CÜTLEHY! Anilevcrytlnng iH-rtMÍninfif li the trade, and moro to wlüchtlu-v troula it.vite the attemion of the countrj. In conducting our business, we fihatl dn all that can tedonojso that nu rcasounble man, woman 01 chiM shull i in! anv fiiult. We fucilities whícli will enablo us to aupply ourstomerB at tbe Lowest Possible Figures. We propose tosell for READY PAT, ata smallai-lvaace. Ve expecta prolit on our goods, but [Jash Sales will Admit of Low FIGURES. We have en?n(;il the services of iAMES F. SPAI.MN'G , ïe-reforeare prepared to furuish Visiting, Wedding and all other Cards written to order, with neatness and dispatch, by mail or otherwise. The "EmhreBook 9rORS,"to manned by agood 'crew,' nd they wil] ahvays lx; found on tlie "quarter deck," ealy ami irUling to atteudto al! with pleasure, wbo wil] avor them with a cali. bíemembor tbe "Empire Book Store." JAMES R. WEBSTER & Co. Ann Artur, May, 1860. T4q ANOTHER A ARRIYAL AT THE VÉÉOLD AND RELIABLE H CLOTHINt EMPOKITJM!! 3 PHCENIX BUiOCIC;, MAIN STREET. haajust returnerl from the Ea-itern Cities, with a largi anddesirale NtncU uf F ALL AND WINTER C3r OODS! wkicb he in iiow offer ing at unusually AmoDg fata Auortmtni ioy be found BROADCLOTIIS, CASS1MERES, DOESKINS, & VESTINGS, of a?l Jescription.", especiallv fnr FALL AND WINTER WEAR ! which heis cuttiug and making to order, in thelaiost and best stylea, together mth n superior otssortment of READY MADE OLOTHINGi TRUN'KS CARPCT BAüS, 1'MBRELI.AS, and Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, witli numorotis oilicr art:cles uf-ually found in simil.'i: As ANEMPOBIÜM OF FASHIOiN, tbe snbscriber flattrs htmself, tlmt bffljong oxperienp :tml genera: succe88,will enablu him to giv the greateal BatisfaoAlon toall who ni;i y truBt him in tbe wny ol hkuiufaturtog sarmoQtu to order. T.yjtt WM. WAGXER. Rifle Factory! A. J. SUTIIERLAND HASremovcdhisGunSlioptothcNewBlock-inHutunatreot.southofthe ;uui t House, oiiliieccond lioor, wherche ia preparnd to furnieh Guns, Pistols, Aminunition Flasks, Pouchcs Game Bags, and Evcry other artiele in bis Line. On themostreasonabli terme.andto do all kinds o i the ahorteat notice,nn(i in the bet mannel fulUsaortmentalway fcep n hand, ond made to order. BOOTS $( SHOES MOOHE & LOOMIS Are now receiviug a lurge assurtment of Boots and iShoes anl Whicli they prépoaè to sell 50 per cent belotc former prices for cash. Men's good Kip Boots, frora $1,50 to $3,00 Men's good Thick Boots, from 2,00 to 3,00 Men's good Calf Boots, from 2,50 to 3,75 Boy's Calf, Kip and Thick Boots, 88 to 1,75 Ladies' Gaitera, from 44 to 1,25 Ladiea' MoroccoBootees, from 75 to 1,25 And au ondlcss varicty of Smal Shoes frora Fancy Balinorals to Infanta' Creeping Shoos. 'We are alsoMunufacturlng all kinds of WAREANTED BOOTS & SHOE8. Mens Fine Frenen Calf Boots Peggert and Sewed. Po prive iiHn c.nft beforP pnreliftsinp clwewhori1, as we are bound nol t., ba underold. IRICPAIUISG DONE ON BHORT BÏOORE & LOOMIS Main St., Ann Arbor, Mich . 820tf Mo ney Wanted. Who willLendMoiieyl TUIBBQCBBTED BTfiEVERAIi l'ERSOXS to obtain money for thpm at Ten Per Cent Iaterest,(OrMore.) Foranyomr vfniQfl to V-n1, I can tl opcë invest on i?ooi unencumbered abondant RRAL ESTÁTE leonílly anynums of money and aeethat tbetftle and security ALt KKiiiT. KW The üorrover pa ving; alt expnï, íih-Ih'Iím' r Oimc W. MOIMMN, Ann Arbor. Gct. 7.1869. . 7X5tf


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