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A Merited Rebuke

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A rosident oí Ñanhville, recently on a viit to t i lis city, tells an amu-iin an ecdote of how a vmlei)t seuessionist at the Tuntiessoe o;ipiíal got a merited rebuko from General Duux nt. A faniuus physioian's female depyrted iheinselves so rudely to oúr soldierr-.once or twic íictually spittiog m tlie:r faces, thiit the General ordered the house to be put under guard, wiíh oi'ders to let no one pass in or out. - The Doctor, who ivas n the country :t the time, greutly incensecl on finding h8 tcuess io his ovvn hoino debarred by a gutird ot solíiery on his return, and forihwith went to headquarters, boiling over vv h r.igi. On sta ing the facts, the General' calmly iöpliad that he was not aware o( giving any order to (..ut ili'e complainant's house nnder gilanl. tnss'.ing tbat tho fnct was so, he pointed to his residenoe, vvhich was n figlit and near at hand, as evidenoe. lor the gnard eould bu pluinly seen. "I-. thut your reidenee?" inquired iho General," blandí v. " To ba ore it W h Why, I toi)k it fur granted, from the ennduct of its te Dale ocüiipunta, that t was an a bode of sharneless oourtezans, aml I ordered a i:u;trd be placed irouiid u to prevent the visita ions. oi tiur soldie-ry.'1 - Cor.


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