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i. lio mjinwing extract n General Butler, f rom the J ackson Mississijjoian, is .-everely tragie : '■ Is it pos.sible that Builor can brea'.bethe atrnosphere i f New Orleans aq hour after the issnanoe pi such ati order? Is thore no Juokson among her brave and chivalrous sons who vvill otier himself a martyr in defence. of the niothers, wives, and daughters oi the city, aiuí gladly give up bis owü to take the üfe ol the ruffian and the oiitluw who darew to breallie suspicion against their anyclic p;ui tv. "Ia all na au bood lost, that such a wretuh is allowed to live, move, añil have lii.s being amoogst us ? V'e vriii not beüeve it. On the contrary, wc shall soon expeot Eo beur ihat the insult to the fair daughtei-s of New Üi'leans has baen wiped out in the blo d of their cowardly slttcderer. And vvhen it is done, let the occasion bo propiïi mis- not n his orisont!, but when lie is drunk, asleep, or in the incesUious pletisbrea of his bed - then trip him lliat hjs heel.s may kiuk at heaven, and ihat 'nis bou] may bo if damöed and black as heil whoroto it goes."


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