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Capture Of Mrs General Lee And

Capture Of Mrs General Lee And image
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Tlmt TVn Dauguteiís. - Mrs General Itnbert E. Leo and her two dausrhters were capturad on Saturday near llano ver Court-IIouso, twenty miles frnm RiêTitnnnd. Ttiëy had retirod to a farm house, fearf&i thnt Kichmond would be bombarded, and a scouting party of our cavalry, happening to visit Hatiover, were informed of the whcenbo'its of Mrs. Leo, by a contrab'ind The ol'l ludv piofessed to be birrhlv indignfint, and her daughter rcad our soldiers a Icoture upon the duties of cbivatry to womcn. Oí' courac, suoh heroics pissd for so muoli, and tho end of tlie nff.iir was, thnt a guard was set nrouad the dweHii2, and the f millos told that hey mnst remain in surveillance at llanovpr, or be removed to Colouel Lee's residenco at the White Hous:. No infonnatinn wís obtnined from theai, as tliey liad not lincín in Riehmónd for a month - Cor. N. Y. Hcruhl. ' - '" E23T Oovernor Tí r:i .lfrl, of Mary land. nu behaif of the State, has offcred to tiie Govcrnment ndditional volaiiteeri, to serve during tho w:u-, and to bu cm. ployed when and where tho Govcnimcut inay think pi-opor. The offer lv:s been I acoepted by the War Department, and it I i? proposed to nis? without deLij to 1 n iditinnal regiment.


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