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Loss Of The Fifth Regiment

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iwuig private letter froni I Tcrry, published in tlie Tribm Hr.ujnBTERs FiFtn Míen. Ixkavtky, ) i i! mile from Ríclimoníí, Va., .T ti n o 1- lü A. M. ) V.'c lid auotlior íir!t yesterday, two , ■ ■■■: ef this, pbar the Setrn Pinea " i cálU-cL I' wi-i a inueh severer figlit , líuuiat iVüliaiusburg. W o lost iü tbia lont : Killed 29 ' . ..i.i.ini 110 : 159 1 1 is fV'iircií tliHt man}' of the missing i v. i prvc to llave been lulled ; some are ■ y priíoucrs. The officers aDcl men, su fr hb I observed, stood up to lin' iork manfully. rc , ■ the rebels nearly a mile betlie positíon trhey liad gained when "'jr brigade went iiito the action. Ou llití wlioli' wo gat tbc worst of it for that i;ij. Jut tliis morniug tbc tight was reI (vitb fresh troops, and the rebels 1 diHConUnned stopping Ihere " lrt;Tl)u Fiftli nuuibert'd tUia moruing, of eul'iHtcd men on the roll, only 173. A few more straggWs-hftve come in, go tbat we au enuni uow. Oí course many aro uiíL (Le wounded, and some are aba üt froin mere cxhiiustion. When we eq lo líicbinond. I hope to go witb about men.' We liave sufiered in a righteous cause, nii i.ll are roady to meet the foo again ountry demanda it. But of the killed. Capt. Quackenl'usli !ï!:J Lieut. Hutcbins were both killed n tbe ü,ld. They fought and ijUid like ineu. Capt. Travers is, I fear, uiortsrtljr wounded in the breasl; Lieut. jvuo-x, wounded in tho throat severely, but not datigurously ; Capt. Wüson, siightly in tho sboulder; Capt. Miller :tnd Limit. Albcrits, quite slightly. Majir Fairbauks is uninjured, though contim.iiilly expoaed to a Bovero fire; no num atollé luive behaved bctter. All behavcd ! wel.l. The surgoous have worked hard, niid cverything bas been done for the wounded that could be done, so far as i oi lb learn. I ani still unreeoverád froni ! foy inierinittciit rittiiek, but, d espite tho ■ duetors, concluded t was my üuty, is w.oll as my iueliutttion, to go into the ■. ;üi i so, tor the tirst time in six (bvs, i t xik the comnnuid, and God has H'otecU'd me. 1 pray that you are all well. When tlte dut cKrs awy I wili feud a full hst of tho killed and wouoded. yoi:rs,


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