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Oen. McClkllan's urmy is draw ing in around Richmoud. and there must soon bc another desperate fight, or an evacuation. - The gunboat ficet in James River lias not yct passcd the Poiut ürury battery. - Our forces are in quiet possessimi of Memphis. Ex-Senator Fitch, of Indiana, now Colonel Fitch, is Provost Marshal. - Gen. Mitciieli, has had a two day's fight at Chattanooga, Tenn., aud coinplctely routcd the rebels. - Beauregard's army is vet imitating the " wandering Jew." - Gen. Fremont's and Gen. Jackson's forces have had severe fighting, Fremont getting the better of the rebels. - Amutiny ainong the North Carolina troops before Richmond is reported. - Doubtful. JJ32ET Massachusetts bas the reputa tion of breeding full-bloodèd Republicans, and yet five of the Republican members of the House frotn that State voted against both the emancipation and confisoatiou bilis. Wonder if their con stituents are as indignant ngninst thom as aro thc radicáis of this district against G kanoer. - Niño Republicana, and all the members elected as Union men, voted agiinst the confiscation bill, and thirtceu llepublicans and all the Union members aguinst the emaneipation bill. BöT" The Twulfih Animal Commence ment oí the Mouroe Young Ladips' Som inary and Colloge Instituto wiil take place on Thursday next, Juno 19th. - The examination will begin on Monday. and coutinue during threc days. Monday evenitig the Flower Queen will bo performed by the young ladies of thc preparatory and Academie departmonts ; Friday eveuing there will be a Musical Review, and on Wedensday the Rev. D. T. ürinnell, of Jackson, will address tbo Literary Societies. The graduating class numbsrs elcvea. JÜJijE" The Second Michigan Iuüntry - Col. Poe - reports a loss in the battle of Fair üaks of 10 killed, and 49 wounded. Thc Thtrd- Col Ciiamplaix- lost 30 killed, 124 wounded, and 15 missing. Col. C. was severely wouuded. The loss ol the Fifth is given in another column in a letter from Col. Terry, as 29 killed, 116 woundud. and 14 missing. We havo uot secn a statement of tho loss of the seventh. lt Remember that the Horse Show and Sheep Shearing Festivalcf the Wshtcnaw County Agricultural and Horticultural Society takes place on Tuesday, Wcdnesday and Thursday next. A large atteudance from abroad is expected, and arrangemenU are being made to accorumodate strangers at private houses in case the hotels are over-crowded. - On Saturduy morning last nine fino horses - trotters and racera - passod through hcre for the Horse Fair now in progress at Detroit. They aro owned at Coldwater aud Jackson, and will be exhibited here next week. &L" Col. Elkctus Backus, of thc 6th Infantry, U. S. A., and íor a long time f-tationed at Detroit, died at the Michigan Exchange, on tho 7th inst. - Ho was buried, with rniiitary honors on Monday last. Col. B. wus a raduato of West Point, and an offictír oí considerable reputation. ld Woel has made its appearance in our market, and wool buyers begin to congrégate on tho corners. No market priee has yet been deönitely established, but a range ot irom 35 to 45 cents is talked of. We have no doubt that good clips will command the latter figure. Another week vo may be ablo to makc some quotations. SLT VVe have recjived two numbers of the Monroe Monitor, published in the once " Independent State," by our typographical iriend, E. G. Mouton. It is a handsomely print.ed seven column sheet, and its sulections and editorials give evidence that Morton bas not forgotton the use of pen and seissors during his " vacation." It flies tho motto, " Fidolity to tho Gonstitution and Laws, for the Rcstoration and Preservatioo of tho Union." We welcome it to our exchange list. ni m i ■ JJ5L We would invite attention to an advertisement in another column headed '! The Doug'as Memorial." - Tho onterprise it makes koown to the public is one that appeals to all adinirers of tho lamonted Douolas. Wo trust that many of our citizens will be. come members of the association. fcr" Tho Misscuri Convontion, on the Tth inst, by a vnto of 52 to 10 tabled a conatitutional amondmout pro viding for gradual emancipation. Missouri is not yet ready to accept President Lincoln's scheine. 13" Ex-Govornor Kionior, of Illinois, has been appöinted to suoceed Cari Schurz as Minifltor to Spain. ËF1 The rebels burned 3000 bales of cotton before ovacuatiug Memphict. - This only takes tho brend out of tho moutbe of rubel familie.


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