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Repulse Of Fremont's Advance

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H AiuisoMiuiu;, V., Juno :i. The .dvanee gu:ird of Generul Fremont rei l:eil Hurrifonhi rg Ht2 n'doek this aftiTi on. Tl ere whb no fïghting dm-inc the mftreh. JuofcKin) cainped here last night and lefi this morning. A Cavnlrv forre was sentón :i r ' nnissnni-c fouF mil -s bi'vond the tOWIJ, which oame 0.1 a large Iurce of cnvalry and infanlry htronuly iioted io tlo woodfl. Col. Wyndli.-irn, who bad pushed tho recnnost:int'e thrte miles i'nrther thnn ordered, ra.hly led forvnrd the First Nc Jersej' Cavalry and wns driven back by inlantfy in nmbnsh. Col. Wyndham is n pvisnoar,, :uid Captains Stühvino and IInvmjs nro killed or wWTeïy wownded and pri.soneis. - Captain Charles is missing. AU the officers bravi-ly and vninly cndeavored to rliy their men. Captain Jem;wav cpalhint ly attempted a ílanlf movement, nhioh cnverod the re treat of tho First Buttalion. Ile escapd unhurt. The regiment lost thirty five in wounded nml missing. Gent'ial B.iyard, of' tho Buektail or Maine "Rifles, and Pennsylvnnia Cavalry. and Chuieret's brigade of the Sixth Ohio, and Eighíh Virgínin, were ordered forward to their support, and drove the enerny f rom their position, capturing their camp and sotne stores without loss. The Kano ïtiflua numbered one hundred and twonty-tive, and fonnd thomselves opposed and flanked in the woods by four regimeota of infantry and oavalry, and b'eforo they could be with Irawn snfTered severely. Lientenar.t Colontl Kane is soverely WOUDJed nnd a prisoner. Captain Taylor was also wounded and noptured. Captain W. H.Blanchard was wouoded severely. Lieuten ant J. ,T. Sawyor is probably killed. Aftcr a most gailant flgKt tho rifles wcro driven bac-k With a loss of fiftyfive killed, wounded and missing, Tho rebels broujfht iip their artillerv and used it with efieut. Jaek.son is ihought to havo le!t the main rond, and has ei t her halted the main column for battle, or greatly strengthened bis rearguard and poáted his Irains, wliieh nro in confusión on thn road.


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