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ISTew -Aclvertisements. ÜTOTIOB, SfL Insppcfcors' and Directora' Cl:nka hare bt reciMve'.l at litis c-ilk-e. aaJ iuo reaüy for dMribatioa. Tovnship Clei'ksarc requeyU-J to send m Iheiroplei? n. J. DAltltï, Clert. Aan Arbor, June IC, 180'?: 86W The Last Cali. A IX Ihosofndebtw] ti tlie lato flrm of Wmcs i Knijkt . are riK(Ucste(l to pay the same befurp thj firsi dij cl' n( xt, as uil (Iemands t hen rema.n'.ug unttaidliil bfl U!t '.vith au ofíiccr foi collection U'. W. WINE--, J. W. KXWHT, Ann Arlr,J;.n 1 IS3. SSirJ ISTotiooPÜEBE , .SS.:í,K begsleaveto nform the pnKh; iliru sh1 has Llur'njthe lat four vaari t.-affí ío tb rn rmous uraount of bel ween 40 and 50 dolUn in thti lim-: on htr hu ban i'.s JVonnt VV1FE OF DARRY ASSABIE. i'harun, June 4th, lSf 2. 8Ö6S ■ Wait for the Model Institution. DAN. R1CE'SGREAT SHOW! Largest Fzhibition Ever Foraed. MOrwVL. lN'STKUCnVE AND PLKASIXO. Willexljibitat Aan Arbor, Friday, Jane 13tbt JAOKtON, Ñidmtev, June 14th. AfterDOLii uui nightfl cach day. Anl (lur;n lle muntbü uf Junt and Julj will TÍit!l ['..-■ princ pal toUj und cilics en the t nes uf the Miele gi ii Central, UichignQ Southtrn, and the Detruit íbí JáÜwfrukee lOnlroíicl, wbin upen each occaaiui, tlw Amerfooa Bumorlst, DAN ltlCE, vrill positirelj apf( intreductDgateach oxliibtUoo his woJrful blind per Atrmitiít horse Eswlfüor Jr.' irni tiuin c.'uiic muiei. D.íii Kice'a Dream of CUivalry, Ward's UitKioa to Ctiiai, Maiumoth Guun.iiiu;n, anda huudrciiotbcrleaturt wül be Entroduced lo t lio rieat show. SEATS KOK tVKRYBOItY. Bix-s25centi. Keserrt-l uats' 50 orate. ChiUrcn unJer 10 j'eart i5 cnts ïul parta uf pavillion. J. K. WARNER, Contracting Agent. Dr P.P. JON'ES, lblication At-nt. To toe Issued Sept. 15, 186Í. STATE GAZETTJEER AND Business Direotory, FOK 'JIJE VEAU31ö62-'3. THE WORK WILL C0NT.UN Historie and Descriptive Sketches OF ALL THE ClTIEö, TOWNS & VILLAGES Thruughout theütat; Classified Listo oí all Professions, Tradea and Pursuits, Arranged alpbabettcalty for ('ach Town,t]ius exbítíting at a glance, tho lull aMre$s and parLicular íai' noss üf every MeRCOAnT, Macfacitker ProiwïK,L il.VN 131 Tiiíi rtTATK. At the enrne8tolicilatlon of tunnr of the principlniK cbanU and business men of Detroit, and in coiupli with the gneraUy exprewied -ishtf the publicjat Urj tw Mich a work , tho publisher of the Dkikoit CrrT ÏJJ kKCTObtIms determinad to undertake the ptibliation ■ a thorough, completo anO rcliable Gazettbssji jwipBJ NBsa PiaKcronY ortna statb ok Mjcuioan. Posscssmc as he as ho does, umisual facilitiea for obtainiug tb rmation, the work will bo in every respt a cúmplete and rImbleono,well wurth the ounfidenrt and patronage of tho public Itw'llbc exprossljradtp" ti-l 10 the wtfüla of farmers and Meo of Businos, especially iutended as a source of instruction and gai' anco to tbethousaada of strnngers, tra veler and ie" r.iigrauls wIkj aro seekLog nevv homes or business qoainlance in lbo West, where the cumnta oí Tri" are rearlv welling in magnitude, and whcre tho rica soil knovi ut i'xhaustion; and tomake the nrvrk uniTer RaiU Ruught after, it is determiaed to litme it ata r illmake it a tíook fur th People- useful "J -and this is done by the liberal ubscriptions . and olhera interwt" in thovarioua Counties, Cilios and Towim. This ffor ttilloontttin a ful] dewriptionof tho 8tato at largo BI by Couaties ; ber agricultural and ïineralogical ie" sonrees; her advantnges asan agricultura! and mat8' facturing State; ber mi acra, s ilefined aud located; h" courses, itnber tand, soil nnd climate; thu v rious tiaihofl I td. beins; built, and ta01 priectt'd ; ui:nii er of 'lunches, scliools and bene vol' ea in tch cnunty; nnmbur oï merchante and manufactnring estabïislinifnt.-i, ttonwj and pnysicians Iu eaoh town in tbc Stftto; inlDr'3!1 Tot tneiinmigant ns to the best locatimi for hls partwj lar bu inW. A tiat oí unentred land-s in tbe fttw wilh theirloftatton, ohaiacter and ptice; n oorople'1 .! tb Post OÖices in the State; n;invs und locatlOJf all newepHpensaod pcrwdicfü ; h lull kiot .f the l1'' State and Countyofficersilh the ConstïtatloB of j st.itc; tblof dUtancn ■■" all liuea of travel tliroup tbe State, efthei bjr lailroad, swamboal or itag To oonteih atao oomplete trade-Hsl . tl j-lv;iiit;se- wliii to morchantd iud busioese men genorallyi WI iniinon.ioAs a MeJiuin for Advertising Ti]i )"tck offer-í uñwiua!c4 mluccmíints, ns it ' M circulaï'il in eviry loun aud village tlir'-ucli1 '" St1e, and Ii go directly tn th1 cln of ■"; with wlioruitugreatlv lo tho interest of all l'"t'"' tobaknnwu. AdvcttiKcrocnta will bo t;kn t ir" rnDflog Trom Fivk 1 ollars, ujiwanis, according to f nivl loctioa. thus brlnging tbc v-alunble prlvl!eo witn tli.' raach of II. riic ivi.ik will x c.mii"'1 "" Jï, nihged wKh fril euro. nd will be prliited ndbnooo averi superi r aod ■ ■■ "■' i-IIh1 plü teutioo to mik the work ono of intcrofnd rm. vi i well of priservuliou ai bm k of rtfer ■__ 'hu Sluilfll1 , the Mvivliam nl tho ]'ioiVs-iin:il irmnThi prlcc of thi book Iwsbwn fi'-1 ' "" ',. ..j vhtab it will bc sent toanypart of 'iie i-"1"" i tilgC. All' i'inmui ■ ■ ■ ' .. , ('IIA1Ï1.KS F. CLARK, [ul)lisboft .... ■ .i! HicUip


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