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S-PECI-A-Ij NOTICES' i Tlie Donólas Alunorial. BM diplotoí rif memtajrsbjp of Ifee Doiiglas Monumnt Aaa ktícn, biitfiilljragr"T0" ' ''' nbout nn(! b)r tireWe inbe iu dlmínsicn is .ow rcudy for di tribu - Ucn to rt lutonaiDere to oto m'wiment fund. To all :un-.:r)ni; in the Ancation One Dallar or mora ailluc aant ons of tUase, property excTo conirituíor '" fhe aum of Dollars or moro wil] bf furnihl gia:iluou-ily, bosidcs the Diploma, beautit'ul imperial size RCCL SNQBAVINO OF JÜDGE DOtJGI.AS, "1 hy 17 Igefta&i p-.ibli.shcd hy Marsh, Rore & Co. Cimtributors in the sum of one dollar will become life memb?rs of Ihe DougleS Monumcn' Asiocwtion ; in tlw sum of tivonty dollars, honorary lifc memlera and in tha sum of one htmdrttd dollars, honorary lifc uiember oí th Roanl of Trustees. jgLociil rouoivers and solloltOM fir contriltons are belagUlhorlMÍD thcloyal Stat. I'amphlet3 aud circulara coDtaifiiBg th Orgnittton, Omstilution, ByI.nv -■, iu:d theAppeal of Un AanelatíoB, will be sent lo all who BI fbnrarf thcir address. Cmmunicationa should be directed to Lhe "SereUry D. M. Ass'n, Chica jo, ni." All editor wlio will in.iert this card lo their daily, nwkly or triuwkly issues tliree monlhs, with an occasioual notice to ad vanee the object n rie, will have for ■arded to them immediatelf Diplomasas Honorary Life embers cf tbis Asfcociation, also a copy of the abovo Porlniü, up'O theiecipt by tlie nciety of a copy tf t'ieir pfkper cntaiuiji tlii annouiifí'm0nt. WAI.TER P. SCATE?, President. Leckam W. VotK. Pecrí-larv. 85Em3 fjn Hücflan'd'b Balsamic Coudial ia an oíd Premian preparntion, anl lias given more gatisfaction thfin any otlicr rcmedy for iho cure of Discaees of the Liings. f?ee a vom;in, in another column, pieking Snml.uci Gnipet (or SrnER's Wino. It is un ndmirnble article, usod in hospitals nnd by first-elnn fcÜft i Paria, London, nnel STew York, in preferente to oíd port wino. It i? Wortli n trial, 15 i!, give grent satisfaotion. A CAHD TO THE SUFFEFiNG. Tbe Rev WuxíáX Cosghove, wbile laborfog as ft Missionair nJapan, IU ured Of Onsumption, whi-n all otbernwMia had failwl bv a recipe btained from a i,.,, ;■.■'. phTdcian residiir in tlic gri-nt City oí JeddO. Thu recipe has cured grat nuiabera tfh.i ore Kwfferin frnm UODsnmptiOn, Bronchitis, Sor Throt,Cuuhs and Colil, aaJ the deluütj and nerveus de;reuion causee by these disorders . , ít . Desirou of beneflttiDg others, I will send tlus recipe, whicli I have brought home wíth me, to all wto ueed it' freo of charge. Addross BT.WM. CO3GR0VE, 323vl 43q Fulton avenuo, BrooklynN. V, Important to Ladies. 0r. JOHN HARVEY, inving Tor npwnrls of twerty yo-.irs devoted liis profcwMona] t'mc xclusivoly to tlf treatmeniof Fenmlo Uiflicultips. and hnving sueceeded ni thousanrta of In n -;■ rin theaHlicted to ond healtli, has now entire confidence in oITenng publicly bis "GREAT AM2RICAN EEMEDY," HAKVST'S CHRONO-THERMAL FEMALE PILLS. Which bav ncvfr pet faile 1 '-ben the direct lona have been s'rictly followed,) ia removing diilicuUie.sarising írom Obstraction, or Stoppag-e of Nature, ir in vevlorins the sfstemio peiíVct hoaltl:,wlien suf fetUts froto ÖHSAt AWEcaioya, I'r."i-Arsi's Uieri, tii Wnrm, or otlior .-■ Ue Uierink O9QA. Also lu all cases of Dkbiijty ük N'envoos I'kostratiox. HtTEftKS, rALr:TATi.lvj. &e.. &e., wUich nrethe forürunnero or mo:-c serioun Pío "e perectly hannle on the, emtsííttition, am.' ma% be by tlt , ■ te ft mále tciíko a catt&lng dístres?; at thc same A.GTLIKK .V CII.RM 1 .V Y teOTtKwiiag, ijlTÍgcrting.aDí] rost'iriag tbe Jotera to a in'níthy eoqdit'on. .1 a(J l;v briagiag on the monthly perjod wíth r-gularity, no matter from what can tructioní may :uise. Thoy shoulü, how-ever, not be t&kcn during tho first tbre ot fonr months of pivgnncy, though s;ife at nny . . ■ ild bi i he resolt, bux oontA'n GQ Pilis. Price "no I"Hrr, and il be seni l-y mail prepaid by aayadvez tiso4 Ageut. n ceipt of the moni-y. ÏKld '■- í'r:; .nislsin Aun Arbor. ' J. ÍÍRÍAN, Hochester, X. Y , General Agent. TI & I. SlM'JNl.AU, Detroit, Wholesale Agvut fo Kiclnjfn, SOOtf New Medical Discovery, Fur the spee'Ay am! permanent curecf Gannorhea, Gleet, Urethal Discharges Grnvtl, Slriituio, and Affecíi'ons of the Kidneys and Bladder % wlrdi has been uaed by upwnrüs uf ONK UüKDIïKD PHYSICIANS, in prívate practico, wjth entire success, supTsediftg Crww, i íU'aiisa, CapsüU, or ajiy cofflpouodbUbor BELL'S SPECIFIO P1LLS, vre Bfjeedj in act ion, ofíon effeetin a cure in Ce daj'a. íuj-J jfhf-u aoure iselfecíed it il peimaoítt. 'lhey are prepared frum vegetable thíit ar harmletuop ■ -.n, un.l oever uauseati Che Rtotnach or imprégnate the breath ; una trin? lüjar-cnated, ai] nsiseous taste U avnided. iV ckaMg of diest ?& ncctssary wkÜtt us'mg thern ; nur Moes thuir ;sction inlerfe:f with business pars a tí. K iHi !)is rIx Ava-.h L'UU. VBUCK UNB DOLLAR, ftadwili bewrrt by miii poM-païd by ny RdrnrfelMd Agriiit, oti reeeipt afilie niunay. BuW bj DruggiU in Aun rUor. Nunc penufne witliuut ni v aignatupe on the w rapper. J BRYAN, Rochetert K. Y., Oencra) Agent. Ï. . I,. tÜMUNSAÜ, Ditrolt, Wholesale Agenta íor líichignii, SOCtf IMPORTAKTtoFEMALES THE HEALTH ANU LIFE 0FW0MAX It "]itmi!illy ín por i 1 if she is mad onough to neglcct or maltrwit thosc sexual ncpuhiritics to wliich two;hirds of htT sex nrc mure oí' U-ss subject. 1)1!. CIIKESKMAX'.S l'll.l, prepan.1 from the same '"rm.ila whích tb nrentur. ('ullNELlUS L. CHSESEMN;M. Ditof Xuw Tork, has for twiMity veáis used snccfcssftiüy inan extended priva te practice- immediately relieve without pain, all disturbances of tbe periodical liscliartr. whcüier arisinjí frorn iplaxation or uppress'.un. Thy act lle a cliium in removing the paias that accrinpany ''lílicult or imnrjaerate me-rstruation, and ftre the sfifeand ndiabl; remedy for Klushes, Sick Headache. Pain; in tile Loins, flack and Sides, Palpitation of tíie líeart KerrouH Tremors, Hystericfi, Spasms, Brokeri Slep and other unpleasant and dangerous liffects nf an uuuatura! oottditiOD of tbe sexual funetions In tlie wurst cases of Fluur Aibus or Whitts, they elïoct a speedy cure. To WIVES and MATEONSDK.CHEE:-KUAX'í?ri[.LtfarroíTe-edas the only safe lüeans of reuewinginterrupted menstruatíou, but. LADIES MUST UKAÜ I5i JIIHD Tlure is one rondhion uf thtfe.vitU system ht which tht Pilla cnnnoí be (ahev w hout prodttcng ti PECULIAR RESULT. Thrr.nnditinnrrfr.rrtd te i PREGNANCY- iht rstufr, hlISCAKKIAOE. Siukü ihe irrrnlstibU tr.jidency nf llie medicine lurtstors lite sertual fufettont lo a nnrmal cowlitian , t.liat even the reprodïtctivc power of nntare caintal mist Ü-. direcfion bliituiq ts!en, and ichen Ihcy sfiould nol be used, with each Bux,- the Price Oue Vüilar each Buz, n&nlaining 50 Pilt'A raloabte P unliifft. to be had free of the Agents. Mis $tnt 1)' wtaü prnmptly, by eclosing pnce to any Arent. Bold bv Druggi it, Keuural y. K. li. HÜTCH1NGS, Proprlét'.r. 20 Cr.dar-St., New Tork. For ?ale by MATNARD STEBiJINS il WII.KON , and GRENVIIXK & iCI.I.l I!. #.'3 SHght Cotd, auglt-,JfLccLiLsen.e&& or ê'atL jSlcuatt tuhioh mierht be cheaked xuith cu simple remedy, if negleated, aften ierminates senoiísly. Few are aware of the irryportanae L)ƒ stopping a or SfLLh.t faLd. in its first stage ; that whioh in the beginning would yield to a mild remedy, if Twt attend.ed to, soon attaaks the lungs. .t-aiun. ' &.Í4_ir-a.njih.Lal!3(f-ac}LL.s. xuere first introdiLced eleven years ago. It hos been provei that they are the tejí artiale before 'the publio for faueth.&, paLcLs., $-tLcjTih.L.tL8., fLs.ih.mcL, atcLh., the Haaking Coíigh in féans.umi-tan, and i Tvimerous affeotions of ihe j3fh-iLCLCLt, i giving imrnediate relief. Public Speakers if Singera urill find them effeotuxd for clearing and strengthemng the voiae. Sold hy all (Drugg-ists and (Dealers in JHedicine, at SS cents per box. FRJZ3 POETBY. 1 . Let Chteftainu buast t f dceAg Is ".ir, And Hinntrelfl 'une thefr eweel Kitar 1 i A ooWcr themi mj hrprt Ui dUed- ( In praiseol Ukkiuck'i iratcUUsepill. ■ Tlielr cures are found In erery land Amid Rusaia'i mrat - na Afric's and ; TU wjii Itwul trorius - tbe papers fill, i Ptoduced by Uckic5 , nutohlëss i'ill.. Doe dis. 'a--c fltlei ttnt noverdoubt This cbarniinx copijxinnii will soavch it nut, 1 And hfalth ;in your synteui (Hl, It yon fl ƒ at once to rffSjmiCK'sPiUn. i i py're Mfls for ftïl- bujli oíd aud younr- TtKU1 pmiMes ::ri OU IT6CJ : , Uiwia,-dUariudi - vi I(uí( kilU, ; BhlM et are Uaurd wltli llnuuCR I Till. I ev ruj ,:V ..,!i Engjub. S.!.nii;,. On '. t Pricc SS ■ . , ;:„■■„_. Cofm. .- ... , ,


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