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The Bugle Cails ! The War has Be j gun ! A War oi Extermínation against Bad Teeth, Bad Breath, Diseased Gums, Tootuaciie, Earaolie, and Neuralgia. OUK ARTILLERY IS DR. WM. B. HÜRD'S DENTAL TREASÜRY! gS'A l-'OMPLETS SET OF REMEDIES FOB PRESERVING THE TEETH, PURIFYIK6 THE BREATD &■ MOUTH AXD Curing Toothache & Neuralgia. COIsTTEISTTS : Dr. Hard'% CtHrated MOVTH WASH, one itttlt. Dr. Hardt Uncqualed TOOTU PO WDER, one box. Dr Hurds Magie TOOTHACHE DROPS, one Imttle. Dr. Hurd't UNRIVALLED NEURALGIA PLASTES. Dr Hurd's MANUAL on the Pest Mcans oj Preserving the Tccth, including Dircctions for lhiProper Trealment oj Children's Teeth. FLOSs SILKfor cleaning betxeeen the Teeth TOOTH PICKS.etc.eto. Preprired ut Dr. Hurd's Dental OfR33, 77 Fonrth St , Brooklyn, (E. D.) Pi ice One Dollar or Six for $5 O The Dental Tteasury mates a pack nge eight inohe by fivo, nnd Bent by expresa. 1CT Full direct ion for use is on each article. The following artieles we cin sond oeparately, by mail, viz.; Tho Treatiae en Preserving Teeth sent, xst'paid, on receipt of Tweltk Cents, or bur stamps. The Neuralgia Piaster, fur Neiiralg'ain he fnce, Nervoua He&dache, ajid Earaehe, ipnt, post paki, oti reoeipt of EiGnTïE.v Cents. r six stampa. The Neauralgia and Rheumatic Piaster, large size), for pnins in the CUect, Shoulders, Jack, or any part of the body, sent, postnid on recoipt of Thihtt Skvcx Cen'ts. Address WM. B. HURD & CO., Tribune Buildings, K"ew York. IV. Hvrd'a MOCTII WASH, TOOTH PnwDF.r,, md l'OOIHACHtt DROI'S cannut be sent by mail, but bey can probably bc obtamed t.t ynur DruL or Periodi :nl' Store. If tkoy cannot, seuJ th DENTAt ritF.ASUUY", Trice Ox:; Dollar, iriiich couuins tUem. Are Dr. IlurcVs Preparation& Good? 'hc best evid-ncc tint lhoy aro h, that tlicir ftrxft?í riends and ben, patmns nro tbosfl who liave tured '.hom a$st, i r. WUUAH ü. Hl'kd is n Humni Dentiat cf Irooklvn. Treasurer of tlio New York State lentists' Issoctaliün, an'l tlmse preparationa havï ben used in lis private prac'ice fnryoïirs, and no leadirtf: oitiaeB of ïrooklyn or Wiflíaniiburh qnestíoni thefr cxct'lleiice3 while eminpnt Dentista of NftW Vork recommend is the best known to th1 prolc-iM'on Without the aid jf ftilvertisiqy, dalprs have sold them by the gross. Thi Editor of (be fírooklffl Daify Times says : -'■ W Wf hapj-y ti know tliat our friend, Vr. Uvan, ; n 'byon 1 all expectatifn wlfrh hts MOLTH TAS-H and TU0T1I FOWDKli. iho p;r-at secret of lu UCC?HS rPtS With !h f ffi't ÏH-'.T HIS ABTK'LUS J1'K J'FE :iSKI.Y TTIUT 7IIEY ARK n-'l'ftKPENTKD TÖ BB, A3 T"E CJN ti;stify raou hiüib long dsk," The wpllknown P. T. Rirnum wrïtea : - "I found your TOOTH PUWDKK EO fi"nt' tbt mv Camily h:iv om it aU np. Wk Fi.vb it Ts Bon PoWL'Kn for r;;u Ticktií tdat VBBVSK CM. I Rh'iH fel obliirrd if y-u uill send me ino'her supply at tüi Museum ut your conveniente, TTith bill." Bat Iheir cost Ís so wiuall that t-very ouo may test the matter for himsplf Ö. líewarc of tl;e ovdinary Tooth Powder?. Dr. ICjtDa Toom JJowpp.a ooatataa nn nc d, nor alkaii, nor charcoal, iind pohahya Virhout vveari-ig tho eaamel. - Je no other. What wiH Dr. HurcVs Remedies Effect ? Ds. Urn-J's MOU'rH WASIï AND TOOTH PO VVD ER will givu yotiug lad-n tbnt finest chiinn ïu nonun - h swoet brenth nnd ■arly tretfi. Try xhein, Udies. Dr. Hurd1 MOLTH WA8B A Ni) TOOTH IOWCER will cleanse the moatb íroin all foul exlialatioi-s, ;md if used in the morning. will niake the brtiakf;ist ta.te swoeter and the lay berin moee plensantly. Hundrod.i ot' poroud cao testify tutni-í. Trj Uieni, gentlemen. Dr. Hurd'H Moutii Wasit and Tootd 1'owhkr are th best prepara t ion in thu wurid for curiiig EAD HUEaTii and giving firrauetjs and hoalth to tl e guni. Hundreds of üasosof dkeast-d BMBBHQ QVMi, SÖfcl KOUTB, CanKFr, etc, have bou cured by Dr Hurd's &ktring8ftt wusli. Dr. IIlrd's Mui'Tn WjMM -rfn TfOTii Puwder givean adilitionül c-harm to uourtship, mui imke kvbaiMll murw agreeabiv to their wives and wlvcs to teirhuib .ndá. TLey ohould be used by evcry ptinon baving Artificial Teeth which are liab'.ef) mpart a taiat to the mouth. Dr. Hurïi's Tüotiïaciïk DB0P3 cure Touthache atising froin exposed nprves, aud are the bftt friendo that parentü can litive in the house to savo (hcir cbildron frota torture uud thtmelves ttom faúM uf tilep and sympathfitic sunVrins-, Farmers aud Mechanics 1 you e&DBOt well affurd to neglect y our teeth. For a tritling sum, you can novr tjet preöervutivt-s tlüin which Rutlicluld or stor CAQ get uothing belt4 1'. Br( mhur that DYfPETSIA tnü CON SÜÜPTION OF rat MIXtííJ ttfln oi-JgianUi In Kegletrt of Teeth. Sencl for the Treatise on Tedh and re;ul Ör. KitpU's observations on thïs subject. If loo late to arrest decay io your own teeth, save jour chilöreo'fi lecth. NEURALGIA PLASTEES. Dr. ITurd's Xouralgii {foaAdhMÍn Plasterü are the most pleasant and succeásful reuwdim ever prescribid for thispaintul dieise. The patieut appHes oup,soin becometi drowsy.falls a sleep, aad awakes free Prom puin, and n blister or other unpleasant or injurious nonsequences ensue. For Earaclife and Xervous Hcadacho, apply accurdtng to directions,nnd relief will Tsurely lolïow. Nothing can be obtainnl equaí to Dr. Hurd's Compresa for Neuralgia Iry them. They are entirelv a novel, curiouB, and original ptepamtion, and wondtrfulty KUCRcssful. ïliy are (;i' two iiiMf on small,for tlie face, pnce 15 cents, and the otiier lare, for application to the body, price 37 centn. Will bcmaiitd on rtctiplof price and one stamp. What are the Peoplc Doing ? The Araerioan people are intelligent enough to appreciate preparations that contribnte v.o much to the hapjjiness of thtJEC usingthem, and they want thfm. Ever mailbnngsns letters, ome orderiug the Dreatffia on Teeth, some the Neuralgia ."lastert;, nnd nota lVw enclnsin,i 37 centfl for the Mouth Wash to vie sent by mail ; but to tht i=o we are compclled to reply tiuit it is irapoñfcible to send a half pint bottle by mail. The people want theu remedies, WHO WILL SUPPLY TIIEM ? Is tho CHANCE ÏOR AGENTS. Phrewtl ageutfi cm iftakfr a small fortune in carrying these arttcles aruund fo familie . The Dental T kras ijky ík the uciitest ftctltdfl tbai a man or VORUUI c;m car ry round, t'md U& oim, ar btter, a dozen, wh:ch wo wiHsftlai nairtpli'ü, for 7 Agputd lupplied 1 ibera Uy ;vjtu Ciroulari, Now ie the time Lo go iutp Buainess ! tn do goofl, and tnabo & profit. Wo : re spendin? thOQBMHs lor tli benefit of ftgents, inHinl ins or wuinen ! here is Bomutbiog oiofi, and a chauce to takö tuetide at its dood. Addfesn Wm. B. Hurd & Go., Tribune Buildings, New Vork. I That rrmiltaDCPK mav be m?(le wtth onnfidMft, W, B. H. fc Co. refT t Uw Mivyov rf Brrraktyn ; ti) fí. I y . Ginni, Pncideni Finten' anl Cjtirnh' Bank,. Brnoklyn ; to Jov,Coe& Co., Xe Yuik ; to V. T. ' 'l-r, h"; i Nw ,!., eic, SiJrf HkH ivlinlwilc an4 Retafl j J. 1T,AT, rt WïN ! '1I.I.I'. ; I 'T ï.l.r.V t'ntj; M"r", Ass Ariwt : ' 1'gTÖLD FRlENRSggJ I N Til E R I (J IIT P L ACE . Herrick's Silgar Coated ' 1 '."T., H TTOTBEST KAMIÏ.Y CV yí'ív tharïic ir Uw worM. EOojLk I used tvPtily years tv rV'i't' O f#irt''' iivfl raillions ol jj: nnnually : alwnys give satiafrotion , contain KflHBvT lnK nothínpr injurióos; fcg Im5y patronizcd by the prin.,,c.- - JEePT oipal physician anJ 'i'yll surgoona Ín the Union ; a&j elcgantly ooated with bCAÜB - I-argeBoxes 26 cents: Li..?-'::'j=:--rjl_ FulMirectionswitheach FlnrirU, July 17,18fiO. ƒ Ti Da. TInr.RiCK, Albany, i . Y. - My Dpar Doctor ; - I write tiiia toiotoim you of tho wonderful tffeot of jouf Sug&r Coftted Pilis do my eldw dRughtttr. Fcrthree years uhe has been ftffiicled with a bïlUoui oeranfroment of the systom. sadly imparing hef hraltli, whioli has been Kteadly iaiiing duping Ihatperiod. Whcn in New York n April last, a fnenti advised me to test yonr pill. Having the faltut cHifidpnce n Uu? jtuilgmeiit of my fritad. I obtaint'd a nupply oí Messrs, Bornes i; Park, Druxglsts, Park Row, XewVork. On returnint; hnme. we gooftsed all other treatment, and administered your Pilis, one Oach ciirht. The impiovementin lier foelinga, complexión, diyeptloa, eic, surprised us o[l. A lapid andpermaneni-restoration to health has been the result, We used k'sstlmn fiveboxes. and con.-íidor her ent:rcly i welt. I consifler the abme a. just tribute to ynu as a PfayaieKa, and trust th?.tit willhe the nteans of nducing rnany to adopt your Piïïs as their family medicines. I remain, dcarsir, with many lh&]u, Your obdiont sorvant, S. G, MosiïisON. Ken ioks Kid Strengthcn5ng Piasters oure in five hour1, pains and wcaknes" of thebreast, side n,nd back, and ftheumatic f-omjjlnin'sin an eqnally short pcriod of timo. Spread on hcautifu] white lamb skin. their use subjpcts the wearer to no inconveniece, and each one vr wer frora ono week to three mouths. Price 18í ceñís. ïlerrick's Supar Coated Pilis and Kid Piaster nre pold ny Prupgists end Merchants in all parts of thp United States, Canada and South America, and maj be obtained bv ciliing forthem by their full name, ' lyÜ5 Dïï. L. U. I1EP.RTCK, k Co. Albany, N Y. SAMBUCI WINE, rUKF, AXD FOUR YEARS OI.P, Of Choice Opoio iTrult FOP. PHTSICUN?' CSE, TOR FEMALE3, WEAKLY PERSONS & INVALIDS WBÉi mm lüvery fiimi]}", at tilia season, shculd uss U.g ICC1 Vi'INE, C'pjcbratcö ia Enropínríta nirilicinril nd benefical ofenlitiM su gen tic tlimulant, Ton ie, 1 in rt tic ai d Su norific, li ■■(! by eminent physiciar.s, usedin European and American Honpitala , and by gome of the Qrst families of Europe and America, A A TONIC, It bsno equal, cnusing nn aj petite and building up of the system being entireïy a pure wine of a most valiuible fiuit. AS A BIURKTIC, It m parís a healthy actiën to the Glande añil Ki..lnoys, nnd Urinary Organ?, very beneficiü.1 in Iiiopsr, Gout, and RheumuÜc aflcctioDs. SrELIÏ'o Wfffi Is not a mixture ormanufactured ariielo, but Is pure, from the juice of the Portugal Irumlnicus, cuítivatcl in New Jrsey.roccmmendcd hy CPtí4 R03 J'!iysici:ins as possessing medical propehl superiiT to anv Other Wiiio ín use, and ao f-xcellent article tor all weak and dtbilitated pcriOiis, and the aged and infirm, impruvin the appHite, anJ beoofiUog laaiaa and childiea. A LADIE3 WIN'E, BCftttse it víil not ifitosicate as other vir.e, m it contaivjn n mixture of spirits or Üquor!. and is aflinired foritjtricb, pouli&r tavor, and nutritive propertiea, impnrtlng a hoiiltliy tone to the digestiré oren nu, and a bici.miag, soft and Jicalthy =kin and complexion. WE RRFJqj TO A few tratl knovD gentlemen and physicians, who have tried the Win: - ftea, Wm'luld Hcutt, U.S. A. Dr.Wüon,lïthat., N. V. linv. M rsan, N.Y. State 1. Ward, Newark, N. J, Dr. J. II. ChOttm, N". Y.City. f'v. BnngierU, " ■ n. Parker, N V. Citv. Dr. Taru-h, HiÜadelphia Drs. Davcy aml NichoU, NcMvurk, N. J And miüv oihors ioo numornns r pi!Ïi!lb. 49"Nooe gonuine imleM tht a'gnatare of "AI.FREO SI-l-hK, FMsalo.N. J.," is over the covk of eacb buttle. 49-MAKE OXK TRIAL OF THIS WINK. Fot Sale by Maynoid, SUbblns & WlUon, Ana Arbor. A. SPEER, Propiier. VIN'EYAKD, Passaic, New Jerify. OFFICE, 808 Broadwfty(N. Y. JOHN LAFOV, Pai ís. S3!niO Agent forFranceaud Gcrni:ny. ïa nüw receiving u largc anl well delectad a.i.aortuieïit of Ciccks, Watches, J EWELEY, Silvex and Plutcrt Waic, TABLE AND POCKET acn m:T 'Tac a:-i -hí: mj. -r RAZOK3 así) SHEARS, O-O3L.3D FEISTS, Musical Instruments, Stringt 4r Bouks for Instrumciis, SHEET MITSIO, COJIBS. and a great variety o( Y-A-lNriCEE 3STOTIO3ST3, ScO. Ho ivould ca.ll particular attentlou to bis large slock of SPECTACIj23S, of Qold, SUver, Sud, and Platcd, tvith PERISCOPE GLASS, a huperior art iele. Alo Iluntington & riutt'a celebi'iitcd CALENDAR CLüCK! suitable for OQicts, Countinfï Rooms, Baila of DweUinfft, These clocks arL' reiiable tipae kijepers aml Calendar conibined,and requhë tlje wlnijirig of tho tinje oaorff mr-nts onlv. to teouro uil the required chances at iiIl 1 t-, ■ ] '■ ■ tig the . ■ y uf the i uiili tl; e rooft tt and da y nl' the month, inciuding tüe L9tb Qf rebruary of Leap ycar. lils 'ols are uqodtly of recent purchase from Kcw Yorli and the njtmuiftettixws. and will be sold to Buit the times. Persum liivinj dilïïcult waichen to ut viUi ghissus cao bo accomodatuJ, us mj t$oék U largo ari1' comploto, J? S. Particular a;ten!i-in lo tho of all kinds oí lina Watehes, such as Hakhig and Sttthig new Jewels, 1'inio-jiSy S'njfs, and Cylhiders, Ateo CLOCKS, Sc TE-VCTELIí.-S' nr;ttly repairefi and varraoied, at his old standeast iiJe of Main Struet. C. BLISS, Ann rbor, Ncv. 15,ÏH1 töött Special Koticc ! ALL persons Indebted to m? bv Note or mewmt will oblige njn !)J' paying U BWe oo W Ijcfore tlie Kirst of July, 1SB3. A. P. MU.t.S. Ana Arbor, Jun ■ S, 1S09. 6554 DNTotioo. TUK mvlfcrsi.nci hert by FrW4l a 11 persom trusting aiiy ono p his nccnuiit witljmit. a writtcn nriler, a& h shail jmy nosueh dehls. MICHAEL LADBENtiAlf ft Ann Arbor, May i'Dth, 'S6. 845w6 Ayeis Cathartic Pilis,


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