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Kill The Millers

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p ilrps. ■ ' ■ ■ '', s va: - .: ■ I puroliued tho ■ i íiow 1 v i ■ . 'l'lic fornici ■lito a mai for fruit, hd ■ { :i Jar; e vuricty oí' mes. TIn; fa m loíed for p pchicing n ore í'niit. md .':.. pr.olably, tiutú any ot cr : in ího neigliborhtwd, ''At the timo of iny pinchase t'ne trees w&Q on tho declino Tliu cliorry .ni lyiu {638 wcré covurcd with black knot-', ;i:f th" -rni' ',) : : w r.y mul wurtlilcss, K.hjliat I w;id ubjut tu cut tlii'iu dowti f la.'is wiili abade trees ; i part with the fruit', and 'lïfl&J '. thc oiieinics were at otio .■o in the fonu of a niffTír, :iv i!üi wjs to dcstruy tliuül Witli tiut object : ■:!. -v. , ii'i-.l ■ ■ i'ving tliit thcy were I .. ■':.■, :i thu eurly part of tho j I cjtuuieuocd their dcI clevated a brisk blazo nljjut iiL' fcót froui the ground m tlit; viétuity nf trci's Tlic lirst. eveiiing, : ni eleven o'eloek, tlicmilyod miht havo been countod . . !iu-h gradu illy di.niuislied, :■ th:;t ;.! tile end oí 0110 week, tbore to dcstroy. I thcn discootiauffi ñy firc uutfl tbo l.itter part of sainiüir,iwliei) I jisoovered atiother crop of ] ag;'in built them a blaze. I ,11! !ne íiie 3 une eoursc wbenc melles li:ive drawn t em. to 11 u ligbt of their own, whieb ! ..'ice iu the suunner. ■■ tiie rcüult : My trees have gradually resumud their fnrmer rich j;'eon ; thosc kuots have filliin íroin the ■ nd plum tre8 a;id this year the i' Morello cherries has been probably as üre as they ever were, and that 011 troes that were Cunsidered worihlees ;,.'■.', and the fruit, both eber. ilums, nol wormy."


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