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Air, Sunshine, And Health

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e.v York meruhant notioed, in es of y ea is, thateaoh successivo b.x.k kr.i. r gvndually lost his liealth, hdü tínaily died ofconRUintiun, h' vk:onnis uód rubuHt he wus on entering his service. At length it occuflfed l 1 in 1 tui t the liitle tvar room vvhere t. e b"ks were kepf, ojMSRcii ini'i aback yard, no mirroun clud by liigh walls that no sunehinu cutuu into it iiom ono year s ond (i imrther. An upper room, well lijjBíeíl, vv:is (nniediately preparad and his clerks had auifurcn guod health ever after, A írmHflr caso to general readers is denyed frum mediuul works, vvheru irrVnt:ro E.ghsh iuniily became ill, and til roinecïos ueeined to tail oi their utiiiu! results, wheo accidently a wlndour gl.i-si olthejr family r om becaine bi'ok.'i. íncola ruili r. It was not re puired, a rui foi-Lluvith thero wis marked veü.iMit in the lieulth of' ihe inliiutt-M. '1 he physician at once traced ïnrfëction, disconiinued his medicines, and erdered that the vvindowjoane irhuuld not bu repL'ued. A l-'iv:h lady buóame ill. The most eminent phyxicians of the Mntes ..':o r. lied in, but tailed torestore her. At lengili Depuyiren, tha Nap. leon of i wus coneultud. IJo notived liüit she lived in a dim room, into vvhich the hu n never shone; the house being situaiod in one of t'ie narrow styeèts or h.nes of P.,iis. Hu at once tdcied more airj and cheetlul ápatt-. and '' ;li complaints vansM-'J The hmfTs of a d"sr becorne tuber mplive) in a luw weeks it;i;epi Gonfiued in n durk Cel :tr. 'J'hu iriosl comiiion plant grovvfi ípindy. ] ale, íiud uorogyüng, if no Hunliifht t;il!s t'pon it Tl e frreatBi medical ñames in i'ranee, of t[ii'"i.s! eenturv, rearded BtLOshine a:d pure uir na equttl HefHa in rt'toring tiDd Fnainhiiimig health. ï;:in thcsü lacts, wbich caunot be 'ed the most common rnind da thiit ccllara and rooms on the r:oithcni siile of !iiii!inrs oij uMU'tinerts into wliii-h the smi does itnri'Hcha'.uly shino, nlionld never ied is a fiiinüv rootns, or chumbera, or as libraries or "studies." S'.ii'h aj'flrttHcnts are mly fit for htowage or purposea wlñob require persons to ronmin in them over a lew minutes Rt :i tiiLt'. And evety intelligent and !:niii:it!e ('urctit wil! arranffé Itiat the famity room and ihe chambers shall be ííiu inon. c iDimodiii is, lihtest and bnèhtest'apartinenta iu his dwelling.


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