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Our best Bbopkeupera understand trade sufficiently eil, not wil.V Rer t ehea; bui a!si) never to wU, if tby eau posaibly Mp it, to a ouétimier who canuot pay, or whqsecredtt is notgood. Henee, wfth all honest tnade&men, any sucli lliing as n bnrgain ie never heard of. AtlthatAUcb "do cao pretend to is, that ybu have your inoney's worth lor your money. No judieiotis uiiitrun ever dreams of a bargaiu. If the is ap (ild tustomer, nhe muy on thit apcouot eajnle ihe trudcsman to forepo a littlo of bw legitímate profit ; bat thii" s al!. A burgain presuppows some vcry unpleasant eiri;uuntanee. - Eitlier the munufacturer or ihe tseller must lose, ihat the buyer may gtrin, the maker must not havo been paidj th vender be on tho vergc of bank ruplcy, tho goods, is our bargnid pürveyors teil ifs musl bc tr.o iVuiï o!' ' an alarming Bacriüce," in which bank ruptcy, often fraudulent, irid always ruinous to many, figures in largo , ters. Burgains, ut" any r.ite, seldota exist. If imy urticle be welj mada anJ goodjit wil) ulwaya letch ta price.- Under ono exccption only (jan we adlltit the possibility of barguins, and that is, whop the " bargaiu" is made like thosy bronins in the old story, wbero one vender surpassea the othpr n clieapness. " How can yon manage," says the laltcr, " to sell choaper me, hen I steals the 'eads and the 'undkvs r" - "Ah " returns tho other.- " I steuls mine readj made." A little copisidertuion wil! not make thopping lc?s attractive, and will render it iiifideraWy lesa diauppointing. ïhe occupanon will al w:y-s hu ac.coii? p:inied by 8uê mental aotivity and éscitcniéat. At Cairo or Cuiislatilinoplu they act pofnèwhat differently to t.lie shoppers and shop-keecrs of CuinhüL Thcio the merchant si a calmly smoking, and invit: s yon to s t on his little unrpet, to parhtke bis shevbet and pi. il' at bis chibouque. The wary puicliaser ñllowé tLe tradtiRioa,B to beoonie his host; but he does not therebv surrcnder bis freedom. The 'I'urk begioa the battle by práLsing bis stuft. " Cloth of gold,"" ho will teil viui, ': v.ovtíii wilh biids of PuradisC) touohed by tho tupremo fingers i t JHourm." The parchaser iniinediately replies lo this ly painüng ihe cloih of gold as the viltai't r;tg that ever hung tKÍ'nre the docirs of Munrnouth Street ur the Rue du Templi!. Presently the vender descends slightly fcom his a! tilude, uud the depryeiator grows soinewhat liss vil ulenr, till, af'.ci' two ir tiir'ee beurs' word ligliting, the Hxiwac ji and ,he meicFiant elüse tlieir transaeliuns with mutual smisl'ac.iion ; the mti-i:li:iut bnvi g bcL'un by asking len tinpeg the va!ue, and the buyer by iffering one tenth oí that whieh he iiliaüy pays. Bilt ttiis iietitious meihou - Ibis Oriental vapnring - linds ne favor witb lis, ullhoogh it lingeni a iong the denizens o! Houbdsditüli and The dol: oí Ilolyw ;ii tjü'wr. Many oí the(!:;ui:,.-:au b;uibeihood indeed :ru _yet tiüged wii.'n an O'ieut::! faocy, and avnw ei:iph;Uieal!y t'nat their id garmt-nts are " bette: ish uevv," Wesern shop keepers knöw butler, AVu put our priee, nd keep to it, md huve tiiugbt om1 ively Fiench neigiibors that a fixed nina irf the siiundest principie, botb f r buyer and tho seller; fvr, that vvbi re a sliding scu!e is pilt i;pon in artiele, ue dissali-fiod ; the bitter tliinkiüg, al the :'o.-e of Ihe l.'a'uain, that he might have rrjore, npd thé fortner bcl'eving that he might have oim'ii less. Indt-Míd. thiá kind of bargaining is souell un!i -rstood byus, that we have ubandoned t, havmg :lso a proverb thüt the truu uay (u break a Jew'o heait M to i:ve hun hU.pricej at wbich surprise he is supposed to go awny, and die from sheer disgust at not :iiiving aeked more. Perbups mucli ol lbo ploasure whieh :i!l 'vomen tako in a wedding, from ihe bride to thu lady's tnaid of the fainily, arises from the bustiing impiiitanee whicli at taches to the amount of frhop ping to be gone through. 'J'hen. indeed, iftht) bridegroom be the finest ideal of a maiden's aspiraiions, or, as is now n-days quite is likeiy, merely a tnonsU.T to w'iiiMii ihe new Androineda is to be snoriiiced, both the ec.stacy of the one and the siient agony of the other iriforgotten in the rapid ani triumphant career from jewellers to upholsterers, nuil fjrera milliners to coa-hmakers, which themalron and tiie tnaid takö in compiny. The amount of ser;OU8 woi k which they undeitake at such x period oí excilement is immense. The tnation righlly :-egards tho start in bfe as a time to instil her wisest precepts and to exercise her barpaet genei-alship, Nor is t-hs to be blarried. The like buyiog thtir little matiers jnst as mnch as the rich do. - AikI it is in shopping, too, that the vvife oí a poor man eau sliow her wisdom, discretion, and value. The hus band, otten inconsidurate and wasteful, may be slow to aeknowdedge the careful gdod miim: of the vife; but it is certain that, utileea tlie uife poa ome sort of tact, roany a household now existing in comfort upon parrow tneans yvpu :iort and rv, The ingeuui'.y, the care, obition, and gnod srn.-c, which eome poor omen biiug to their everyday marketing, is bevond The ladics who yvi?n to have an especial ob.tlorm wberi'from to spout theil' ov n mifencs wiel wrpogs, may, ïf tbay clioii.-e, lake i virtupue i'sample, the wil'e of a poor man. hu kuepa the chüdren clean and w] drc-.u'i, lliu hoi, ie wcll led, heisilt tivly and neat, all u] on a [littiinoü wliich uould pot halt pay the eekly pab liire of niany u souseK;f-s young VVest-und dandy. L3;;v Thrce iDventione have appearcd iliat will, perbaps, ultimately rcvolutionise tliosc branches ot' iudustry thoy are designed to affect. One is ao engraving machine, wliicb produces on steel designs frotu surface?, Hat or in relief', with ruarvellous fidclity. ïho second is a splra] trowel, whioh, whcn attached to a pTojiabghare, cutg á round liólo, so that iu a few houfa aperraangnt draiu ia formed - tho proccss of ploughing and droinng goit'g on gimultaneously. The third is a trine, but a useful trifle. It is a match wliioh cannot bo ignited by any species of friction, nor by fa-e itself but only by being rubbccl against the ride of the box prepared ibr its reception, which is ooatcd with the fíame giving propert.y


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