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The Stituaion In Nashville

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-The cb unge in politicul sentiment m tiio city of' Nnshville is bcconiing more and inoro apparout It muy, however be stated as p gradual and gent! transinigration oi' tlio feelings of the inhabitauts, aa a innss, from disloyalty to fealty to the govunmient of the Uuited States. - Tbero is no stunpcdo as yct, although the bridgu across ho Cuiiiburland is rebuilt, and the cara yeterdy cmssed wii b sufety and rapidity frotn Edgefield. While tua work of the rebels is oue of devastation, the rceoustruction of tliis serviceable bridge shows that tho mi.son of thu United Slates govornmeut ia onu of restoiMtioQ and civilization. It il ;iu event that contributes vastly not only to the convonience, but to the commercial prosptrityjof the eitizensof Nashvillo. John Hagli 8mith, EiKf., the ilayor, is aeting with rigor diseretiou and intelligonee in tho discharge of liis daties, and uoutributing largely to the support of Gov. Johnson iu the ineasures he lias introdut'od lor the inaiutoDance of tho govcriunent. The UnioD seniiment in East Tonnes see is verv strotisr. muoli more bo thai; in either of the ollicr divisions of the Sute, It gavu 20,000 mftjority for the Union at the time of the vote, last June, whcii tlio Stntü va:; pror.ouncud out ot' the Uuion by a twist uf the popular Roice, The Union General, Murga, with 10,000 men, is reported to have 1 through Cnmberhind G;p, and to bo ;idvanciiig en Kuosvillc, uow nceupicd by the rebels. CKber irrnnemenis for the deliveranee ot' Eas-t Tetmessee froin tlio preseuee of the invadots f rom tlic extremo douth are in progresa, and in a few.dayt, peihaps at this moment, the sufierers and victims of rebol tyranijy in that loyal p'irtiou of Tenres:íe mey b? relierd and disenthral'd.


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