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Gai.ves' Mills, Va., Judo 20, 1852. Dkar Brotiier : In ray last, I mantioned that ono of the bo_ys of the Michigan 4th crosscd the ChickaLoininy, when ou picket, and ex changed papers with a rebel pieket: It was Ürderly Sergeant Ihriq, of cotnpany K, Capt. DPuy, of Dexter. It seeius thut while ho was on picket, one of tho rebul piuketa lft bis post, advaiiced forward, turnod his gun up and stuok tho b:iyonet into the grouad. Ordfiily Ifliua iollowed his exuniple, and theu both ad v:mced and met in the conter of thy pioket lines, whero í hoy had a conversation. The robel askcd tho Öïdefly what reciinent ho belonged to ; ho replied " to the one tliat whippod the Louisinna Tigers &o like h - 1." The rebel respond ed, " we kuow jou; you belong to the Michigan 4th; you took good caro of our wouuucd, and we are rauch obliged to you for it." After a few more worde, they exehanged papers, and bidding each uther good-by, retun:ed to their posts. On Manday, 700 rebels carne iu to the Federal linea :md gare thcmsclvcs up. I understand that ihey wcro Louiaian:i troops. A few dnys ago, Whila Prof. Lovrc was up in l)is balïodtf, he saw a great comniotion in the rebel camp ; a quick fprming ia line of battle. From these proooediugs hu thought tlioy wen' about to make a descent upoo us, and imraediatoly carne down atid gave uotico of the fket. But wbon lic went tip agaio, he was somewbat sur;'ied te s:o the rebel armj divided and t';e lvo divisious confronting each otlier. Shortly tiioy fired npon each otbe", wlien caoli di ision witbdiew. Tliis looks as f the rebels wtre noi. very hariaouious nowadays, and do not have tbe sime fraíerijal foelings towards cacb other, tliat thoss fightihg in tbe samo cause sbould bave; and there can be no doubt but buudreds of the soldiera of tbe rebel iirmy dov iround Ricbmond would k-ave it and return home if tboy coald get avray. On Wediesd:iy; Gen. Fbanklis's 1 j - gion crosscd tbe Chickalioininy, and beir old ca:np on tliis side was iijiiiiediiely taken puSBtuíiun of hy Uca. McCall's divisioi!. On Fridav, Mabtisdalé's briaaie lloved, but their dqLÍpatLp I do not ;now. I presume ve sLail sooa follow hem. Guerrilla, bands stil! harrass our rear. ïvery thing goes to prove tliat these ):uid3 are ooftiposed of citizeus of the country v,"ho havo taken the oat'i of alegianoe, and o f negroes. ïho Qaarternastor Sergeant of this regiment, who vas kiilcd at til o atlnck on Garlick's janding, a said -to luwe boeu shot by a íegro. It it my opinión that this class of individuáis liave altogetheï too uiuoh iberty here. They are allowed to go where tbey please, and get all the iu'ormatiou they can. w!:ioh thoy givo to heir íuaster. It is my firni belici' - .Ionice Ureeley to the coatrary uotwithtanding - that where we get oue reliable )iece of infornialiou (rom the negroes, he rebela get uiuety-uine. Our campa irc ovüiruu with them all the while, and t is getrmg so that caeh commissioned oíBeer in the army lias two or three to vait upon him. They go -round the eamp dres-ed in soldior's uniform, liave nore privileges than a süldiev, and, aa a general thiug, ■ good deal botter living, [f they wero entirely cxcladed from oamp I do not think the enemy would be iware of the intonded moveiiieaU of the irmy long before the privates are. We do uot kuow until we strike ; tho enemy ;nowa long before and are prepared l'or us. Au end should be put to this iinmediatcly. These Dëgroes mïght be put to use, too. They migbt bo made to keep tho roads in repair, and also kopt f.t work on iutfonchments. I perceive by the papers that some of the poople up North aro afraid tbat Gen. McClellan is going to bo defeated and diivon back. I presume tliat this class of peopla woulil like to liave hilfl hip pod ; but that day nuver will como ; lie is not going to be defeated just to picase theiB. Tiiis anny liever c:;n be wiiipped by doublé its uumber. It lias not como thia far toward Riobmond to be driven back. Evory man wlll die first. Tlicy put tlieir trust ui the General, ai.d Lo puts Lis trust in his men, and you ueed not be afraid that cither will ever bctray that trust. The anny on tha other sido of the Chiokahominy is novv qngogod iu throwinü; up intrenebments and mounting siega guus. Theio is already one ba'.tery up, möuntiiig six two hundred-poundors. - Tliey ure the satr.o guns that wero in battery No. 1, at Yorktov.-n. Thia bat tery is fiituated on a üill, and froni it you can gut a glinipse of Richmoud in the distance, ïo day the rebels kopt up a continual cannoiiading tVnni their batteries oppoïite M. It put us innind of YorlUown, for the sholls feil proniiseuously around our eamps. üue feil into a small con-a!, containing tventy h'-'ad of cattlc, but, like a greut. niany of the rebels' sliell, it fa. led to expiode, sr tbc oattle esoaped unhurt. Another struok the vvhoel of a tr&góti ai it was going along the rcad, takiog out a sp6k rD3 . bröufB Camp seae iee CnicKAnoiiiNY, ) Juüo 21. 5 ïbis morning wc btruek tcnts nnd moved to another nnd more pleasánt camping ground. The vrliolo brigade is eno;imped iiere. The Chickahominy ia plainly in view, alao the tents of our anny on the other side, as well ns those of the rebels. Occasionally a &bell goes wliistling by. From present appearances I thiuk tbat tlus will be our camp until we are autually wanted on the otber sido. We aro in a convenient positian to reinforce either the center or rigbt of the army across the rivcr. The weatlier is very warm, and the mud fust disappearing. A few more dayü liko this aud ve shull have but little ol th'.s to contend with. Wheut is ready for tiie sickle, liero, but there is no oue to cut it, so it must go to wasto. Encl(.sed I soad you a $10 Confedéralo bilí, i will tako it out in ayer. June 22. 7 u'cloek iast cveniug, firing commetieed vcry briskiy 011 the other sido. Wc got ready fur a start wlion it oeastd as íudáeuly as ii ppiatucnpejí, - Thero have beo;i a few shotd firud this morui.'ig, but uil is üel just ü:iv .


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