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Gunshot Wounds

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A worjj cutitltíd The Amluilance Surcon is thc Ln.'-i.s pf (he fullowiag extract íV;iu Chamicé Juunu.l. liull.'ts have a kinwk of i tlienisc'nta in t'io body ánd litul tliat t Ib u'ui thi ff:mided man ,h alike ignoraht of thei'r pro in, be ít ruiewbered, is b;it a late uytupi lyishot; itgury, coming oa as í 1 1 ilüvêloped. Larry relates luirmtety öf a: Rítilíei'ymart vvüs strutk by a ball on bis rigtrt i l'lio te:imr brojeen us Lor tüa bull, it piércl'd di ■ thiclc.iiess of ii'isli, turáod rouud the bono, aid eiided by dipping int.) tho liollow of tha tliigh. " iio w;.s bro'jglit tí) t he ambulanco, tic-i tiiL-r lie nor bis surgooiis suspuotuJ t bo : ce nf a foreign body. 1 lie ;i lient even was of opinión tliat the saiuc ball had pííESeS on and struck ai.otlnr büiiibardicr. It Waè only wheii fwrforní i: n:;{iit;it!,i ihat Lai ry discuvcrcd : ball íive pouuds in weighi. Dup:. rpl'a'tcá that a b'all of uípe úoiuids' tíiiíihf v;!S so c eoüceaíeVi iö ii thf surgeoti di ut íirst di.'tuver ils prísseutf, On Huí mym..w ají'fler tile i-ikiug of MaJUtipii Yeit, a soldier app'icd ai tliu aiubuluucc sa'nl í, dd in liis loft tliiyli. - About itg raiddlo was f'ound a ■■■, iike th:t iVo.u a . ball, (fot u wouud of exit. Un examination, tbey euuíd fcei uu obscure Ewelling ii tho roDlitcal space, bnt ottoírwise there wti's no swelling, r'edness, ar especial ; of pain. A lurte iftttou over and extrMI tfo cnonuous shot, whieli liad run round tl)f i'eumr witliuut breuking it. l'rom the eatontal appeuvances, peihaps, out of a huiidrcd surgeons, lift y miglit Lave thought no buil bad entt-red, but ftsaur,i lmiuh-ed would Ir.ive denied that ay there R bisoaien , but it wassj, iiüveiihelo.s.s.'' Somelimes, igain, the builet m] vvii.ii in a woaawrfu! niauner. "One ft-equcnii) ineets with twü apertures go placed vvith regard to aacb oii;r s tu nppeát ru:te iiuh'fiemlöïit. Tlms a ball which h:is entereJ tho ankle-jniiit, goos bilt at the kneu; anotiier, pkTciug the fürehead, escapes M the teaiplü." Ainong tho more general reinarks scattered ubout the volume, and iuterestinj: even to the nou pïufet-siotial reader, we learu that the average niortality tWQOg thosa wounded by firearins, 3 about ono in 8.] ; and these who are fated to do so, die soon. The moral condilion of the wounded has it grt'at deal of iiitliience in the matter ; nnd Eold'ers oppresscd by def'j;it nr priv.-ition, oastty siiccumb. Dr. Appi.i, hiniself, is probnbiy a con-ifi-vative in politi'ps, Por he aflserts thst the insorgents in 1848 were found inoro dilticult to hcal tlian tl.o deftitxiers of public order. - " Dr. Serricr, senior aSswfaflt swPgeon. spcaks of a wounded soldier in 1834, at MotB, with ly an abrasión in the front of li Is log. He was so affecied by the desci'iption of an amputation snuio persons discussed before hiiii, and wlïtch he thousht applied to liis own case, that cerebral Byrnptoms sppeared and in two days the poor fellow died. Another man was admittcd in 1839, to the Hotel Ditu of Marsollles!, for a gunshot jwound of hi-i leg. Evui-ylhing appeared to do well, wlicn'a visit trom oao of his daugbters, who wept for two hours on his pillow, affaoted biin so ïrueli that he died from tuoiital excitcment in a few days. The vvound of pxit, says our autlior, is gtMierally largcr thftfl tjiftt of entrance, alihoush tlus i ü.urh disputad. Ii the c:iso of the hcai't. it matters but l.ttlo, for any injury whstover to it ia fatal, and the same is trun of the ipinal uiarrow. - M. Jobert, indeed, cites an instanee whero a bullet reinaiiied threo years m a heart without pïodhoing suppuraHon - but tho patl must have been an excep tionably li'.ird hoarted per.son. A ball nray pass riflht through the fuco, and the vvound heul without groat exfoliation ; but the c:i-o bcoomos nertou, v!ien it involvcs the frontal región and fho pyès. "At t ! i e; oapture of the Manieion Verf, nn offiocr of the Turcos liad !iis fae oompletely taken off by a ball - chin, niouih, uose, cheeks, eyes tongae, all had disappearcd ; only tlia skull anti tteëk rcniamed. Tho wretehed man breatlied, and by his chances oí' posture, and the si[:iilieai!t movi'ments of his bands, thowed ho was awre of his condition. lie sunk twenty hoiirs afterwai ds.


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