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Maj. Gen Pope

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Gei). Popo us bom in Keutucky, in. app lintcd u cadet in th.9 Ptiiit Sïilirüry Acadcmy, from Iflihs, ni 1838, gtliiuíKtíá in 18-12, nnd vas cu 'I u breret 2d Lieatemmt i tbc cu-ps of '{Vpraphieal Engiiiccru ):i lliu isi of Juív ui' Uut ycar. Gen, I i MÍ, WU3 ittuehud. E6 fhe i,rr.y tit G:n. TayliT. At the batt.a of Móti nou lus ist Lieuten■.. , . : juena it4 , ït tied .-i captain, his cnnuuiwioq uaring áatc Feliiu-irv 2o, 1847, H eer Gorpi iviiiiu tho rdbülhou b.'oí;ü öut, and wüs mu oi tlw ufiicuis ilétjiled by the War . tu caeort Fr,esidvnt Lincoln to Vi!ii! :;;oü. WLeu tho l'iosident iuoreascd the arinv by calliiig fur volutiteerS, Captain p amed n Brigaëie Goiierai, ai;d ftppoiated to a oom. .nand in ilisuun'. Gen. Pope's opora, tious u Nortliern .MirSüiui, in re opening a:,d protéptiug ruilroud eomrnuoicatiou aud drlviisg ouf guerrilla paites, ara wcll laiowu. The ïiust important engugenient witli U'hich h was there con"ected, was llint of BlajiWater, wliero, by the cü-operatiou of Jeff. C. Davi., s iarcö iiuuibcr of rtbal prisoneVs wero tiken and iheir army routed. Gt-ni. Halleek intrusted !uin with. the eommaud of the Aruiy of the Missis.sippi, designed to ca opérate with Flag OiËcer Foüte' fljtilla. At tbe beadot a well-appointed ariii'y, Gen. Pope left Commerce, Mo., marched ou tliat pltfbe, and aotod with Commodore Foore in driving tUe rebels ironi Isiand X-j. 10 mío a well-conceived trap, where 5,000 of tbem were takea pi is. uiers by Pop. 's army. When Halloek tooK eoinmar.d oi the Upper Tea nessív, he arécsted Pope's courso dowa the Miidi sippi, when ho ibout to oumuitmcu the attaek ou Fort Pillow. - With his army he prceeded, in obedience of orders, to Pittsburg, and was as signad a position on t ho extrema left of Halleck'a army. Here ho had commaad ot' one of the tlirce grand divisions inta wliieh the Union furce was diveded, and, by a brilliant piecoof stratey, succeodud in eapturing ti largo mnnber of rebel prisouers at Corintli. Alter the evaouatiq;i of, Gen. Popo puraued th fugiüve Beauregard down tho Mobil Builroad, captui mg a great mauy arma, &o. He was engagèd in this duty whon summoncd to Washington.


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