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A pair of'tboso interesting enturtíiinng ludios, wh6 of lírt swm td oarry i.-iTso Urge n Imsíhíss ín our down towp oilioes and t?raa n the way oí procuriag subseriptions fon new wurka, sellíng èhgfuvihgs oi ihe " Futher of Lis Country." and öthfer notabili'.ies ana wiio (tbeludie) itre so fascinating n ffiaowii', ( (leliulnluüy importúnate and su swceüy ui)-get-iid-f-;'blü,_callud a tivo'rning ir two sinco al the office ol n voung iawyor, to ii!.l;::u h:a, iu tl:e voimgetf of the two expre#w4 it, with :i ohaTniiiiíí Binile. " U subscriba to a most elígunt woik.just piiblished, to bo got ii p n elegant style, wilh nuraorous illiis'.i'aHons, &c." "ladee.!, ladre," snid our friend, " I oinnoi ; I havu no dtnlbt of the excelleftue -t yonr w.rl;, but I ara not iq went oí iiRyihinsf of bat kind. In fajt I do not íeel ubis at present to euh-. FcribeTor iiew works ot any descriptioni The parti-rship of wliioh I aro a rnembrr, lias lateiy beun so inipnidjnt ns to isHiie i new vvork oi tl.eir own, itnd the ennnnvus expense attoDd. itigita isiu-, not tópek of CheÜluslr. lions, bnibeWstimorrti, and ornamental n.lov!,inf:s uith wliii'li thcy liave stion fit to cliché t!io productíois hhüIi nnv(ui!'-M ou'liv hiul i-eally ('f tho prosent, in lapt' orippled uw sorry, but a f.iCt overy vvuifl "f it." ' lint. i'.li !" in c-r.iptod our enterliii-iníí 'ïertintuss ; ' V1'1 ii;iPa wu cinild prnciiiu yu suiiio iulJüi ibojcs fur your n:k; o.up terms are roaontiblc. - WbaV (1 vou Bh i your wotk, f-ir?" fé : ■" detonninefl vat; hut I aueps I Baïl tet Mr. linyoi hr owsn "■, td oal! it & lhyif ui Ht-rrv." - j ■ m n


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