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-The Detroit tiser and Detroit Tribune havo been cunsolidated, and the result is the Detroit Advortiser and Tribune, Both niorninf and eveniug editions are to be published, and a new dresa is announeed as in preparation. Tlie carnes of the iiew pro prietors and cütors are not announeed in the first Consolidated issue, but we judge that the control has passed into the hands of the Tribune firm. Financially we thiuk the new arrangement a good onc ; politically we have nothing to say about it. &2Lr Thare is no truth in the report that Lieut. ïnos. E. Monitis, Adjiitant of the 16th Michigan Infantry, was klled in the battle of Juna 29th. Ofaflplaio Brockway's letter of Jcly 2d leavea bint saie, and his friends in this city havo the same intelligence from other sources. He ia a bravo and gallant officer, and we are glad of bis good fortune. ui - i- Bgïu Gens. Ileititzelman, Sumner, Keyos, Fitz John Porter, and Frankjin have been norriinated by the President as brevet Brigadier-Generáis in the regular artny and M;ijor-Generals of Volunteers, for gnllant conduct in tho field. %FST Wï. Puelps, Esq., of Detroit, State Allotment Commissioner, irrites from Washington that the 2d and 3d Michigan liegiments have been consolidated into one; and that the 5th Ilcgiment has been Consolidated into two companies, and oumbers but 100 effective men. JCS" Cíen. MoClellan's first headquarters on the James River was the old farnily mansion of Benj. Harrison, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independ'ence, and graiidfather of President Harrison. The buildings are now occupied for hospital purposes. Zi'ST Thcre was a very heavy rain storm on Monday, accompanied in some seetions - especially along the river below this city - by large hailstones wliich daaiagcd grciwing crops coDsidcrably.


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