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Letter From Capt. Randolph

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Habrison's [Assiaa, Vu. ) ,Iu!y -1, 1802. 5 K. J, Barry, Dbar Sik: It is with a sad hsart thüt I write these few lines to you. Jlujor, our tamily is now broken, and war has left iU Wiglit upon us. Within the last 8 days we have lost from our regiment 224 as brave men as ever drew a trigger, including our gallant Colonel. - Tho lons from niy uompany is as fulIiirn, via.: KILLKD. Charles Roe. es, ïïlmer E. Qoodbue, Win. P. Huxford, John F. Aiulerson, Eii II. i)oai, Joseph L. Wurd, Edwin K. Williams, of Litna. woumjkd. Jumos Hudler. Cliuiles House, Jus. 8ilsby, Daniel Rozell, Samuel Porterfiold, Charles Wt]er, Hurlöw Woodard, Wm. Lynch, Bobt. Crnnslon, Win. Pryor, Michael McFadden. MISSING. Martin V. Bryant. 'i he regiment toat in officers : Col. Woodbdht, Gapt. Rosk, of Co. A, and Capt. DkPot, of Co. K, shot through tbeheao. Wounded - Cnpt.SPAri.inxa, sligh'ly, Lieutonnnts Jonks, murtally; Bkers, Co. K, I'kestom, Smith, lost his leg, and Goudon. Our Adjutant wh ílightíy wounded in ihe Kneu, nnd 8 going lióme recniitintr. I must try nnd fiil my compnny np ngöin to the standard. By the loss dl our C'jlonul, and the tnekneee if the Lieutermnt Coli-nol, tho cotr.mand of the regiment d vol vea npon tne, and J am now luiing Colonel oi the regiment. I brought the regiment. off tho battte fleldj and was told by fíen. MorELI tliat t ofTin botter style than any other regiment. Baury, all my boys- vrith few exoeptions - uere héroes n those btoody days. Lieu1. Hall had command oi tny corr.pany, end nobly did bo perh rm Lia düty to hid men, nnd brought I !tlim off n ns goed oreer as if they hr.d buen on dro?s pr.rade. Goodbiie, Anderton, Sheet, Ghirk, Richardon, Webster, and Sayers, and all that were engaged tought üke veterans. I never wunt beller men, and thu"Barry Guarda" have not diswraued tho name they beur; yu can bo proud of thern, and when tho history of this war ia written up, you can then see what part the Fourth will h;ivo t.'ikfin in this rebellion. You must excuse this hasiy luttür. There is ground cnongb to fili a. volume, but the night is fast waning-, and I must get same rest. This is the fitst oight I havo slept undtr a tent in eight daya, The rcgiinont lost everything except v'n:tt thcy had on their backs, and the boys are tfleeping around under the tree?. I urn, ilitjor, reapectfully voure,


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