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A Thrilling Incident

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Speaking of the spirit of the men r. ininds me of nn incident, both grand and beautiful, wliich took placo yestertlay aftcrnoou in Butteiiield'w brigade. F,Jr months there haa been a standing order against the plajriog of bands in camp vid in not one instauce of the nuirerouj late batllcs have our splendid bands beou allowod to inspire the heart of tbï brtn soldier by, the strains of patriotic m sic. A great mistake, all will say._ During the fight yesterday afternoüu m order camo for Morcll's división to repair to the hill uear wheie the bnttle m going on, and act as a support for the re. serve artillery. The men obeyed tin order to fall ia promptly, tboayh tlw weather waa scorching hot, and tliey lm been four days without rest or sleep. A happy thought struck Capli Thomas J. Hoyt, of 'General Butterfitóïj stafF, wh" saw that the men looked wean and exhausted. He iminediatcly gatli. ercd all the regimental bands, plactii the:n at the head ot the brigade, and ordered thoin to play. They startl the " Star Spangled li.iuner," aud the íirst note had burdly been struck whca the men oaught tUu spirit, aud cheor afttr clieer arose from regiment after regiment, and was borne aivay upo tlie bosom of the placid river Tlio band continucd to play, and other regirnoou of the brigades caught the spirit, aud tlio air resounded with tumultuous apphiuse at the happy hit uutil all tho columns on that vast plain '.vere vL-ing wilb caci other to do homage to the inspiring striiins of the band After several tune!, Major Welch, of the öixteetith Micliigan, iu a briof speech, proposed three cheer8 for the hero of tho coinmaud, General Dan. Bulterfield, whicli were given in Bjagoificent style. To ad'.l tos the cnlhusiasii), General McClellan hap. pened to ride through the field jast then, ;md was reccivcd with au outburst that fairly astouished him. The scone was continucd, the brigado moved off with the band playing, and had there been a fight in the uext field, the men would have gone into aotion on the double-quick to tho tune of Yankeo Uofidle, if every one had knowu tliat death would be his fate. All honor to the famous Light Brigade !


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