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A Prisoner

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liieut. Thos. B. Weir, of Co. C, Tbird Michigan Cavalry, was recently taken prisoner, while on picket duty a few miles south of C'orintli. Lieut. W. graduated at the University a year since, and is wel] known to many of our citizepg. Prospeuous BusiNRSa.(?) - 3 15 M C'uaokkn has isimed a prospectus for a jlfih newspaper to bo publwhed n this city. Au addtion:.l popar inay bo Beeded ber, :md there muy bb a chance for Mao to aks money; but, perhaps tlie Courier will expresa tho fütne doubts that tho late Ypsilanti Herald did when it - the Courier - etarted. - In making this note vo foei t incumbent upon us to aay that the ollusion in the prospectan to a prospectioe umon between the forthcoming pnper and the Akqus is entirely gratuito U. - Wclooktono such arrangement, and trust that no one will uid the enterprise expecting it. If anolhcr Democratie paper is necessary liere, lot it be Btarted ; but let not our politica! or personal friends bo bcguiled into its support oiiher by expressions of gcod ill or a promised unicn. L3T M:ij. 11. J. Baurï, of this city, left yesterday morning to visit WashingtOD, Fortress Mouroe, and our regiments bcfore liichmoud. He took many letters and small packagesto our soldiers. Maj. B. wlll look after all the wounded froin tbis vioinity. Mi'S. HoSMER KfiLLOGO, of tlllS City, accompanied Maj. Barry. She has two nepkews, we believe, in the hospitals at Fortress Monroe, sick. &3T The trot advertised for the 4th bat, betwocn B. Green's stallion, "Henry Clay," and John Starkweather's filly, "Mollie Sterk," did not como off, cwing, we believe, tu some misunderstanding not yet explained. JE3TGK0. D. COWLES, Of CO. A. lst Michigan Iufantry, writes to his adopted father, Dr. Cowles of this city, that he was wounded on the first inst. The bal] wout into bis right check and out undcr the left car. He says the surgeons report the wound doing finely. Il e is in the genera] hospital at Portsmouth, Va.


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