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Mcclellan's Address To His Army

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Keadquabters, Armt of the Potomac,) Camp near Harrison's Landing, v Friday, July 4, 1862, ) SoLDIERS OF IIlüAliMÏ OF THE PoTOMac ! Your achievements of the last ten days have illustrated the valor and endurance of tho American soldier, attacked by superior foi ces, and without hope ot reenforcements. You have euceeeded in changing your baso of operations by a flank inovement, alwuys regaided as the most hazardous ol military experiments. You have saved all your material, all your trains, and all your guns except a few loat in battle, takiug in return guns and colore froni the onemy. Uuder every disadvantage ot numbers and uecessariiy of positiun, you have in every conflict btaten back your ioes wuh enormous tlaugfater. We are prepared to meet the enemy, who may ut any time attack you. Ltt thetn come, and we will convert their repulse into a final defeat. Your government is strengthening you wilb the resources of a gieat petple. On this our national birthday we declare to our foes, who are rebels against tho best interests nf mankind, that this army will enter the capital of the socallcd ('onfederacy, and that our national constitution shull prevail, and that the Union which can alone insure internal security and peace to each State, must aud shall be preserved i cost what it may, in time, treasure aad blood.


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