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.. _ cc g fi i ? fe : U Pi f Ho c 3 tí H i L s -s H 3 -I S M e THE REBELtïON S ON HIGH PR1CES FOR CLOTIliXG, HAS COMMENCED AT THE 0L0 & RELIABLE CLOTHINCl G EMPORIUM I No. 3 PHCENIX BLOCK, M AKST St. A " AM nov opcnin; a lnrjc and vjricd nssortmcnt of s Sinii"-ndSummt'rUoo'd5, and in view of the relxill■ n on highiTi'it'-ncriüy, will ofTur thein lunijfritais iK] the very lowest lurei Sur Cnsh.- hoso iü waut of a superior rti:le oi Clutln, CusLi urca, or Ready-Made Oiothing, --ill cali eni WM. WACNER, ho haa juut return trom tho East, with a large KMMTUBtftt of SPRING & SU MM ER GOODS ■wliich ljivebien purclu.scd at tlio lute LOAV" PRIOESI id can offür thera at a lo-svcr fiyv.rc than ever before. moi)g my Assortment tony be found 5ROADCLOTHS, UASSIMKBES, DOESKTN8, VESÏINÜS . 1 all criptloM, toeth' r 'TÍtli a superior asortment 1 Hcadj- -linde Clotlklug, ffiyK lVftTRCyKS' CARFFT BAG.Si ÜSÈDGentlcmcii's Furnihing GrOODS, tb nmntiout otluT artides asually found in almilfir . stiibliihnieuts. As n ij KMPOBIÜK OF FASHION, J iv RuWriber flattershimanlf, that Uil lontf experienco nd neutral succes, wlll snable liim to gi the grcatent atisfactiun toah who raay trust him iu the vay ol. ( Cy Jlanufucturing Garments to order. WM. WAGXER. , Ann Arbor, Aplll 9tt 1865. M GLORIOUS ( News from "Dixiel" , The RebelJion about Oushed ! A. $c C. LOEB, OF TUI CLEVELAND CL0THING HOUSE ReUru their sincere tbanks to thcir numeroua i i 1 RIENDS AND PATRONS, j For liberal minner in wliich tliey have hereiotofore patronizol them, and bog leave to announce that they aie AGAIN ON PI AND With a Large and well selected Stock of SPRING & SUMMER CLOTHING! GENTS' FURNISHING GOODS, Hals, Caps & Truoks, whicb they will sell at Astonishing Low Prices ! For further particular.1! Cali , m 3L Soo for yourselves, and you will not goaway dUsatlsBed. A. & C. LOEB, Huron Strent, a. fw doors of Cuok'a Hotel: ADn Arbor. May, 181)2. 3mB54 Fruit and Ornamental T H EE S, Ji_T I-.O'W PEICES. rpHE SUBSCRIBERS are nmv prepared 1o rPceive or. X der.-i for all kinds of Fruit and Ornamental Trees. Shrubs, Planta, Flowers and Vmea of every description und variety. for theFall of 182 and Spring of 1863. - We have a largo stock now frowing, and inteod to ninke large impnrtatious f rurn time to time as the want- of the country domand. Weinvite the people to makc themselves accnuiínted with our facilities fov doing busi nesB, before purchasing elsewhere. We warrant all va. rietios to be trun to name, and to be vigurous and heaithy specimens . AH commuBications will be promptï j ntpnndetl to. Our ónice is in Rogein' Agricultural Store, Detroit st., AnnUbor, Mich. DuBOTS, CARR & CO. Ann Arbor, Juno 24,1868. 8?8tf Mo ney Wanted, Who will JLeinl Money 1 IAM REQUEBTED BY SEVERAL l'ERSONS to obtain monoy for them at Ten Per Cent Interest, (Or More.) For any one willing to lend, I ran at once invetit on good uneocumberod abundant REAL ESTÁTE security anyHums of money and sce that the title and ecuríty are all rigdt. tap Tbo borroerpayinftaTipTPTiïop.incIufliDgrirrdme. t MOPGAV. Arn Artf, flet T, 18M,. T15


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