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DR. HOOFLANirs BALSAIIC CORDIAL, For Uu: tp$uij cure of ikiughs. ColJs, Influenza, Cronp, Jlnarsenet, Hronchitit. Pneumonía, Diatases of the Joto.', arismg from Colil, Inriiien! Q14. ti?ivtion,andfbr the relief and if ui aii possiblej cure 0 Patiënt) in adtaneed stages of th latter disease, rpHEBalsamic Cordial ia entirelj a Vegetable pregue J. tion, combming the lieaüng propertiex of tbo lial ■am, wak the toT%öratfng qutlltlt of a Cur&iaJ rjrouücinifii coiubiii! tu uil ajnpu-d t, Iha pur,oct íntenooá, GÈJtt theje re bat few cases of ;--iiv-' wï.icli t in i}iij -eriüU, &uccunib to itn taaalingtad lifo giviug prnp?rtia. For age, haa the trcalmeu! nr k1rnonnr7 diitaaai oecuptad tb ijien'er portien of ik, -♦m,.'_" "f tb ■cleniiflc of the medical n-orld, but n na t,r ]■', nc ominence m his iiuaiiuent ,of tU.v úioca.,, tia.i tij. colilrttlPrmahui. Pr. HooBand, the orignutot of tlje BMP.micCorail. Histiíi; tima dfvou-l !a producten of remedie tht irouM utaod onrivll] Hoswc-11 l.e bu -uccrciuO, the American i.jj.le ablc to Jiuige: and tr pnsirively MTt, thnt no proparatioDS that hnve Ter buen placed l ■fure them liai s ñonfened liiimniüwminlof biMiclIt.on suliiriug huin-iniiy or luvo Hette4o many e.wmiKl%ticna irom nllclun ol society, aa ihc remedie of lir. Hoofland, prepared b'v Dr. C. K.JckuBkC., of PliiUdrijhl. Tho Cordial dmtgnsd fot a oliia or dlteUM more genera) and more fhtaj than UT other to wliich the peoplc of this country are subject- thoüe iuIdeíbi from a VtUfU cold." That emineut autborily. Dr Bll,My! nj will uotiiiy Unit Coloe are to oor iürmh itants ivhat tho 1'lgjue ond YMow F ever are to tboM 01 otlier countiics; uut I can avr cnnnlentljr that tiiey usher m dtarua of greater couinlicny iiüd mortalitv han thcae latter." Entlrely Vegetable. _ No Alcoholic Preparation. DV,. IIJOFLAND'3 cf).ei:;;aïi:d GEBMAN BITTERS Frepared hy DR. C. M. JAC .KaO:; & CO., PhiUdeiphift, Pa. mi cffectuaüy core LIVüK COMPLAIN'T, DYbPLJ-IA. AUNliirE,Clifouic or Nei vouh Dsbfïït, Dlwftaca ol tlu Cidiicya, aii'l !ilJ díáeases arising Iruui a disard-reO ■irar or StnmAi h. Such ft Constipatforijlnwanl Pilos. Fulness or Blood o the liac , Ae'ditj ut tho ritomucL," Nau-w, Ueart luni, 1 Uffttst for Food, FulnefiS er vrètght in tlic Btooi ch, our Ernctatiuni-, Zinking or Pluttorfoeat the Pi'. f the 8tomfteb, Pwirnmtog oftbaHead, uiurivd an] Difticult Hit-athitig Ktottr1ng tit tbo Hca-t, Chokltn r tutfuctting sepMttiMW wiiou ip a lying posture, Dim css ol Virfioa, Dota of webs Ireforethe sight, P"tter ait ull Pni in tbft tiead, Dstleienoj of Perspiriton, Yel f ti.o skin iui'l Kvus. Pain n the Si Ie, Iiuck best, Limb'i. i:c. Ëuddap Fiushtsof He;it, Burningüi lie (Flesh, Constáni inmghnnis of evfl, anJ groat De trvssiocaof Hpir.ts,anf) will poHiti-tiy pre-vvut YKL ..f)V FhVKK, BZLLKtUa FKVKR, kï. fin.' Proprioior Q calling the attentian of thft publii o ibis preparaiion, rtoea iq wtth n (al tig tf the utmos'. onfidt-ncein its virtcen aw adautaüon to the diseaseor wliich it ta recosaended rtlsnonw and untrífed artiele, tut on tluvt h&, tood the test o!' a ivelvfl } ■o.-t:;.,1 trinl before tlie AmerDftD p "plc,.indit6 reputülion nn- un aro unpi y atiy njraüar príparatioaa e.tnt. Tlie tentimony Dita ínvorgiven bjr therfnost prominent and wc-11-knoni. hysiciana ana iDdivïdars tn iill parta of the country is mmenM,t.nd a ei'r.ful perutal of the Almannc, pul iaiwi annuallj by the Prop. letorn, and to b lia-J gratH &f imy of their Afeam, caunot Dut o&lüfy th l.ejjticc! that tli 'a ruMdr li nsUv deryiar the srfti clcbrily it hasubïninod Rcati the Evlilenro }ram J. JV'tW.'c-r: Brcwn J). P , Kdi'ur of the Kwyrfopedia of RtUghim Knowtêdg. AUhongli notfUanosed tn fftvcr or recomnudd Pateni leiicinfcs íu gtínentl, tfarougb distrust of ibeir InreJ(!iits &nd emrCti,I yet know ui np afflcicntuwOD tfki a ir au iutlv nol testify to tliobeae&t he bolieves bhxmeh o have recalrü from ao.v simple prepai-aticn. in tlu jope that Ui may tbai CUBtnDuti tg the bene&t o, others. Idothisib? more rcilily in Mjtrfl to "Hooftand's ïcruAB Bitton," preparad 'oy ür C. bt. Jackson, of tbJr ty.beeauwl was prfjudiceil agjnatbem for Tean mder the in:pre.sion that t'ney wure chielly an alcohol c mixture. 1 am isdebtd to my ttleni Robttrt ShoeaaiteT] Ew) ,,Lor Uw mtoovr] of tiiU prfJwStc bv est.t,and bronco rapioat U try tht-m, whcn affcr ag from preo-t :iíi(' loop cuvtUlttwl'y. The tmu ol brwc botiiüö of ihesp Bitters, at tbc bezinning of the resi-ti! year, wasfolíowd bj evídeat riltef, and rtstcation toa, 'UKreet t budily and neatal rijot wltioii I lia int feit foTiixmonths bel'ora.aad hadnlmost dpaire of rfe&lntbg. I thereforeihanh Gd ,.[,., nlv frlend Toi Irtctlug mu the useoftbtga. J. N'fiVTrOJí BROWN Uftd iat tb eminent Clasa Manufaciurpr, JOH JÍ. WElITAI.LjSars uf the BAI.A 'II'J DOBDUL. Dr. C W. Jacksov- Respectei Frlen'T: Ilaving for ■ ong :ime beenacqainted with íh TÍrtni of thy Halaraic Cordial in Cou.hs. CoMa, Inil:unmation óf th unga, ire. I thus irecly bear test:mony to its ertic;icy ior stveral years I have never been without it in ni amily It ataoffirpa me plcasaro to state Uiat jia"i used it withentiie Hnccesa iti the treatment of 3ow CompLtinU. Thv friend truly, JOHN" H. WIÏtTALL. Fïfth Mo. -7, 1R53, Race Street, 4th, l'Jiila. Tliese medicines nre fer snlo bv nll respetable Drup íiata and dealers in nu-T cince in tho United átates, Brit ■b (Yovhicw, und Vèstïu4ies,at 76 cents per bottle - ïe ?uro ixndgcï the genuino, witb Ihe Rignature of C. M J,vc;:son on the irmppr of e,ich buitle; all oihtrs arcoMitcrftii. Pr BiitpftlOffive and Munu'actory, J 1 Arel' Street, PhiladIfUfa, Pa. 82Oyl O. Ï3LISS s; now rec-'ivin a largo nti'1 VttU Mïevtftd aisfiitmen' of docks,, Watches, KmisimiiiiOTíPjmn!nao!!fi;'.iSDiKRi!:(ini5i!;!nr3!íiiTrniTnmiTi! JEWELEY, Silver and Pluted Ware, TABLE AND POCKET z: -cj TaT" :_ -53 jml w RAZ0R3 ad SHEAR3, GOLD ÏEISTS, Musical Instruments, Strngt lf Books for Instruments, SHEET MI7SIO3 COMBS. and i groat vurietj' of YANKEE ISrOTIOlSTS, ScO. He would cali particular attentiou lo his largo slock ol of Oold, Sllcer, steel, and Pla'-cd, ichh PEKISCOPE GLASS, & superior artícle. Also Hiiutijagton & Platt'n ce'k'brated CALENDAR CLOCK.' Buitabic for QfflcM, Coaatiug Rooms. I'ai's or Pwcllings. These clocks ure relia bje time luvpors ;iml ( combine.), and requiu' th windii.i of the tirni' ïnovo ments only , tn secure all th-. requlted changea al niid night, showiog the day of the week the mouth anti Uay of tho month, loducl)Bj Ww Wth of I'cbruary. of Leap yoai". His gooda are mostly of recent purchase from New York and the nJHnufeture-js, and will be sold To Buit the times. PersoDi &avïog flilBcult watciies to iit witb glasaei can be accomodated, as my stocL is birgu anO complete, J? S. Particular nttontion to tho of all kinds uf finü Watchc?, such as Making and Setting new Jewels, Pintón s y Skfffit, and Ctjlinders. Alto CLOCKS, 3c TEWELK-Y ncatly rPpniro.1 and warr.intcd, at hi o'.d Biandcast slde üf Main Street. C. BLISS. Ann trbor, Nov. 15, 18 8281 D1SSOLÜTION. THKCo-pwtnèrshlp heretofore txvtire betweenthe unersigned under tbc nomo and style of Spoor &. Thompson was diKsolverl by b.v mutual consent on tlie IMh day of May, inst. The business oí the latfi iina will bost-ttlitl by John W. Tbompson, and the bttaineu coutinued by C. Spoor. CHAS. SPOOR. .TORN W. THOMPSON'. Patea", nn Arbor, May 28th, 1809. Nolke. AÏAj persons inrlbied to the l;it(1 firm of ?pfor an Thompson are reqnested te cnll at the old stand and mak e prompt nettíeincnt oí the sanie. JOHN' W. THOMPSON'. A Carrt. rrHE business of Puddlo aucl TIirues? roakitv? wiïl be L cftrriod on ntthe oM plaoe of buslnaa ol Spoor & Thompson by the unWsigned. who solicltfl tbp conttnnfd pntronage of tho old ciistnniera of th ftns, nnd hopos by prompt atteuiion to business to gaio new patrons. A general aniortment pf H&m#il and Snddlery alwa-yRon hand. AU persons indobted to mo ei t her by notcor book account aro rfin?6to(l o aettle the pame . without delay. CHAS. SPOOR. 1 Aon Arbor, tfoy Btt, 1863. f-'ö4n-6 i _„ _.. ,. . .. , ; Notïee. W HBRJAS ay wtfePhftb A.lutntb tibJtf rWing about the country nd running mo in debt wiihout my consent or tmAvlftdfv; thfrfore all persons ar? CAuUonftd asraint trustinj hr onmy account, as I tiball p,iv Ttn debts of hercontricting. ' 83lm3 AKVFY AN'VILr Phai-í.n, MayíO.ltJ62 i _ , - I Ayer's Cathartic Pilis,


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