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Manuring With The Hoe

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A f;, TU' .1) Agil if cuJtu'ntprs have . j jom;uul, Üieir ■ .-, unoj■ v, i, i 'i . are , w aa can mak o tliem, and ■llfjrrecious depósitos liavo beca icni.ivSí, t-. be manufactured uto íoés ivud o:her producá. But, - [apking ye?. Ii hréaicúrg un a toa ácifi fielu foï oom, fw tiistance, IsqjrceJy Üitjil; ■" leaving two crea uuiui iso ha liad ouly :o g'Të a thorough drosáaerea; au tliö fortiüziug al is spvead lliinner, nnd tl'ere ia 20 per qeuí. loss tliaa tliero should bo. 1 kuovv tho uiaüUrt) luerchaatá advino to ■ up tliis waut bv i lifobasiog tbeir ooii.pouinis, but I úou't kuow tliat it will pay us it' it does thetn. Nöw I propone a ]jln:i which I bak o fouud to work well, li á lo manuro vrith a hoo. Frequeutly sturing tiio soil, and kuephig tho urí'uoj Ioosj :ud poroL;., lo'a thu air ia ii! re Lc ." Air coutains quite an áurount of carbon ia tbo tona of gas, and also a littla aininotiia, both of vrüicb uto cxtraettíd trom t lio Süil bv tha l'OOts. - Tlicn, again, it tho auifaee is kopt open, t!;e water froui below wiíl risa to supply ihe placo ot' that evaporatec); and will bring 'v. 'u the multara wbiuh it had áisso vi d, v.hich eou also be taken up by voots. I n addition to (bis, evry woed wliich bas bnen stealing nourishIVoui thc soil, can bo mudo tu give it back v.ith interest, by boc'iiíg it iuto tha carih. fiera it will decaí? and furnisb plaot food. S, if niauure bo Bcarce, e can partly raakt) it up by extra cultivatisii. Ctrn i:i tliis season is usually ploed and hded twico, or tbree times if the owner is not too busy. I would go [li it ñvo or six tiuiüá with t horsoi' cultivator, and I believe tliat eauh ,i add five basaels an acre ki Ce d. Of eourse, as the roots extoüi.i , 'e o;ilv should bo stir;-ed, su aá not io lujare tbem. Jrps.


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