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ners afö lo hiro laborera thoy havo bnys enough to lo Ihe ffn: ■': oí' íh' funri. Wien the farrner.cfin "ttond lo all tha wperations n ■ji. he C:m a!lrd tú lííro ordinary .■il fta is :r.v:iv from o n !:-ui!t.l hiro rutíii who knor. . h 3 huMie-s, ho mi miiku :::■ t v. ervds tné t. i'ounj; men whyju.uuint employment .-l:i!c (hy havo buLTi bii-J to l'irnii:ig ii"n uil abont it. Yet, .',!, ..ju ;!;i'v re i-.-'j lirejl tn .-cl a fou.-.ü, to IHb, l (liive ;i team, to plant - w corq, or to porlcirrn tho oylitiarv Liborfi, tbey .show thoir ilecy. ;:iil tia employers ure obligad lo U'üch ii .■■ :i ho-.v ti pcrfoiTü w hen set l( iuy kind oí' labi r. I' I Btud that l!io coan)"ii laboro!1 'M! iiiy sfi:i-j w.iil, ur ra;'s, or ninfea moiüeo holes ia posts, or sot ra 1 (unce. Yct all ibis is vork whioh bu ':.!. i n most iarrns by sonieTiie young man Ihtref'ore lh:u bita not leurned' tha rt of doing tlïesf? tfeiïig.-Csho'nld of expi'c-i so hgh wuges as the man who expori:e. U rr-friit-L's a long time lo tenrn lire whola art of farmíj), so U:it. a fal'tn shali a; an i Í tive por centmi i, But firrns Bekioth yiell five per o t iiriless the nwner hirnself'. ia able to labor, and can be present to every raoveinent. L'iil !ü when tlioy nro kojit to cm.' kind of brtsmes-'s thrói If they íií;o direoiyd r pn-niitterl to gn froin fiiikj to fielit; or fro'rfi ie i;i:id ol bueiwess to uno.ther, they wiH nol niway í,rive a göód account of (ia It is a gaoè prhetice .to let out work by tho job, when it can hü done. Theri tiiu und'-itaktT iecU llvit he is lit work if.'i '-and of couit; ho yvill do niiirc; sxpyk thau i Cor aflother ID,1!1. hing, '.voo:! pTilting and other i muy bü tbhuil out. And t h is wben l!i! employer is not at home to direct lliu woi k. I5ut the bilsinosf of plonghinof, harroui.'ii; and tilling atnong ertro and pot,Res shouid be done in tha prese. 10e of iho owner. t. _ i


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