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A Hint To Housekeepers--the Magic Box

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The housekeeper's nffaira had u long time b.x'i) beco(niog vei-y innoh ened, ana tfiQ poAï vvornañ kne.v not Lo gel her.-eit out of her diffioulties. Alter linie, she Ihonght herself oía wis e oíd herïnit, who lived in ihe boi'iinoc!, and to him she repaired for nlvijy. She rehi'od to him uil her troiibles, ay:ig - " Thiiiga go on budly :!i ; rioihitig pfcwpers indooi'ö or ray, Sir, eau yon not deviso soma rèniefly lor my miffurtune?" The - ;i shrewd, roy eld man ■ ."-'! her to vvuit ; and rótirtrtft to :m iüiicr chamber of f i i.-s ceil, bróught r.iit a curious-looking box, oarofullj sealed lip. " Tako this," eaid ho, " and keep it for ore? yeár ; but you must three times u day and threa times at night oarry it into the kitebe, the cellar and the etab'ie, and set it dnWn in eauh corner. I lor it that bhortly yon v.iü lln! thingH impfovcd. Uut ba sure, at lliu end ii tbé yeaï, to bring back the bos." Tho good woiiKin received the precious gilt witli tnany thanks, and biore it taiolally home. The next dav, as slie vaa ci.rry:ng it intó the oellar, silo met a M-ivant who had been 6eoretly drawifig a piíohtr.ol beer. As tifio went a littlo Liicr riito the kitchen, sho lound a iBiiid mnking hetself ii sly stippcr (jf iinL-lets. In the stalilu . covltcJ ihe best cow standing deep in Uio mire, and ihe horue, uncurried, Imd boy nstdiid j1 o;its. öo every duy t-ho (iiscovered and correcto ■ ■; fauhs. At O..; end of tha yuar, sho, faithiul tr hor proiniaQ, carrind the maio box back to ihe horraU, and basonght him u'.v keep it, as it had a most vOorrdei ('i efF ■■'. " O.ily út m) beop it ono j'earlonwor, ::!) ! I am surtí :!i vyifj he reincdied." " 1 cannot tllow yon to kL-ip tho bos, btit t'hri svcrot that s bidden wiiliin yoa sha!i h:ivc.'J He ci)..i)oil thu box, and lo ! it eontaiiMJcl nothiny but :i stip of paper, on i was wri ten '- couplet : f Wou!.! perousty, Yóirn ■ éry corner sei.1' JBSy Tli:' flfttterèr must act the vrry reverso of tl ,n, ndministering l èosn only tü Üie wuukest in 'u better th:m riches ; tbmi bt to g:ianl thy ntjhéfi. Ricbes dJttipJ&h ín the usiog; büt wlstlon'i nci-eusesTu the ai it. !■ ■ - III ■ fjá froia evll habits isclf n goefo (urns,


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