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_-j-4-__-a-_u--.i-._jiw. wriiww iimmmmm- - ■"■ The Latent Special Dispatèli - J , Tq tlie citizens of Ann Arbor 4M Viciuity ! : al _ l INTENSE EXClTEMFNTt i a ■ - ■ i Hmifiècts "-■ '■'■-Mng the jjrogrest Of ' Daily Eveitts ! ! 1. !lü - ■ , . . :■ il: The Peüeral Army agaiu Yietori.__i i, 0■ o. S'j.",.The Union must and stall - ! bc Presp.rved !" y 10 10 ; " There was a man in our town !1 Je was so vjondrous wise" ie '■ But witi all his wisdom, he wan not so vju as that 'other mnn," wiio wheu he wam ed to buy the i 7'Aö cheopetst and icst 4.9 L O TH I WC! n is marjal alvjays Jumpedviio ': G-ÜITE-Ii-MÁW :-IJEAD QUAETEB5' l thoro he linew he Mwnys got hi mor h. Sreing is bclicving and yu IW I, wish to eoo ooine n ind believa. Tlmse lliit ie cnut ksec OAjt ffe'l, and as we olwnyB raali our ciiítomci-s IVf! íjuoíí uver (jood bargain f Llu-y iire ospoeially niTiud to our aiuiou 'v rfént..thnt tl-.i-y Urn nirty realizo liow'trooí ('ortlietii to l)e wili us," and how raud, pleasure can be obtaiuod in the enjoynum of !' SPLEWDID BARGAIWs ! J; -'Come .,11 ye Ihftt nre weary nnd hesry 1,. ;. den" - with Hory.s and we will do our Lento 1rclisvu von- givinj; vou in return the fyiti y kind of Coods al the loicest figwea . ( Groat bnttlos are houvly taking place in tb, hi'ig lint - ivhi -!c régimen tsr Jassiinera &.C. ure nw slaughWed by Ga' Soxdueim- t.o fit Ihe rush of rcoruili' .. tln.t. rv inuriiij; i:i froai every direction.ill 3 tu have tliöir ñames eurolled fóri o NE AT AND TASTY SUIT! - jucL as can only be bad ut the 0 IhadQuartcrs rf Guiterman á r g Ooaof the firoi, Mr. M Guiterman, haring just. returr.ed from Europe with a large s. 6rimi'nt of Cloths, Ca-simeres and nnicelot r 'il íine VestTgs. nlso a fuw pieees of fine ' Bcnvcr for ovc-roonts wlii.h we will mnke up ( tooive-in tl! l:itrst etyle, we feel coulideat 1 that we can satisfy all. ■ i _________ STTJDENTS 1 j We are happy to jreet you aga:n ra our City, iftiT seii(]ingyour vacation -nitli tb l " iloar o!,l fo];a' at In. me Be nssurtii it wish you a pl.aianl term, nnd shall (ver bi ft'.aJ to mc:i you at tlie Old r ! IIcati-Qiiarters, IVo. 5, ! ' . 3T f ■, u-e fwl nssored, 1 w'l' ' mi To you wlio conw aj I sa y a few worJs, Wi 11 mul !.;!; ,-it our fine Cuntí, ■ wc etn do lifttti1 liy yoH j t 1:1:1 nr.y 01 -in 1 lio City, nnd 'if "vul n! i.vniiine our crooils.and try tUeir _t, you will purchuse nówb(Se else. DON'T FAIT_ TO ] CA3_3Li ü 3? C3-. JET. Q, fEW COODS ! For the Spring, 1862. HACK & SCHUD Vould respcctrullyínnouuee to theCitiicniot Washtenaw and adjoining Countie thyt are now receirng Direct from the Etutcrn Markttt, A full and complete supply of DBY GOODS, Ladies' & Childrons' Shoes, GROCERIES, CKÜCKERY, e. Putrbased hj one of oor firm for caslaod notwithstandicg tlicbardtimcs weshail continuo to Acid Weckly Adtlilions To our stock in order To Accommodatc our Custoiu! with every thiDg they may nced to ask for. And w& vriU farihor pleógo ourselves to aell as chetp AS TIMES "WILL PERMIT and ffhich ís always as _A.s Ijow as tlae Lo-west. At tlio saiuê time we hope on r friends and cmtonr i in mïnd that tho times compvl us to our goods For Cash or Beady Pay. Arn Arl. r, Mnrcli 2S, 1S61. 845"_, SARATOQA E M P I K E WA T E B FOR on or livspepsia, Conf tipotion, N'erToo l'.hility, Los of Ap.t!l, Comroon Cold, din" of the i.un, Hoaüucbo, üin tverlsli tatc o! th' i":. ' , _n'M l,v M.YN.Hn, STEnB!N3 & WILSON " EllKltl'.ACH 4; CO., AnnArbor. Ijs. (rem1 ra) Land Asency Pr.I-SONSwentinp'nrnii.orresH.CDccMnorfift' Ann rbor,(-8D by CRllingonniftelecifroiii'' afoTor 1 OO Pump Kor Salf 1 Ofvariouf slüifirurn :, Le. :ü'- aercioneb ;(0Be il good.invini!iiiConnty.) Mor ft ban .5Í DwcIKlK lloufljt a'. hipCity(fromtw 'ïundred to f-Hirthouflanfd0' .rn.i"b:Rnf_ ft tt O O I'. (Í I MIN G LOTS! kmnncthi-rarms nri' thn l'.isbcp.rnroi, 1.100-C'4' er farm, I n C re en On k, t ".■■ Plarr farm. fl .-.lacre theRlnndon iml .l.-nloOirms, in Wbt-'l h Stub'n, Miollnol Clanry. Rcpen. nl irmi. ii inp rhnr: J.Kir._!l'iy''"r!"' !ti-thoHtch nnH nirk tnrin i r. ' r"il '.„ (n FrP„-; w. s. PhtIhj" ." !. Knkor nnd Baok' Urn.s InSvlvun. Mo"1 nJ mnny otbers cnn be dlvldedto ' Ti_Arbi. J ift isr. K' . Ayer's Sarsaparilla.


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