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A Soldier's Letter

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üTAL, Jone - . I write wíth a gréat dea! ol pain. dear girl; l'vi not been abie befcre since tlie fight, And my t'i'ain i s e t til so much in B vlnrl Tfct I enii teil you bul liltK tu niglit. l'iu wounded - don' piare- lis not very bad, Or at lenst it mighi be worete; so I said, Wh. n 1 thuuglit of yo'j, ' í m eure slie'll be glad Tu know iLat I'm cnly wciiinkd - not doud." I've lost left arm- tliorr, now vou know allí A Minie ball ihntlered it and I fcll ; Tho hist tluit I benrd v;i3 puf Cptain' cali, Until - tho rest is too paiuful to tell. I'vclind Lhroughout tliK most czcelWnt care, And tu ik-ini; tinfly, tlie svirgeon says- So weilj imlcod. thal thö prospect is fair Fur i liouii-wnrd trip befcre many days. But I've somelliing else, dear Mary, to say, And l'd say it it' it, cost n.e my lilV; 1 ve Uougtit ofit well-thwa'a no othn-wnv. Fou'p relensed froBi yoor promise to be my W i ;'i You'll t hink me foolish al first; then you'll think Oftlie loóse, armlüsBOoat sleeveat my BÍde And yoiir proud ar.d stoeit ive hcart will slirink Froii tbe thouglit of beinga cripplc's bri Je. 'T9 a bitter struggle to aiveyou up, För I've loved yon alora thaa ever of late; But down ':o t's drgs IVe dtoioed tbe eup: And I'm oalm.though rny hart is de-. I'm coming lióme, and of ocurso we must n. et : My dniliug. tliis once, ono boon I implore, Lct vs still be friends - for that will be s Sincc now, alas ! ws can be nothing more. THE REI-LY. Sweet Home, June - . Mv Roberl,how brave and noblo you are ! Too brave sn5 too noble, I k'.iow. for me, r.'vr loo little ïiiilh in me ly fur, If you believe 1 wam U be freej l'iominy pronnse - no, no! 'I was never so bacred to ïnu nofore; Ifyou could büt ki.uw lio l've longed to go Ánd w:iteh by j'our side, you'd doubt, me nu more. I read your name in the terrible list, But the teiira fioze back that sprang lo iiiï eyc; Aml u tearful pain that I Qould ;:ol resiet, Crusbed uiy heart till ongd to die; Tlie blesseJ tuaií. by a iiii, And 1 feit, as yöh in lcttei said, ing of gladfiiBs 'thid "'ï öiy pain, Thut t; bert was only wuuiulcd - nol Oli, darliiiL' ! to thinli you liave suffered so, AtuI I, aTl .-, '■■ aij o ilea uwny; Tou'v n.lknow, Wliü 1 could do notbing but hope and But ihe iiardost of all is the bitter thouglit Tbat you have been suliVring so ruueh titt. (ne; Poor Ri-bert, your man!y letter has brougilt A s cmge inixture of joy and miscry. But you're coming home to my arms and keurt; You're riglit- I am pro :d and eensitire. too; B'.:t Ira only so wheU we ure apart, And ïiow. 1 shallónly be proud of you ! 'lYu're coming liome to be happy aii'l rest, And I wait, the nitnntnL vi blissful caiin, Wlieu I slial! be held to a s Klier's breast J'v a patriot hero'ê ohe 8! long arm!


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