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The New Major-generals

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When dcserving Generáis are irr.racdiately prometed ís soon as their gallant service is Ohnoaneed, grent good is done to tha cause in wbicll they fight. thearmy whieh thfey lead. Such aoknowledgment and honors stimulate thern to greater exertions, nnd excite the honorable cmulatinn of tbeir sul) ordinates. A sense of just:oo thrOughout the nation is sali.-fied, and the true law of military advancement is obeyed. Such are our eentimente as we rend that Smiiner, IIeiniz;J,in:i;i, Eeyès, Fitz Jolui Porter and franfelin aro to he made Major Genérala of Volunteers, while as a lurther reward all Sumner, now tbe Col&nés of regular regimeiits, are ulso to be brevet cd a! Brigadier Generala in the United Ht&tes Artny. Bumner was alroadv a f uil Uiigadiur in the army snd a S General by brevet. Botthere is more tnpfiütièd by tbis proiñotion than the mere it-vvard öf d I merit. Every one of ihe.-H' offiepra haS been , ior inuny rnohthp, Major Genér: al's .uty - iome coiriinanuirig corps d' arnvjca ar.d othei-3 divlsúms. What thoy have now received i.s 6ome more than a b ■:;:!, il is a titular Ö ation of an exisling fact. T done the uty of théir exa'ted Btaïion in an admirable uianner ; the rank and i eefns, théi , ;!it, (te weH as their ! eward. BoitJiier was a private cr.valiy soldier in the army, and bas served in every' grade. He is éihphatieaíly a military gradúate iroui the ranks. - The greater honor u the doble oíd trooper. ín ' battlea of 26th and 27lh of Juno his corpa í' .entro íVorit. Ttvo of his Mv.nch'f aiui Meagher's, eovetéd the rosing oí' the éteiëkahöirtftiy; líe v:is in the rear d uring the greal retreit, ind oo Ï u t sel .13', tl.o b emoraMe dRV, joro the brur.t of the dctítsie ic'íu. Wtioi) wounded, his st:,!I trted to pro ■;ul Olí liiin to letive tho field, bul he eíusud, bumg "No. I wiil sea thw hing througb tü the ün]." üi'intzclninn is an oíd cfficer, a arad víate oí' the Military Acadeiny. Time bas leut him experieiice wiihout robbmg him of energ-y. Already dist'iiguished at líull Run, he fiured eplendidly at Williarnsburg and Fair Ouks. and has invariably held the post oí honor and danger. . His eoi-ps, üupported 'jy McOall, met tbe ovörpowering advanee oí the rebels on tha Newmarket roa'i, on iSunday, the 2Gth, while the main body of the army was marc'üingon Turkey Island Bridge. Keyes was, in his your.ger days, an artillery offiuer, and an Aid-do Camp to General Hcott - a strong rocomrnendation. He was ako distinguished at Buil Kun ; uid tiïgptivo aerviea al Yorktown; and on Moodity, the oOth, his corps, desperately assaultei on the lelt, was skiiltully commanded, and laved with greut gallantry. Fitz John Portcr grada at ed at West Point in 1S45, and was :lvavs remarkable for bis military charactor. He is in elegant soldier; üke Chaucer's "par3t knight," he m yet ''moke in. port as s a maid." Like MeClellan, he was a marked man in the army. He love jia profession, and his Ufe haa been a constant study of it, wilh what success et Yorktovvi), Wilüamsburg, Kanover, and the unexampled retreat, answer. - The world will her more of' hitn if he s spared, for of such men héroes are mi de. William B. Frankliu, a Pennsylva nian, haa alwaya l)een regarded is a man of rernarkuble intellect. He graduated in 1813 at Weet Point, and l)i caroer aa n tppographical engineer sinee has viodicoted the opinión eiitcrtained by comradps. Ho has been con Stantly placed in responsible positionf, and, ivhon the warbroko out, h'eJWaB aï once iiüiilc üólonel of the Twefftlï Tlni ted States ïttfafttry, and ufier Buil Ri'n, Brigadier Generil of Vro!i!r' He 8 an an intimato iiiend of KfcOleïlan, wbo plaoés strong dependefice upön hiin, and was parttcularly concèrned when, upon raovog troüi WasHqgtoh, Franklin was detached from Irs cpmmand. Since he has again jnihed it hc lias had noineroria opportunit he haa nol faüed to use, oí addiug to his distinction. For these he is now jkiiü oled. These aro the men who comrn: ! by (lenend 'lir.Cle'.hm, and n oiided liy bnli'.MDt llrigaaiei's, gatlfllit rcgin!erii:il and córnpany offifers, ai:d epleiidid troops, havo repufeed ttia ve',i etf , na they advanced, two to on our ! etrealir.g liolumns, and hav 1 the greatst hiKtary :; ment known in the ptfreflcê of war - a chango oí by a flank móvément, whüii íoilowed by a desperate and overwhelming toe.


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