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Gen. Pope In The Order Business

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MEADQUABTEHS AEMY OF YlBGrMA, Washington, July 18. Horoafter, as far as praeticablo, tha troops of tlus command will subsist upon the country in wl.icli their operations ara onrned on. In all cases supplies for thia purposo will be taken by the officers to wli oso departmcnt they properly belontr uuder the orders of the comir.anding offieer of' the troopa for vvliose use they are intended. Vouchers will be given to the owners stating on thcir faco that thoy will be payabïe at the conclusión of the war upon suiBciant testimony being furnishcd that suoh owr.ors have besn loyal ritizens of the United States sinco the dato of the vouchers. Whenevcr it ia Itnown that supplics can ba furnished ia any district of tho country where tho troops aro to opérate, the use of teams for carry'mg will be dispensad with as far as possible. By oommand of Major General POPE. URDER ON CAVALRY MOVEMENTS. [Ieadquíeters Deparijikkt oí: Vino iota, ) Washikqton, July 18, 1863. ' J Ilorcafter iu any operations of tlia cavalry forcee in this comraand, no or baggage traína of any desoription #iH be rfsed anteas so Btated specially ia Uio order for the inovemcnt. Tnto rlnya' couked rationa will bo carried on tha pnrsons of Ihe men and all villnges or DeigliLoí-lioods tlirough Trhich they pasa will be kid under contribution in tho manner specificd by General Order No. 5, current series, for tlie tlicn hcadquartera For tlie Bubsistence of men and horses, moveincnts of cavalry must aways be made with celcrity, and no delay in such movements will bo excused hereafter ou any prctext. Whenever the order for the mövenaent of any portionffthe army, emanates from these heajquarters, tlie tiiüo of marchÍDg and tliat lo be consumed in tho execution of the duty will be expressly designated, and tío departure, therafure, will be permitted to pass upnoticed, without tho gravest and most eoadueive reasohs. Cominandln'g officers will be held responsible for the síriut and prompt coinplumeo with every provisión of this order. By comraand of r General IIOPE. (Sigaed) Gfo. 1). Euooles, ('olonel. II IS TílEATMENT OF LAS. IIeab3l-art eüs Asmt or Vibóisia, Washington, July 13, 1862 ) The peopk' f thu valluy of the Sueh :u1 thíoughout tlio región of ■ ins ot' tbis ariny, living aloïig tlie unes öf tho railroad and lelegrapli and alorg the roates of travel in tho rear of the United States forces, are notilied tbit thoy will be he'.d responsible lor any itijury dono the track, line or railroad, oí1 for any al a traios ot straír. .-; b_y bai ds of' guerrillas iu their in-ighburhood. Na privileges or imnuiniües of wr.r can apply to lawless bands of individua's - not ferming part oí tlie : I forcea of the enerny, nor wearipg thc garb of soldiers - who, seekhig and obíniuiug saf'oíy on the pretext of being peaceful citizsns, steal out in v of tho nrr.iy, attack and murder starggliug poldiers, üiolest teams of suppties, destroy railroads, telegraph linea aud bridges, and commit outrages disgrácefül to civilized poope and revolting to liunianity. Evil-disposed persons iu tlie rear of our armies who do not themselves engage directly in these lawless acts, eueourage tbem by refusing to interfüre or to give any information by w'bich aucb acts can be prevented or tho perpetratora punished. Tlie gafety of the life and property of all persons living in the rear of our troops advancing vvith the anny, depend upon the mainienance ofpeace and quiet amöng theuoselves, and upon the unmolested movements thi'ough t!io:r midst of all pertaining to the military service. ïhey are to unJarstand distmc'.ly that tbis security of travel is their only warrant oí personal safety. It is, therefore, ordered that wbenever a railroadj wagon road, or telegraph ia injured b" parties of guerrillas, the citizens living withiu üvo miles of the spot, shall be turned out cnmtsse to repair the damage, and sball besides pay the Unitud States in money or in property to be collected by a military force, the full amount of the pay ond su'isistence of tha whole force necessary to coerce tho performance of the wbrk during the timo oucupied in eomplethig it. lf a soldier or legitímate fullower of the army bo fired upon froui any house, the house shail be razed to the ground, and tho iahabitants sent prisoners to the headquarters of this army. If such an outrage occur at any place distant f rom settlemoiits, tho peoplc within live nnlesaround shall be held accountable and made to pay au iudcumity Kuiïicient for the case, and any pevson deteeted iu such outrages, eithcr duiing the act or at any timo afterwards, shall be shot without military or civil procesa. No such aots can influeuce the result of this war, and they commpoly lead to heavy affliction to the populatiou to no purpose. It is, therefore, enjo'.ned npon all persons, both for tlie seourity of their properlv and the safetv of tlieir own persons, tlint thoy act vigorously and cordially er to prevent tho perpetrütion öf Bucl öuirages. Wliilst it is the wish of aeral commanding thia army that all peaoeably disposed persons who remain at thor bornea and pursuo their accustomed avocatioui shall be subjectod to no impi'oper barden of war, yet their own eafety must ot' necceity depend upou tbe Btrict proservation of pcaea and, among themsclvcs, and they are to uur nothing will doter hini i'rom 8nforing pj'oniptly, and to the every prawision of tuis order. Bi' commaiid of


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