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War Meeting!

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I Thcre will bo a war meeting of the eitizens of Washtenaw County, at Ann Aibor, on Tliursd.iy. August 7tli, at one o'elook, P. M., in tho Public Square. - It is ezpeoted by that timo tlio farmers will have nearly ti;iislicd their liarvcsting, and tiiat they will turn out enmasse from overy part of tbc curi(y, and show by their prescncc at this meeting their patriotism aud dovotion to tlic governmont, and their determinatiou to preserve the Union and tlio Cbostitution against all attacks by traitors at home r enemies u!road. Let every person througliout tho connly who eau possibly leave hoino on that day attend tiiis meeting. Public speakers have beon engaged to address thoso present on that occisión, and ex tensive arraijgenients are being perfeotcd to make tlii.s the largest and most en'.hu siastic demonstration on the part uf tlic peoplc of old Waslitenaw in favor of ."■pcedy e;;listinents in the Union Aruiy, and a vignrous prosccuUon of the war, ever witnessed in iho fitite. Col. IIuüiiks, of Mat-shal 1, Ilon. Jas. KlNGSLKV, Ilon. J. II. GlIEGOKV, Prof. Kstabrook, II. E, F.iAZKii, Esq , Kev. 1'. A. JJladiss, and Hou. Euüexu Püi.vgle, are expeetod to be preseut and ad dress tho meetin.


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