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A Call On Washtenaw County

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In onr last issue we esiimuled the ntimber of oldiorg lo be raiied n Ihis oounvy; onder tho lato cali of the Governor, at 725. Wc based this oslim:ite on the fact that the cali for one regiment in oaoh Congreswonal district, und fcr two rogiments - !l)e 17th infantry and 4rh eavulry - at large, with men enaugh to till the regiiuents in the lielil, equuted i cali lor ló 000 men. Sinco that anide was (Vritten Gov. Mlair has authorized the rnieing of an :uiltioriiil in&iniry rogi.nunt- '.ho 24tfa - so that oi;r estímate { 2,500 men to this district is rather umler tlian over tliuniiinberto nueded fully fill the quota. The now regiments must bo raised, and the old ones oujlit to be fillej up even bufore tho new uoéa arn put in the fijld Thero are no ijor axls in fho case. - The fjovefDmeot need.s men to put down the rebellioo, or the rthtlhon wiU put down the gnoernment. The men aro wanted iinmediately, and it is tiseluss to disguisü the f:n;t tfcat ïf iho reiments are not promptly fiüed by enlistmont a draft wijl he ordered. And, besides, delay will only ronder more inon nucossary, for delay invites ioreign intorference. Now, the citizens of (heseveraltowns in tho ounty sliould look this matter in the face, and see what is expected of them. They must not expect Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti to offi;r largo boun ies nml rai.-o all the inon, bilt thev tniist or thoulfi tsiku it npon themselves to ruise their quota. Appoitiuning the 725 timing the feverul towns iii the counly on the saine basis - r ne to eueh ulovun voten polled in 18G0 - :s we have apportioncd tho 2,500 nrnon1 the suvoral comities ot the di-itnet, (,nd oiieh tn shoul'4 cnüst aout m {]. lows: Ami Arbor Toun, 27 Plitsfield, 24 Ani) Albor City, Hm Salem, 3(1 Augusta, 18 Saline, 42 Bridge water, 27 Scio, 4 Bextér, ]8 Sharon, 2:! iim, 2Ü Superior, 2-t I.ima, 22 ByjVan, .11 Ijodi, 2n Webster, 2i Lyndon, ]7 Vork, ;:i Mahchéxtcfr, 38 ïpsilanti Tivn, 27 Nortlifleld, 20 Vpgïlantl City, 72 Men of Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Salino, Saium, ÍScio, Sylvan, M:iiichester,'niid (inch and cvery imvn, can yoi: fiil tlio bil IV C;ni yon spare oi your sons and broihers the rttimber design uted toprevont t druit nd mivo tliu honor of vaar. State? togivéiud ti tho govüinmont t:.:.l it irmy stiike down lliis unholy rebaüion 11 unce :ind pivo penco tu tin.1 c)iin:iy? iinj nSove ;ili to sund micoor toyoitrFons and bivthorn i!re;n!y i n the li.;ld ? Tho inon of tweoty cleoim itd Miuliigan rcfjimi-iit.s stretch forth tlwir i;inds nul ciill lor help. They Iüivc endured innoli nnSering frotn di-tcase, they have fonght lil.o horoen, nnd aro roiidy to figlit iigitin, but they c;in not unuided, beat bnek tho oonÁcript hóvta of rebildoni. ]f' yoa can not furnish yonr fn!) quota, cat) yu, and wulanthe next twen' y tht'js - tuinijh h;ilf of il? - ■ Tliuru is no looking back ; these men must te rais'd or our brothers be ovoruliuliiicd, lid ith thein the govern inent and ihu hqpéa ut tiio worl(J.- Eauh uitizen w appealed to, and tliose ! lm uannot givo theinselvcs must give of thoir means. Wo noetl not multiply words, we havo Btnted the cano fniily, nnd wait yonr inswur. Iay ande all part)' and (.crsonal biükrings and jaaloiwieH, and save your country, and then go into a political contust to neo whoehall tíovern it. If this is not dono wo tfboH soon have no country to begovurned. " Rev. D. C. Jacokks, Chapliin of the 5th Michigan lnfuntry, has resigned his eommissiou and rcturncd homo.


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