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Maj. N. E. Welch

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Oiir citizuns will be l:tcl to know that Muj., of Stoekton's Jlvgiment, earried himsell gullantty itirugh the egcent weck of' battlea, ioereusing tho coniidenue of liis men. nul winning unqila'ified piaine frora Lw siiperii. Dr. Palhkh, of this eity, who rucently vituted the regiment says: ''Alujor Wki.iii u;is in c'inuiiand ot tliu regiment, und was npoken of by tliu ri.en i;. the highent termt, iá a iiinst galhmt and t'fficont offioer." And Gen. Butterfiel, tle brigaju cnmmander, it the clocu of i letter to Senator Ghandi. er réquoüting Liin to announcu the di:;il!i ot C;tj.)t . Caiiu lo his fiieuds, says: " l'least' ark Gov. Blair to promote Welcii. IIo liot.aved vvilh gallantry." We are contideiit Uiat tliis official recjogniiion of lii.s gallnnt Iravery is Wöli deservcd. Co!. Stooktox being a priüoner, and Liunr. Gil. Iíkuiilk having retigned, Muj. Welch is nuiv uctog Gi'li.-nrl if thu Regiment. - Wru Ie ui) Gov. Jïi. Aiit Ikis olreudy forwarded M ij. Wklcb a ouuiniisbiun as Lieuliüiai.t Gnlonel.


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