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Wo endorso every word of the follow ing rosolution, roported by Hoc. Wif A. IIowakd, and uuai.imuudly aiop cd bv the war meeting heid ut Dutruit on the 15. li inst.: llcsoked. Tliiit tho constitution of ihc Uu. tod !aes " is lliu supr.inu law ot the land " Tbnt it próvidos ou its faeu für llio onftf motie ol alioiiu oruiimudiiig it. it eiunot be eli.mged ny (egislation, bj v beltiuii, ur Uy ivu, :is sueli buiige ueoössurilj' miplica it dtslrmlion. Ai.U tlieretore, if tac 'obeilioii be crashed, llie eonstitution must neteetwrily be iu f'ull Ibroe jiicx-i.sely u.f befara thu robelliun. - Uut tlie sato ss of the ïubcll i ui is tbt uiiiihilatiun of the Kopubiiu. To yïold om; fooi uf teniluiy, or sutiVr one 8 tur to be pluoked l'rom uur ttag by tinned rebels, ts to aurrender tho Wliolo iunerttuucü bequeitiied by our futluis. Let the President, and Congress, and tho army, ;u,d tho pgoplo, [ tbemselves fa ir I ƒ and sijuarely upon th:it gi'ounü ïid all wül le Uiiriuoüy througliout llie loyal Slatos It is not uucoseatj to tramplo upoii the Cous itutiou tJ put clown the rebullioü, and tú do it is dangerous pohey. iievolutionary times aie not tlie safesr times iu wliieh to Hatend or niake new Constitutions, and our oniy as a natío, as a poóple, as individual, is to preserve as a wlioio t!e Constitutioii uf our fatliers. Wlieu the rebelhon is over, pbáeé resiored, and pasions subíided, it will bo timo eoougb fjr coustitutional revisions. JJi'e ík it dowu' now, and tho nation ia like a ship at sea, iu a storm, with no rudder, aud with a rock bound shoro in fuil view LST Sinco our list asno tlio subBcrjptioh wo spoke of ú being mi o ín tliis city to enourtígo enlistiuonts h:is rcnchcd 1,500, and will be raisoJ to $2,000 ü' lwo full eompanies are onroliéd, g ving $1,090 bcranty to eaeh ovmipany, Tliis uiouey will be paid to the first compunios fille!. ín tlie same tima two wnr mectin o have been held, and much talking done. Some talk i no doudt ueci'ssary to gut up the patriotism to e ..liütiüctit piteli, but individual i'ffbrt, in our opinión, is better tlian many speeches, unless the speeclies are more to the point than some we havo heard A disuussion of abstruct priuciplfs, and of causes and consrqiuences, must excite diSt-rencos, and diSereuoea, too, that will not inercase the nmuber of recruits. Tliere i only onc thing to be said, and that is the government must have men or disgracffulli) go down. He who takes a singlo roeruit to either ofte of the reoraifiug offioes in our city, will do more service ihan by talking about the evils of slavery untrl the crack of doom. O:ie inueting in a town or Bohoul district, and pórhapg one largo counry meeting - il' harvest. time did not uiake the last impracticable - is pcrliap i.n piirtant, tl order that the needs of tbo country tnay be s--t i'uily buf'ure the peopie, but we have no conti Jenee it) lre quent meetings They aio produptive in wordv patrio' ism, bat birron of ro i cruits. Sucli is our individual opiuion, and wc obarge nothmg for it. , - Since the ;ibove was in type a culi for u County Mass .Meeting has been i handed in. Seo mother column, and prepare to rail)'. . 3T" Au i ai in en e war raeotitig was held i.' Detroit on Tussday af&ernoon. - It is est i ma tod tlmt 10,000 wero present. Appropmtc and stirrin speeches wcre made by Col. Moitow, M-ij Flanigan, Doucan Stowart, C. I. Walker, II. II. EuimODS, (,'ul. Ueulili!, Jas. V. Joy, and olliers. Gen. CaS3 wis mie of the Viec Presidente, md niado n few roiiisrks. - Tne ('ity Council w:is reeoiiiiiiendüd to offer a buuuíy of 8"'O to e.ieli singlo inin Bnlistrag, :uid SÍ00 to each manied man. Niiinerous gentlemen muda very lib.' offers of buunty inoney, - not to b:iy pntriots, but to ii' patriota to suppoit thcir families - and adeterminatiun wasevinced to fill up Col. Moititow's regiment immediately. It oalit tu bo dane iu ten days. jL"5L On Saturdny cvening last ar. entlm.siastic war meeting was held it Ypsüanti, wliich was aüdrüssed by Mesara J. M. Gregory, A S. Wolc!i, J. D. Pieree, Prof. Estubrook, and otliors. llesolutions werc ulopted and 31700 subscribed to be distributcd Bá a boutitv ainong suoh persons as shall oilist in eitber of tbc comprimes being raised in Ypsilanti. Tbis subscriptiou we undcr stand bas sinca been ituve isuil to 8-,500. - Companica are being enrolled in Ypsilanti by Liout, CotOUKON, and by Capt. MaTTHEWS, uf tlio Nonual Sehuol, aud botb promise tn bo fillod. &F Ilon. John S. Phelps, ff Missouri, bas betri uppoin'e! lï'IitHrj Governor of Arknnsas. Ho is (i Douglas Democrat, Mld a thorough #'no Union man. Ho 3 a member oí tho ] present Congrcss. !


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