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Letter From Maj. Barry

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Washington City, July 13, 1802. $ E 15. Pokd, Esq., Bear Priend: - I left Detroit Thursday evpoiug for Washington, and arrived at Clovclaml :it 5 o'clock A. M'. Left Cleveland iinmcdiutcly by Pittsburg & j llarrisbnrg fi, IÏ. for Baltimorc. Between Cleveland and Wcllsville, tu the Üliio llivcr, t lio train stopped at every four corners, if not at every man's farm; lioucver wc got nlong all right From Wellsville to Baltitiiore we made good time, arriving at the latter placo at 2 o'clock, A. M.,and at Washington about 7 o'clock, Saturday inorring. After the necessary cleanlng up I called on GRAN(;i:i!, and witli litin called at the office of Seeretary Staxto, to obtuin passes to 1 1 ;i rt ison's Landing, by way of Fortress Monroe. He had lost a obild, aud coneequenily w;:s not in bis office. Shall Cali O!) llilll 011 MoildaV, witll ClIANDI.EI! and Güanci:;:, ai.d hope to obtain it, altli'H.'gh I understond thcy havo shut down on passés sineo t'rtday tuorniug - The afternoon of Saturday I speut iü Sena te and House. Nuw, :is it wi'l undoubtcdly be moro interest ing for tliose at home to hoar about I hu nek and wmmdud Michigan goldierp, I Bill proeeed lo give )'ou all the iulbnnaiion 1 have boen ablo to obtain, and I assure yon I have not been idle. 'ibis (uiulay) inorning Congre&Smati Beaman, Caueb Clark, Kj., and inj&ttjfj started out to visit tlia hospitala, sce the sick and wonndod, aud obiain iiifornintioii particularly in rcgíird to our Michigan soldier, KefofO I prboeod let iiig say ihat Jmlge Clark ís doiny : great deol of good, and if ihero ere a lew more such men lluy would do good service, an! not alone to the men, for the informa tion lio obtains is very beueficial to the friends of t lioso in lio.spita's, ;üí nmny are brought here who are unable to write, óti account of BÍekucss and w'ounds, and his publiehing lists of those ih it orrive, gives t!ie relat i vea and fiiecda i knowlêdgo of tbeir whcrcabmits. In r lio hospital vo visiud ivu found but few W'ashtenaw boys, those in the hospif;i!s here ln-i:ig mostly from Peunsylvauia and MasaacbunettB. I found but one Ano Arbor boy. As I entered the Oth Ward Hospital and p:isscd the keeper, I heard the words: ' (jood God, liarry, is that you, come here." It proved to be a man by name of Gotlieb Mexdv, w lio used to work for Vandehaden. Ha was wcunded in the arm and is doing well. I also found John V. GlLBERT, i rclalive of Gilbert f-om Chelsea, of Co, I, 5th Michigan, s'.iot in, iiie ankle. lie, also, is doing we!l. From Mendy I Iearned that Oseandkk was safe when he wasbrought tff the tiuld, and he thinks he was not buít I shook hands with many Michi gal) boys, and could you have si en them cheer up when Beaman, Clark and myself told them ve 0me from Michigan, it would have dono you ood. Thcy are all taken good care of', and are comfortablo in every resjicct. Ono hospital, out of tho city two miles, I did not vioit, but udcl stand from Mr. C. that there are none in it from Ann Arbor. f Therc is a young man in the 9tli AYard , Hospital by uaino of Converse, sligh'ly woundcd, who saw our bravo frieijd, ' Pi-y fall. The saiae bwU th-.t killed DsPor, hc savs passed through his hand. i , He appoars roliable, and I believe liim. ■ lio saya tlic ball passed direetly througb DüPuy's head, and as lio had bis gun up ! tu tiro it 9truek bis band, and also hui t 1 tlie mau to bis, Conver-o's righí. Hp ' saya DePuy fell instautlv dead- never I moved Wlicn DbPov was shot lio bad ■ liallod bis company, and put bis sword in its scabbaid. lio laya be hebavcd like a true soldier, and tliat bis men liad conflden'ée Iri biin, lie fougbt like a bero. lie also says tiíat tlio coinpaiiy mouni bis loss. DüPüY'a trutik is Itere and I will bring it house, and w II gailier all other iiil'iii inatiui: I eau in rolatiou to Win. - Puor Dïl'p.y, Lo is gonc. I have not becil ablc to learn any faets q relstion to Company D. You know more at Aun Albor n rolation to tbe wár tbau ibey do n tliio city. Uuderstanding tbut Mojor Fairbanxs was in tlie city, I balled on liini, witli J. OjLBBRI Smitii. to ilay. bim scvi'iuly ttoundüd in broast, but doing wc.l. Ilis wifo is witli liini, and all bfMJ be will soon be able to be ívmovcd. I have not as yet boani a word of and Moama, bul it s presumud bere tbey ure safo. It is ppported t bat Cu!. IloDiiitTS is in tbu city but 1 havo been unable to tind bim, be is probably nt a private bouse if bere. Ue is o;ily injured iu tbo band. Now, daar P , [ cjuU tell you imicli of tbe suffi'ring ot' tlie poor felloiTS, but 1 liaie no dcsire to do so, and I fear I bave not soen tlie vrorst. If I got mj p.-iss I leave bcrc to morrow evouing for F'it Monroo and [IarrisouV Landing; wlu'ro tlie '15;ury Guarda" ara, aud will not go back to Aun Arbor until I ece tliein, if thorc is tlio least possibility of gi'tting to where tliey are. i Yours, sincerely, in inucli bas'e, BAÜRY. Moñdtíy líornhrj. - Pinco writing tlie w ihiii. 1 liavo seeu Dr. Sxuo.vo, from tbe 4tb Regimetit. lio says tbere is no doubt but tliat C.-VDt John M. llAMini.i'ii willbe Iicutciiaiit Celoiiel, Childs being Colorid. Tlie Dr. s;iys the boys did bravely. T hope to bü with thcm to morrow. Col. Ciiilds is sick, in Washington, but is geüing botter. Tlic mail will close in fiv3 minutos, and I must stop ]{. Note W lenrn tliot Mnj. Babst sueceeded in petting Stnnlim's ]mss, wiili '-Old AbV amogrupli affix d lo aamë', and Jel't Waslii(lj[ta'i Mondajr vning.Ji]ly 14lli, for Hnri ioi] 'n Landing. He touk down a meta] lic riffin, and intendid ioing witliin tiiu vn cinv'f line, undcr :i flnjf of triicc. ainl prooariog tlts remain of Col. Wooduurv. - Ed %?L"T)r. IIon.Mir, Assistant Surgcon of the First Michigan Iafanrtty, haa resigned and como homo. IJis continued ill heaith oft Iiim no cjioice.


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