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A Commander-in-chief

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By executive order datcd July lltli, Major Gkxkkal Hkxry W. JIallkck lias been " issigned to tho comtnand of tlie whole land forces of tlic United ! Status, as General u-Cliief." Tho armics j liavcbeLTi too long icting indcpcndently, ! and wo thtnk tbo wliolc country may re; joice tliat tliey are to have a litad heroafler, and wo mav hope tliat he will be pennitted to manage the field operatiousJCS II" Henky A. Morrow, Judge of the Rucortler's Court of the city of Detroit, and ono of the most popular men u Waync County, has buen conimissioned by tíov. Blair as Liout. ColOD'el, and enpowered to raisc the Twentyfourth Reghnent in Wayue County. - Sheriff Fi.amga.n takes the position o Major. Theso geritleinen aud thcir friends are givcn tlio sclection of the field ind company officera, and tho regi: ment is promiscd to bu a "oraok o:ic." - U'ayno County has falleu far short of furnishing Ikt quota, and it is to bo hopi'd that umlor the ttOSpices of these proniinont cifizeTia the Twenty-fourtb Regiment will bu speedily put in the fieia. ii Mi i .Z' e t':'vc' l'';u;ü ';l tu's ssuo fo the confiao&tion bill reccntly passed by Congress, togother witb tho suppfemeutary or exj)la:natory bill and tho President' preparad voto iiiesstijro. Alao to tlio ' E.vecutivo order" bised upon tliu huv, and i.ssud to tlie Onera!s in conmaud ol tliu arniieB 'J'he President lies itured not ti s:iy that certftio provisiuns oí' the original bill wure uucoiisiit-utioniil, und t!n supplementary bill was passcd to obvíate liis iilijjctions and save a voto. - Lut tilosa documents biJ carefully rcud. L2T" Oil. ÖBtJSVfiNöK, "f tlio Sevénth Michigi.n Iniiiutry, has rcsigned, :nif] Omjji. McIntyhk, f ilio regulai si rv ce, hiW heen tipnirtnteU Actinf Culona] ff tlu: regiment. - A letter tvoti ijjis rogirnenf, undcr thite of July 10 li . ivporls pi--;seiit the cl. iy belore lit !or duly 510 i Hints iind men. Cupt. HaxTbh had been appoin toi.1 Iiy Gou. SuDawica Acting Lieut. Cnloiiol. g 'fhe 2"JI Regiment being re cTiiitt-il . i:i the Pitth C'Migre.-i.i,;ii;iI Di-triet in to rendezvoua ttt Poutiao, :ino Es-Etov; WiSNicn li:is bffti :isigi!L'ti ti tho ciiir.ii)nid of the regiment in c;uttp. Tlio conntios composiiig thu Fifih (li-;iriit. :ue, LivtbBSWne, O:iklatul, Muooiiib, !át, OluÍ!', Liipeer, aiul Sanilao, Lf Tlie Twentioth Kogimeiit of Jlichigüii Inlüiitry, tbe rcgiiuent being rained in th'13 Cung.icssional district, luis boen ordercJ lo rei)dczl'0U3 at Jückson. D. Dab win Hugiiks, of Marshall, h;s boen designatcd eouiinaiidor of the camp. Mr. IIlgues is au efficiënt mau, aud the camp wil! be in good hands. - 1 1 in


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