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Wab Difarisikxt, Washington, Ju!y 22. íiritt - Ordered that the military om. mulders wiLin the States of Virgiijk South Caroiinü, Georgia, Florida, At b.un-i, Mi&sisatppi, LouisiaDa, Texas and Arkausaa in au onli-rly uiaimer seiza aiid uso :iiiy property, real or peraoual, whicb luay be nucusdiijr or couvcuient for tboir su'.urul c: iiinaiids tor supplius or tor otber military purposos, and tli tt wliile propertj iiny üu destroyad for pr.per mliUry objix-is, none siiall bu destroyed u vvaütuniiess or inalicu. tieiond -'i'iixt military and naval comuiaudura slril, employ a laborera witbia :md Inioi said States, so many peraona of duüoent .-'s c.ij bj udvuudgeooil_v us'd for military or naval purpes, giving tliftn ro.iso..ab!e wagjs f r tlielrlfr bor. Tlurd - ïliat as to both propertv nnd persons of African dscour, ac-eouiits shsll Lij krpt autfijiently ajcurate iu djtail lo sliow ijuantitics and ainouuls, aLd from Wlhiin both property and suuli persom sli .11 liavu oome, as a basts up),i irliich Boiupoiisation can be luada in .proper cases; and tlu SKVural departmeots of thiif gorcriiDiuut sball attend to and perfonn tiieir appropriate parta tüir.irdá tlií executioi) of tliese orders. By order of tlie President. EDWIN M. STANTON, tiocretary of War. L:L It is BaKI Ihat Ihu President oflfarod Gen. McOlallan liis choioe beiwwu rntumiiig to W.ishiugton aud siipfi-vi.-ina die ift.iirs of the army or ivuiiiiniiig' at ihe bead ot his brave n-oMjis, nul havo Hulleob called to Waolimarton, aod tha: t:e soleoted the lutter uoursu.


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