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o cü QQ i ff 8 j & L=" -I H J a ís - 8 O W j hl s " g " r, -2 N iï i o R n _Lj c S" i. Ej & ft s-i g LJ O o LJ r : j Q .. Q ! S .y hy H t-j e . S 0 r ■ W g g THE RE3ELLIOÍ ON IlIGHPRICESFMtCLOTIllXG. HASCU1IMESCEDATTHB CLO & RELIABLE CLOTH! IS C EMPORIUM ! No.3 PIICENIX BLOCK, MAIN Si rAM now nponín? a I irire and TftHêd assorimont S( r.n-inláauinnT -oil.-, anti ;n view ;f tiio rebel Ion ( n high gftiu r iliy, will offer tlitn to my Priem aiidcostuni the vi.ry luwcst Dijcinfl fof CfUh. Thnie in waut of a uperioi urtícle oí í.'lutha( Caá: pur, ur Beady-Made ölothing -will cal: onWM. WACNER who bas just returned frora tho East, with a larg aa3crtintut of SPRING & SU MM ER GOODS whiob hare been purchaied at tbe late LOW PEICES! and can offer thera at & lower figurs thaa ev(r before Amoiig my A-iaurtment ujay bo fuund BROADCLOTHS, CASSIMEKES, DOESKTN8, VESTINGS of aHdGscríption.1, togethrr wiíh a superior asaoHment ot Clolhliig,,.. s .XTRUXKS, CARI'ET BAGS, MCh') I L'MBRELLAS, and SaxDijtíiitlcmen's Fimiisliiiiír wíth numnouR othrr articles usualïy found in similur ïstablishments. As ;.n EMPORIUM OF FASHION, bc subscriber flattershimself, that h!i long experience md gmcnl duccesn, Will f na ble him to ve the grutent .atisfaction toaü wbo raay trust him in the way ut Manufacturing Garments to order, WM.WAGNTEil. Ann Arbor, Aplil 9th IS6?. 14HÍ GIjOIIIOTJS News from "Dixie!" The Rebellion about C'rushed ! A. $c O. LOEB, OF THE CLEVELAND CLOTHiNG HOUSE Ret-:ru their sincere thanks to tlieir numerous FRIENliS AND PATROiXS, For the liberal minner ín which thny have hereïotofure patronizf'I theni, aiul bog leave to annouoce thut they ai e AGAIN ON HAND With a Large and well saleotöd Steek of SPRING &. SU M MER. CLOTHING! GENTS' FURNISIIIXG GOODS, Hals, Cops & Tniaks, which they will sell at Astonishing Low Prices ! For furtber particular Oall a xi ca. Soo for youraelvea, and jou will aot goaway diisstisflea. A. & C. LOEB, Ilurnn StrPfit, a few ilonrs west of Cook's Hotel. Aun Arlor. Mny, 18G2. 3íu851 Fruit and Ornamental TREES, jfT LOW PRICES. mlIF. SUBSCI1IBKRS ure nnw prepared to rceive or. JL ('r ail kinds of Fruit ari'l Ornamental Trees. Shrubs, Plaat, FloneTtf aod Vmes of BTC17 descrijitinn mul v;i)k'ty. foi theFall of 18 i and Spring of 1863,. We liave a laige stock now growing, aul inteni to niüke larga impnrtatious froin time bttiS9M tlie want-t of thecuuntiy demau.l. Weinviie the ptoplc to m-ke tbeiní"lveí. scquIitted witli our lacili hestor doïvg bun,nfSR, before [uirchitsiiip: et.-ewhere. We wu.rr.tnt all varietiea to # truo to nime, and to he vijorouK and hi.tith.v specimens . All cnmraimicatii.ns witl be prompt}y responded to. Our office is in Rogcis' Agrieulttuml Store, Detroit st., Ana Arbor,Micb. DoBOrs, GARR & CO. Ann Arbor, Juqu iï4,IS62. g58tf The Last Cali. A!X those inrtoMerl to the tato Qrm of 'A'ines & KnigLt aro reqiiested topaytho Rarae bnfuie th? first ,)„ of Juljmxt, is all bemand 'tlion remaining un"aid will tpe lelt witU na officcv foi collection. W. W. WIM5 J. W.K.VK.HT, Ana June 13, 1862. 5ftw3 OTotioePTIEnF. A. XWXABLÍ begs Wve tr, inrorm the pnblio that sil lu dur agtho lst four vcars triled 10 tho a'rmoüsamtjntof beiween -lüüüajodoljar ia tiat iiai'i on her hutbasU's taoftaat WIFL OF EAitVY 4K.VABLE. SaaroB, Ja 4th, 186 3w358


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