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MHLEtt'8 1 SAMBÜCI WINE, Uj I'URE, AXD FOUR YEAliS OLD, Of ChoiiC .Oporfo "luit, FE5IALES, WEAKI.v PERn; LWALID3 Krery fa tui ly, nt thf f-enson, ihould use the ffAMIJl'CI W11TE, L, { Olebratcd In Earcpc fnr lii nifdicmril and ben oficial -t j BBulitieH hj pcnt!eM;imilcni.1oiiic. Diuittc ard Su „ cï r:fic. luglily eMecnifd 1 v ( mii v, hvHcians. used in O Kurope.ifi kin'. Amcriciin lj(.jij!i(i!s, Bid ty sciue oí the fhst familie! vf Ktpu o md America. A? A TOXIC, It lias no rqual. causin? nu a peilt and. biUIdji up of the pjratetn belnijg ftntirtty . pure witie of a dioi valuu'jU' fiuit. A3 A IÏÏCMlTIC, It imparta a hpultliy nctimi to tbe Glandsand ïudnoys, 3 and Uriimry Organa, very beneücialm Ihoysy, (out, and g Kheumatic aO'ctions, BPEER'S WIXE 5} Ib not a mixture or m.inufactim-d ariicle, but fa pure. trom the jüice uf the Portugal .-Hmbucui. cultivated in J rsi'y . rccon.moudtfl by C nfiolitf and fis posflesaing mvdicit] roperti hu por r 10 env otnti Wi.Qfl in u-t-, and a.. excclk-ul rticie fin all wt-ak and - dfuilitutt-d p. r-üiis, uur] the aged and iníiiin, iniirovin; 10 the app'.-tite, uud benefl ïn la lus and chJMrou. A LAZttfig WIN'F, Deciiusp lt wïll noL tntoxtcftte as oihcr '.wJne, na il comain iw iJii?cíi;re orpíriiá er ilquori. md i aduiired tor its riüli, peculiar fluvor, anl nuti-itire propertiVs. fttpartlng a liealthj. tin. f i tlie rtigeiuira orgHtu, and a biouintiig, sof; aud hcal'.by skin and complexión. WK 1U.FKIÍ TO A few veil kfioirn gentlcmt-n and physicianr?, who hav triod tlie Wine: - rf! Gen. IVmílc-id.-cotí, tf.S.A. Dr. Wil ,nn, 11 ih st.. N. Y. Guv. Honran, N.Y. tate Dr. Witrd, Newjirk. N. J. Dr. J K. Rfaittnn, Y.CitV1 'r. Doiiherty, ■ " I). Parker, N Y. City. Dr. Parisb, Philadelphia l)rA ihWL-v anl N'icbu'l, Krk, N. J L And manj otbera too nnmtrnus to publish. jar-'one gfnume unie the ngnatyre nf "ALfRET oj. SI'LL-K, l';iSaic. N J.," r,-.L-r iii cnrk of eacb butile 03TXÍAK& OXE TRIAL OF T1IIS WINE. ia For Saté bf fllnynai-d, S te b bint & Wllson. -- Aun Albor. . A. SFEER, Piopiietor. VIVEYARP. PassAic, Xow Jorscv OIFÍCE, i'08 Hrnadwaj, -N. Y. ' JOHN LA FOV, Pa' is, E3im6 Ac;eut fur Franco and Oermany. risdoivThkís! üersoa 13 "CT O SSL 23 Y 3 CRAIN DRILL, Grass Sced Sower, - Maniifactured ut Springfiold, Ohio. Is THE VF.UY MTEST I iPEO VEMrNT, and better than all othei-H; adutec1 to suwnj iVÍieat, Kye, üalo, Bailey anJGruss áeed. l#í, 7 s a Rotary Feeder. 2d. WUl 8ow all kinds of G.-ain and Grass Seed. 3rl. liever lunches the Grain 4h. Never hreaks the Grain. 5th. Sows Grass Seed broadcast behindfhe Drill. Of-h. Has high wheeh and long Hoes. Ith. Tas long and wide steel jaoints "] 8th. It has a Imd measure or Surveyor. 9tA. It hjs doublé and single rank drills. lOth. It has a self aJjustï.ig shut off m úide. It is neatly and substantially made. Thirs !s lurdlya Dri;i offcrodln the markst bat can boaat uf ïnuiyorlüas __ a FJBST PREMIUMS?' They aro a bout as indi-criminatelv beslowed as the tilic ?cjJfu'l"r, wÍVcU, í." ""í"11"1 PPÜWl to tbc c; idfa mèiS'' Tiièy eo to cohrfy ttï The Büukeye D. ill lias been on Exhibition at nuitea numbtr ol state and Countv Kslrs, iD.l without seeUing tayuratthehauisuf uy Comm.tieo, has received it full share o( Premiums. -y TESTIMO'IALS b of We give kho following names of a few Farmers in tira vicinity waoliavebuught uliinl iheBuckijuUnlI ; GuaTri'V Miller, Scïo. Jaoob Polhei.ius " Th"mns Wliiie, 'or:bfield, " Jofan lin.kaw, Chiistian Kapp, Edwdrd Boyiieo, Webster. a s James ircadwull, Annirbar, lian:(flO'IIaru, '■ John li. Couk, Lodi. O. A. Marshall, ' L. hdmon s, galine. luit Ceorge Crcpsey, (ircn Oak, Li't, Co, T!k; ftom Wc are also Agents for ths "J Ohio Reaper & Mwer, ÊÜ " snit acknowledged te be the very bet in uso. ,1,1' JP Wo aio just iu reccipt of 100 Graia Oradles S Whlcli we will scll Chenn. c:i ncat) tiile 1 Also a large assortment o G-rass - Aod (he largest and best sclccted stock of il] BJEISTT STUFF S ?OR CARRIAGES evCr before offered in this markot. Wu aiso kei-p a large and full AI. ÍAILS, GLASS, I'Unv, 1'AINr.aaJLÜlSEEDOIL. - ' A complete assortaient of amít STOVES, TÍNWAKE, iXD EAVE TR0ÜGH3 alwaru on hand and pot op at the I ( hurtot u .tice. Thf-ni KISDON t UENDERPON'. uM p Ado Arbor, Juiie 2'th.lSfiJ 85a. f hope, - - trona. a n j alway A iara. noter Mrs. H. O. HARVF.Y wnuli] inform the citwilhu eens of Ann Arbor thnl sho has tnken romns DI ; the ridno of Jjrs Kellogg, on Ann trvet, nnd will be prfpired t" civu instrueon topu[ils upon the Pinno. Mt-lorlccn, or ruitar, after Friflny. June 27tli, It62. Vyn Ann Arbur, June "2i)th, 1S63. 4w my c' -- - - -______ Cíntin Strayod. & R"1M thwsnbscdiborahout fonj i-eobn a:0 a two year i'iïa old reiHEIFEK. u lifle wbite'on bolly.nnd n boim A reasonati'e if-'MrdwlI] be pald forln.'or atioo whte sb may be ío nn.l. A , JOHNCIXiEGESCaNIERXE. ü. Am Arbor, Jw 12, 183S. 857wü I '


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