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Action And Reaction In Farming

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Never keep DBhorallovfaDce; if y? :i starve thera théy will star?e you. AUhpugh In draningland tbgroujhly vour puree ruay be drainêd, yet tlio ful] crops fliat fplló.w will soon !i!l it Trying to fnrm without capital, w jiko trying to run a locomotiva without fuel Money nnd w -u] must both be consuiued, ii' tliey ie to move tliu maoj- of the rail. ATways ■ nil tho me;il. u'ariOVje, il will teetí i - ' t, ajumáis, atid mart. It'yn-i wi. ! to giva an ener inoveiiieat to :.ll ymir rrmöbiiiöry, &itd keep its bundri 1 wl evs n rjitatíoo, be pare not to nut a goud rotation Of C! If iillovy j;oar, nnimal fo ehiver, your fortune will 'je ehivere(J ia oousbquèrice; thui i , farmer who leaves culüe to tho wind, will fi n cl h:a pr in the -winda. Heavy caVitH crmps for eattle will c;f gld. Uid you over bear tho musical notos of a s' ai'viii'c berd of hogs? Bxtin■ giiished by íjod thoao 6peHdily, f you wo'viid avóid even morejattnoyinj[ notes after p-iy dny bas passed. A gciod housewile sbould not bo a perso!) of iloné idea,?1 btit shonld be equally ramiliKr wi'li tbn llowor garden andtlóur uaniii; and thoughher lesson Btiould k'.-iseii expenses, the scentof afine flower should n t be luss valuod than the cont i the till. She will, doubtless prefur a yard of ehrubbery to a yard oí' salvo. Il her husband ia a skillful sowor of grsin, she is equally skillful as a sewer ol garm,ents: he ksepa lus hoes bright by ase, shè keeps the hose of the wliolö family in order. Learn as much as lossiblo f rom oxperiom-o of the skillful ; the rnan who dependa on tearshing bimeelf will be likely to receire c.y lossons; or, as JDr. Franklin has it, he will find "he has a íool for a rnnster. jlííi)igfd! JíígHl


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