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OOK SXO I i Bil rag Ij Opposile Ui '■i T' BH l'V;t;!;lin House jP" "i , ; Anit Vibor. : REXOW IKK? i AND Manufu ■ . ;. o LAW & MEDICAL 1JOÜKS, School Beoks, iiistelhtnt ■ Blaiik Books, dan es s? j&. t x o ra" jan -sr : Wall:;:. : ■ iïusic, . ikg and tv.iils. yIJ oi oilirr kind Of Pi-ns end Penas ' b les :■■,■! ■.iliro, POCKET CUTLERY! Aii'1. ■■- ■■u trade, nnd more to ir ;itt,Lliti(U Tn concl ill d :ill th1 can ■'■■(-,-■' tlïiit j ■ . ■ or eb i KI .- h::ll ■ fkult. '. fl i'ü t-!:iblf UB fco tfiipplj our stomorii at the Lowc-t Possiblo Figures. Wo r ■ Ut!A!)V !'.V. r.t;t hmall uüvance. Wc ■ 0 pruiït !-n OUT gOOds,, bilt Cash Sal6swiil Admit of Low FIGÜEES. urt thov vi)l i' ■; ■' Ck," ready aod b . ure, wiw irill CávOT ïhem ■■■ toe "Eoipire Book Store." JAMES R. WJS3iSTEfi & Ca Ann &rn f, Har, 186(1. Wp ANOTHEK H AREIVAL AT THE m JD AND 1 RELIA BLE I CLOTHIWt ■ EMPOEITJÏ;: S PHCBNIX BLOCK, MATN STREET. hasjust retuTwtflroi i Cïtics, with a lart and desirablf F ALL AND WINTER G-.O O X gS ï ■kich lie is aow oíTitIh a.t uuu IjO'ÜU' 3P3EÏ.ICES! Amonl,:-; Assortmeni naay bo-founá BROADCLOTIIS, CASSIMERES, DOESKIKS, & VESTINGS, of all descríptirn, pcpeciully for FALL AND WINTEB AVE AR ! whïch heis cuttinr and makiii.c to or.ler,ín thelatofitanc bost it yïc-ftj togdther witti a superior assortment of READY MADE CL0TR1NQ! TRUNES CAKPEI BAOS, UMBREI.LAS, and Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, with nunvrmis otlior CFticlea usually found in simila: eHtablishiucuts. As ANEA1P0K1ÜM OFFASHION, the sub?oriher flüttcrs hïmself, his]oii(; pxiicricncc and genera buco .'■'■■!- BB&ble wv. to Jiifi tlie jjreates' ctioti toall v%-h; may trut hluxin the way ui man ufaeturlitir kr;vniRiii.s in order; 769tL WM. V.'AGXF.R. Rifle F actor y! A. J. SUTIIERLAND HAPremovodhisGun Shop tot he No w BlockinHuKm street, south o i"thi:Oourt IJ v.u.oitiioocond loor, wherche is prepiired to iumiflh Guns, Pistols, Anmmiútion Flasks, Pouthe Game Bags, and Evcrj other article in bis Lino. Onthein'8trcnsoriftMr lel'ms.niKl todo nll kiuds o X2 3E AXRIN Gr i the hortost noticie, and in t.lio brst rmmnet full ísflortm-iat ulwuys iep n h&nd,ond made t o orAsr. BOOTS SHOES S í ? 2 H ..ja. MOüHB & I.OOMIS Aro now ment of Boutu and ifhocá and :r xj s b e :r, s i Wliích they proposo to fej] 50 per cent bdovsformtr pricesfor cash. Men 's good Kip Boots, from $l,üO to $3,00 Men'a good Thick Boots, from 2,00 to 3,00 Men's good Cf.U Boots, from 2,50 to 3,75 Boy's Calf, Kip and Thick Boots, 88 1,75 Ladics' Gaiters, from 44 to 1,25 Ladies' JIoroccoBotccs, from 75 to 1;25 Anrl au oiuUeíR vuiiüty of fi-om Fancy Bul inoráis lo Infants' CrEopÍDg ídíiocs. Wt are algoBIaiiufaclurliignll klntls of WARRANTED BOOTS & SnOES. Mens Fine Frenen. Calf Boots Pegged and Sewetl. ■iiwa cíill boforo i: ■■' ■ l(-w Itor, ns v nrp Imun.í not to be lindetsold. K"RlLPAIiUNG DÜ.N'K 1 rBT N)IHK.esr MiK)RE & LOOMIS i(l i ?!., Ann Arbnr, SOch. 820lf TOWHOMIT MAY CONCERN. oinsriBXJS fase. mHE tUrDKnSlGNEDjBotel Propriiter&ín thi city o J. Ati'i.;! ii. etfully annouoeeïo th6 pubUc,th&t 011 tád :.'mt Mu: lir-l dtty 'ul';i i V . i' 2, TEN CENTS FAIIE. wüj lie ' ' h .Aud evory ytrsop cArricd toftnil from tlio oirá, totho respectíi 11. BARSTOWjyranklin i Ann Artjor, Dfí. 2lth, 1881 . KÜ2tf NOTICE. SCHOOI, tnspectoís' ' Bimtk hm teoeitfid ti ihEsi ffle, and in ready tr il ii ih'ii.n.n. Tuwn.v].i(i ('IcrLs ;ir' ] ndiQ th'ir i'.'-lrrs. R. J. KAKKV, Cl.ik. lan Vr. Jane IC. 1S!2:


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