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- - J The Latest Special Dispatch' To the citizens of Ann Arbor au Viciuity ! ! INTENSE EXCITEMENT! Hundreds watching tJie rrogres of Daily JEvents ! ! ïlie Federal Army again Victorïomt "The Union must and shall be Preserved !" " There was a man in our tovm 11e was so wondrous wise," liuf with all liis wisdom, ho wasnotioae thut 'otltcrman,' wlio wben hu wauied to buy the T7ia clieapest and lest CLOTHINC! in i kis marlict always jumjcdint G O IT E 11 MAN' a HE AD QÜABTEBS Por ! hero he knew hc always got his moon'. wortb. Seeing is believing and yju L wisli lo sec ciiiin' ín and beliove. Thoae ty ean't tsee can fikl, nnd as we olwaye nnh our customers fee! good over good bargaioi tbjy are especially invited to our nuio eeíit.tliat tlicy loo niny renlizo how "ffWj it is for them tu ha witli us," and bow ni .a-e can beobtainod iu tlio enjuynit.j. j SPLSPJBID BARGAIWs ! "Come n!l ye tliat are wenry nnd honvy lkn" - witli ÜO'ks and we will do oor beat tt relieve tou- giing yon in relura the Jm kind of Goods ai the luicestjigivres. Great battlcs are hourly taking place in tbi OIothing lino - wliole regifljntsof Oasaiatm - ' 4c, are being slaughtered by Oei' SWdheim - tro fit the great rush of recroiti tlmt are pouring in from every direction.tll r.Diious to liavo their uamua enrolled fort NEAT AND TASTY SUIT ! - ;uch ae can only be had at the Head-Quartcrs of GuiUrman & Co, Onooftl-.c firm, Mr. M Gcitcema, haring I bri ed from Europa witli a largo is. sortRiPiit ofCloths, (-'asimere3, and nuicelot of ti:io V-esting9. also n few picces of Soi f fot overcoala whivb wewill make Bp ' tooruer in tb e latest Btyle, we feel cuufidtti that wc can satisfy all; STXJJDE3STTS 1 Wo arn happy to greet you aga;n ia oor City.after spending your vacation u-ith th "■ar old f !ks': at luinie. Be nssurcd wi ■uiíli you a pleaaant torm, nnd shall tvetl glad to meit you at the Olcl Head-Quarters, Io. 5. ET Our formcT customers, we feel senred, ' will cal! on i:s again ïo you wlio come u El!-!i:gers wo icould siy 'a feív word3, ■ wisli you to enll and. look at our fíne Cotti, Pft'nts, ii m 1 Vesta we c:ui do bettcr by yoo thnn .ir.y 61 her ii .use in the City, and if jou cali ana examine our goods, and try tbeirfill, you will purcliiisc iiowhtrii ïlti. DON'T FAIT TO Ol3L.Xji ."17 C3-. SC. QNEW GOODS For the Spring, 1862. o IACK & SCHMIB WoulJ respectfully annouuce to the Citizeni oí Washtenaw and adjoining Counties tbatwnarc now receirlng Direct from the Eastern Markttt, A full atid complete supply of Staplo and 3F"a.ia.oy DRY GOODS, Ladies' & Childrens' Shoes, GKOCEEIES, CROCKEEY, &c. Purchatedby one of oer firm for cash, and noiwith BtattcU&g the hard times wt-shail coutiuue to Add Wcekly Additions To our stock in order To Accommodate out Ousiormrs! with crery tliing thoy may nooií to ask fur. And tvc will farther plcrige ouroJk to solí u cl AS TIMES WILL PERM1T . '.- ;i!1.v.iyt( as -A-s Hiow as tlie Lowest. At fcbe %Ata oour frlends aml Clisj ers wililwar ia miad thíit t!ie times compcl us to For Cash or lïeady Pay. r.: A: 8J5tf SAEATOGA EMPIRE W A T E ï FOR InHïeatinn or P; Ccnflipution, ?'"rr ,:v, Losa "f ■'■!■! i !■, i'i'.imi ui ColdSi 'fiC o f 1 1 1 ■ ■ ■■, aud Kuverislj íit-tto oí '" [AYNAP.n, STF.BBIN3 t W1LSCM H Ijs" s General Land AgencyPEUSONS wantingfarme,or residenceitnorD' Ann rbor,can by callingonmo eJeclfrora1 ofover 1OI) Farms For Sak! P. f ra r ion f alzes I rom S, tü 13C0acréf8acSi(M" Ba goodsaanv ' nlhis (Tonnty.) Morcthon .SO DwcIlÚK Houses , n'.h'BOlty.fromtw" hundred to fourthouini"" itrieach : and nvr' JO KfflLDING TOTSI AmoTi!therivn-s rrr ttie Hlshcoetarni . ÍÜCO"1 ;hn Potter lurni, i n OreonOak, th" Placrlarra. . : .Ii-nk farm, i n WeDii ■ cl Claucjr, Newton Ucee", i. fnrm. In Au!' rtnr: J .Klngrtey 4lr1 lick tnnr.s In '■.""''. PatrirkOlayof-inn In Freedom; V. S. I'lavlt?::„( -;. Kaker t" nrl Bw.U'e firm In -ivlvnn „ h(-f inrt many can bc dlvldedto ,„roher. E.W'üOJII'J AnnArbo.Jnn lst . lS.r Ayer's Cherry Pectoral


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