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Mr. Lincoln's Last Stories

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blkivviiig Btorieu havo found titíir wuy nto [jriiit. as emanaiing frura Preaidum .iitnlii : The other day a distinguished pubie uffieer of thi Suito ut Wushinion, and, n na interview with thu Presdent, introduced the question of slave y einaneiimtinn. "WV11, you bou," aid Mr. Lincoln, "we'vo got to be diighty cautioiiH Imw we manuge Ihe negro quesdon. Ii wu'ru nut vu shall )e üko tlie bal bcr out n Illiniis, who vas sbaving a ftllow wilh a hatchet aceand lantern juws üko mino, 'ihe jarber ftiuk his tinger in his customer's mnuih, to innkci his choeb slick put, uit while shaving away he ent ihroiigh he itillow's chuuk an cut oíF his mvn inger 1 If we don't l;iy mightv mart about the nigger wu Bhall do aa the jarber did." "Dr. Hovej', of Dansvillo, Nuw Ycik, houglit ho would cali and seo the President, and on aniving ut the White House lound liim on horu jack, ready for n start. Approachng bim he said: " Piesideut Lincoln, I thought I would cali and see you beforu luaving the city, and lear you teil a story." The President greeted bttn p eusuntly, and askod vvhere he was fiom. The reply was : ' From Western New York." Well, Lliat'tí good aenough country wiihn'utj stories," replied the President, and ufi ■.e rode. That was thu story.


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